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Poetic Cases, are they any good? Poetic Affinity, Quarterback and Revolution Review – iPhone 7 Cases

Poetic cases are well designed, solid iPhone 7 cases at a great price

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Poetic Affinity, Quarterback and Revolution Review – Great valued iPhone 7 cases

Poetic Cases are some of the best valued products for your iPhones. We’ve been circulating our iPhones into the Poetic Affinity, Quarterback and Revolution over the last few months and we like them a lot. Out of these three cases, the Poetic Affinity is the standout product despite not being the highest rated out of this group.

The Poetic Revolution is a tougher case with a screen protector and a port cover but dust and handling are still going to be an issue. The Poetic Quarterback has one of the best edges on a case but this case flies around like an air hockey puck.

Poetic iPhone 7 Case Review

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For our Poetic Affinity, Quarterback and Revolution Review, we gave the Revolution a score of 3.9 Eh’s out of 5, the Affinity a score of 3.8 Eh’s out of 5 and the Quarterback a score of 3.7 Eh’s out of 5. As of right now, the average iPhone 7 case score if 3.7 Eh’s out of 5 so two out of three iPhone cases are better than average.

The last thing we will add is that you could buy all three of these cases and it still might be cheaper than getting an Otterbox Symmetry. If you’re somebody who looks to change up their case every once in a while, these Poetic cases are worth looking into. If you need the best of the best, check out the Top 10 guides for iPhone 7 cases here.

Get these Poetic iPhone 7 Cases on Amazon
Poetic Affinity
Poetic Revolution
Poetic Quarterback


Poetic Quarterback Review – Edges of the case are great but the back is slick…

Lets’ start with the Poetic Quarterback. We’ll be honest with you, we’re still surprised at how low this case scored. We had given it a score of 3.3 Eh’s out of 5 but during a re-inspection of the case, we realized that it was a multi-part case. Having multiple-layers on a case is an important factor in our scoring system.

The Quarterback is a thin case as it won’t add much to the iPhone. This Poetic case fits well together though the polycarbonate back will come off if you’re not careful. Or you’re bored and decide to pull it off on purpose. The hard back is slick so it will slide around easily.

Poetic Quarterback iPhone 7 ReviewHere’s the kicker , the edges of the case are one of the best we’ve used. Instead of following the curve of the iPhone, Poetic decided to have add a ridge along the edge of the case which improves the handling of the case. This is the complete opposite to the slick back which doesn’t help with handling at all.

From a protection standpoint, the Quarterback isn’t drop-rated. However, the TPU will save your iPhone from an accidental drop. The edges of the case are high enough to keep the screen off a flat surface and allows for certain edge-to-edge screen protectors.

Accessing the iPhone inside the case is average. The buttons are very pronounce which is nice and are easy to press. The port cutout is large and will handle gigantic headed lightning cables. One-handed usage is average due to the ridge edges despite the slick back.


Poetic Revolution Review – The toughest group out of the three

The Poetic Revolution is pretty much a Quarterback but with a screen protector. The Revolution is the thickest and heaviest of the three cases but is average when compared to other iPhone 7 cases. The case fits well together as the TPU back folds over the front of the case. We have a feeling that the back of the case is going to stretch over the long term.

Now we have the same issue with the Revolution as we did with the Quarterback. The case edge has a lot of texture which is great but the back is very slick so it slides around easily. And unlike the Quarterback, the front edge isn’t rubbery so it slides around easily when placed face first.

Dust and debris might be an issue - Poetic Revolution iPhone 7 ReviewWhen it comes to protection, the Revolution is the toughest of the three Poetic cases in this review but still isn’t drop-rated. The TPU is thicker than the Quarterback so it will handle bigger drops. When it comes to dust and debris protection, the Revolution comes with a port plug which is easily removed and access.

With that being said, the plastic screen protector doesn’t cover the front of the iPhone so dust/debris will accumulate along those cutouts.

Accessing the iPhone is decent in the Revolution as the buttons are large and easy to press. The camera and flash aren’t hindered by the case and the covered port is large enough to handle the old, extremely large, Amazon basics cable. One-handed usage is poor with the Poetic Revolution.

The screen protector fits the iPhone well as there isn’t a noticeable gap between the device and protector. The Revolution’s screen protector doesn’t diffuse the iPhone’s Retina HD screen which is nice. However, like every plastic screen protector we’ve used, the plastic screen protector is a magnet for fingerprints. There are certain instances were rainbowing may occur, usually after spending a bit of time in jean pockets. The rainbowing isn’t permanent and will go away after a few minutes.


Poetic Affinity Review – One of Aaron’s favourite cases

The Poetic Affinity is one of Aaron’s favourite cases. If you’ve been watching for a while, you may have noticed that he’s mentioned the case in both the Top 10 slim cases and clear cases for the iPhone 7.

Out of the three Poetic cases we have, the Affinity is the slimmest and lightest. The entire case fits well together and unlike the Revolution and Quarterback, won’t slide around easily. The case is different as the majority of the case is a solid polycarbonate shell with small pieces of TPU attached to. This is opposite of the Revolution and Quarterback.

Poetic Affinity iPhone 7 ReviewThe case will wear quicker than other iPhone 7 cases as the clear polycarbonate shell will scratch. The TPU ridges keeps the case raised so it won’t explode in scratches right after you get the case. As with most clear cases, fingerprinting will be an issue.

Handling is where the case shines. Although the Affinity doesn’t have a TPU edge, Poetic has added bumps into the polycarbonate which improves the handling of the iPhone in the case. The TPU strips on the case also helps keep the iPhone stable in your hands.

For protection, we’d put the Affinity on the same level as the Quarterback. It will protect your iPhone from any normal, day-to-day drop. The edges are high enough to keep the iPhone safe face first and like the Quarterback, works with edge-to-edge screen protectors. The corners of the case have larger TPU bumpers so drop damage won’t be as noticeable.

Functionality of the iPhone of the case is no different the Quarterback. Buttons are great, one-handed usage is manageable and the port cutout is large.


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Poetic Affinity, Quarterback and Revolution Review for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
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