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Rhinoshield Crashguard Review – Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Cases

Is the Crashguard for the S7 good? Find out in our Rhinoshield Crashguard Review!

Rhinoshield Crashguard Review Table - Galaxy S7 Cases

We’re generally big fans of Evolutive Labs Rhinoshield products. Their SolidSuit Leather is the best case for the iPhone 6 that we’ve ever used and the Crashguards for the 6’s were decent bumpers. However, with our updated scoring system, the Rhinoshield Crashguard for the Galaxy S7 is a slightly better than the average case in our opinion. The biggest gripe we had with the bumper was the smoothness of the bumper. But this might not matter since this is one of the few products that where we’d be comfortable dropping a smartphone from 11 ft.

For our Rhinoshield Crashguard review for the Galaxy S7, we’ve given it a score of 3.7 Ehs’ out of 5. It is a tad better than the average S7 case but doesn’t come close to our current favourites which include the Tech 21 Evo Check and Griffin Survivor Clear.

The Crashguard is one of the smaller protective products for the S7. You won’t notice the thickness of the product because of the bumper as the back isn’t covered at all. The bumper fits well on the device but as we mentioned earlier, is quite smooth and will slide around quite easily on a flat surface. We’ve got several Crashguards out in the wild and the bumpers generally last though slight discolouration may happen.

If you’re looking for drop protection, the Crashguard is going to offer you peace of mind. We’ve dropped many iPhones in Crashguards, Playproofs and Solidsuits, and they all survive. In fact, the iPhone that was used in our 40+ drops video is still functioning today (it’s Aaron’s primary phone).

The edges of the Crashguard are high enough to keep the S7’s screen off a flat surface, and the bumper doesn’t have a lot of give which means dust isn’t going to be a big issue. However, we will note that there is no back on the case so the S7’s doesn’t feel thicker.

Regarding using your S7 in the Crashguard, the only thing of note is the slicker texture of the case reduces the grippiness of the bumper. But we’ve already covered that. Button access is decent; the edges don’t get in the way of the screen (and how can it with the slightly curved screen of the S7). Lastly, we had no problems with port access and using the camera.

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Again, for our Rhinoshield Crashguard review, we’ve given this S7 case a score 3.7 Eh’s out of 5. Have questions about our Sunny Case Review? Please ask them below, or on our Google+ page or our Facebook page or our About Us page. To stay up to date on everything we’re doing, check out our Twitter and Instagram feeds!

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Rhinoshield Crashguard - Galaxy S7
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  1. Samuel

    February 1, 2017 at 2:46 am

    Do you think think the back of the s7 can get scratched easily cause it’s exposed? Does this case have a rubbery feel to it or is it just plastic? Is it worth the money? Thanks Aaron!

  2. Andy

    October 8, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Hey Aaron! would you recommend this or the Tech21 Evo Check for the Galaxy S7 (non-edge)

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