Powerbeats Pro Review – Long term use & Gym review

The Powerbeats Pro by Beats by Dre are the best headphones we’ve ever exercised with. The design of the product ensures that they won’t fall out while working out. But from our perspective, the Powerbeats Pro isn’t as handy when it comes to the office and at home. It is a hassle to remove when someone at the office or home talks to you.

If all you’re concerned about is making sure you’ve got the music going at the end of a hard workout, then you should splurge a bit to buy these genuinely wireless Bluetooth headphones. Check out all the details in our full Powerbeats Pro review below!


4.2 Eh’s out of 5

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  • Doesn’t fall easily
  • The fit is amazing


  • Expensive
  • Bulky charge case
  • Hassle to remove

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do reviews based on actual usage. We do tests and use the products in our everyday lives for days even weeks before doing an actual review. This time around, we worked out on the product! If you like how we do our reviews, please consider buying the products on the links scattered on this article.

At the gym

Out of all the headphones weʼve used for working out these last few months, nothing stays in our ears like the Powerbeats Pro. The only way Powerbeats Pro could feel tight was if somebody taped them to our head.

Here’s all the exercise we did where the Powerbeats Pro didn’t fall off:

  • Rowing
  • Skipping
  • Dumbbells Power Cleans
  • Stepovers
  • Gymnastic Pull-ups
  • Gymnastic Pushups
  • Gymnastic Squat
  • Rope Climbs
  • Peg Boards
  • Kettlebell Cleans
  • Kettlebell jerks
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Kettlebell Squats

The fit of the Powerbeats Pro is awesome. Up until reviewing Powerbeats Pro, every single pair of headphones never really let us immerse ourselves into our workout. With every other pair of headphones, there was always this nagging feeling of “Will they fall out or not?”.

And itʼs even worse as a glasses wearer because not only do you have to worry about the headphones falling out, you have to worry about not letting things hit your face. During our average workout, all we had to do to for a great workout with the Powerbeats Pro was to make sure that the ear loops of the Powerbeats Pro didn’t sit under our glasses arms.

The general design of the Powerbeats Pro is the reason why the fit is fantastic. Most Bluetooth headphones try to improve the fit of the product by giving you a plethora of plugs, and some give you a plethora of wings.

But thereʼs two problems with this approach.

  1. Your ears are not the same size.
    • For Aaron, his right ear canal is larger than his left. Which means he needs to use a larger earplug, this makes the typical set of headphones feel different in that ear.
  2. When you listen to music with the different sized buds, the bud with the tighter fit is most likely going to sound better.


With the Powerbeats Pro, you have the option of the earplug size but you donʼt need to find the tightest fitting one. Because the headphones sit well in the concha of your ear. The concha acts as a shelf for the Powerbeats Pro to sit on. For vigorous working out, having the headphones sit in the concha isnʼt enough as any sort of vertical movement may dislodge them which is where the ear loops come in. They provide enough pressure to keep the Powerbeats Pro in the right place.

Despite our glowing comments about the Powerbeats Pro in the gym, the #1 thing you need to consider before getting Powerbeats Pro is its price.

If you do a lot of stationary exercise on machines and free weights, you might not need to spend all that money on the Powerbeats Pro. But if you do a lot of full body MetConʼs, then theyʼre worth the consideration.

Personally, our workouts involve a lot of full body movements so we need that stability with our headphones. But if youʼre a powerlifter whose generally stationary all the time, you could even get away with the Apple AirPods. If you spend a lot of time at the machines or stationary weights, you could get away with the cheaper headphones.

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When it comes to sweat protection, the Powerbeats Pro is rated to iPx4 which means theyʼll be good against splashing water. If you need something with a higher iP rating, the Jabra Active Elite 65t’s is rated to iP56 which means they can survive powerful water jets while the Jaybird Run XT is rated to iPx7.

But donʼt let that marketing fluff fool you. You don’t really need your workout headphones to have a lot of protection towards the water. iPx4 is going to be good enough for the average person at the gym. Even in our sweatiest state, we didnʼt have any issues with the sound of the Powerbeats Pro!

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Office and Home

The Powerbeats Pro is just a little too inconvenient when using at home or the office from our perspective.

The awesome fit of the Powerbeats Pro is a detriment to office use. It gets annoying to put them in and take them out every time somebody comes to see you. Even if you can master putting them on efficiently, it gets annoying.

You could try to get around that by leaving it in your ears all the time and muting your music, But that’s rude and given the in-ear design, youʼll have a hard time hearing anything. Honestly, itʼs hard to beat the Apple AirPods when it comes to office usage.

We’re also not too fond of the giant charge case. But the size is expected given that the Powerbeat Proʼs have an ear-loop.

If you can look beyond those shortcomings, we had no issues wearing them throughout an entire workday. No annoying pressure on the outer ear or inner ear, something we canʼt say for any of the other Bluetooth headphones weʼve used.

The only upside to using the Powerbeats Pro in the office is the fact that these headphones have a nine-hour charge to them. This means you could go all workday ignoring your co-workers. Quick-charge them for 5 mins and then do a 90-minute workout.

On a side note, we found ourselves wearing the Powerbeats Pro doing housework which usually doesnʼt happen (wearing headphones, not the housework). The easy to access controls allowed us to control our music and like working out, all the housework that required moving about, we didnʼt have to worry about the headphones falling out.

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Sound Quality

Thereʼs actually a lot of similarities between the Apple AirPods and Powerbeats Pro. Both are powered by Apples H1 chip which means that itʼs going to perform fairly close to one another. For us, the only thing that might cause a difference in sound quality is the fact that the Powerbeats Pro goes deeper into your ear which means it shuts out external noise which might improve the sound quality.

At the end of the day, if all you’re concerned about headphones that won’t fall out during exercising, the minor difference in sound quality isn’t going to matter much. Honestly, if you’re  

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Powerbeats Pro Against Bose SoundSport Free

Against the Bose SoundSport Free, thereʼs 5 differences. Overall, weʼd handily recommend the Powerbeats Pro over the BoseSoundSport Free. The Powerbeats Pro is just better.
  1. Bose SoundSport Free is harder to pair between multiple devices
  2. Powerbeats Pro feels more stable during exercises
  3. Bose SoundSport Free is cheaper
  4. Bose Sound Sport Free sounds better
  5. The range is better on the Powerbeats Pro

Bose SoundSport Free

Powerbeats Pro Against Jabra Active Elite 65t

From our perspective, the deciding factor is going to be price. The Powerbeats Pro is almost twice as much as the Jabra Active Elite 65t.

  1. Jabra Active Elite 65t is cheaper
  2. Jabra Active Elite 65t’s HearThrough feature is handy
  3. Jabra Active Elite 65t not as stable as Powerbeats Pro for exercising
  4. Jabra Active Elite 65t has smaller charge case
  5. Active Noise cancellation on Jabra Active Elite 65t whereas the Powerbeats Pro has none
  6. Powerbeats Pro connects easier to your devices

Jabra Active Elite 65t

Jabra Active Elite 65t Review - Design

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