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Seidio Tetra Review – iPhone 6


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Seidio Tetra Review - iPhone 6 Minimalist Case


Seidio Tetra Review – A decent minimalist case for your iPhone 6

Today we’re going to do a review on the Tetra by Seidio. This is a metal bumper that comes in two parts and for the most part, is quite minimalistic.

The iPhone feels quite solid in the Tetra and unlike other pure metal bumpers, doesn’t feel as rigid which might not be the right word to use. The minimalism of this case is the greatest strength of the Tetra but access to your iPhone is a little subpar when compared to other cases but this case is worth getting if you need something that doesn’t get in the way.

Based on our time with the case, we’ve given it a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. That puts it at a slightly higher than average score but there is a caveat to this score when compared to other metal bumpers like the Draco Design and 4th Design’s Armond.


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 Sedio Tetra
(out of 5)

Full Review
$29.99 USD
Similar Cases
Top Buy Buttons
- Minimalistic
- Subpar access to iPhone ports and buttons
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
- During our testing period (on/off for 7 months), the bumper did get looser
Design Rating
(Seidio Tetra)
Weight/Bulk/InstallationWeight/Bulk/Install (5/5):
- Light
- Doesn't add a lot of bulk
Build QualityBuild Quality (4.5/5):
- Feels solid
- Bumper did feel looser over time (6+ installs)
Protection Rating
(Seidio Tetra)
General ProtectionGeneral Protection (2/5):
- Multiple layer protection
- Minor dust issues due to bumper loosening over time
- Edges are quite low
Functionality Rating
(Seidio Tetra)
iPhone FunctionalityiPhone Functionality (5/5):
- Cutouts for headphone jacks and lightning port connectors are small
- Buttons are soft
Screen FunctionalityScreen Functionality (4.5/5):
- No issues
- Edges are high enough to keep the iPhone's camera off a flat surface
Bottom Purchase Buttons

Design – Thin and light

Seidio1Seidio Tetra Review - Edge of the case - iPhone 6

In terms of design, the Tetra comes in two pieces with the inside piece being made from TPU and the other shell made from CNC’d aluminum. This is one of the lightest cases that we’ve reviewed as you’ll barely notice it on your iPhone. This case does feel thinner than the other bumpers as it doesn’t have an excessive edge to the case.

In terms of build quality, the bumper feels a little looser after using it across two different iPhones and over half a dozen installs which might be a concern for somebody looking to use this in their iPhone case rotation. This might also be a problem for dust and debris. The Tetra does fit together fairly well and will allow you to use pretty much any non-edge covering screen protector.

Installation of the case is fairly simple as you fit the iPhone into the TPU frame and then snap the aluminum bumper together. We’ve gone and installed it incorrectly a couple of times as Aaron isn’t terribly aware of which side of the case matches with the iPhone.


Protection – Not as tough as other bumpers

In terms of protection, the Tetra does have multiple layers which other bumpers don’t but the bumper did get loose over time which may let in dust and debris. Despite all the “protection talk” on their website, the Tetra isn’t drop rated.

Now at the did mention that there was a caveat to the score and it has to deal with the protection of the Tetra vs. the other metal bumper cases. From perspective, despite having multiple layers, we do feel that that all aluminum bumpers will offer more general protection than the Tetra, especially from bending.


Functionality – Buttons on the case could be better

Seidio Tetra Review - Back of the case - iPhone 6

In terms of accessing your iPhone, we generally hold these minimalistic cases to a higher standard and the Tetra doesn’t deliver as access to your iPhone inside the case is pretty subpar. The buttons don’t have the same click as a naked iPhone does and the cutouts for the headphone jacks and lightning port doesn’t really allow for third party accessories.

There are no screen accessibility issues with this case which is nice. The edges are almost too low for our liking but are deep enough to ensure that the camera lens is kept off a flat surface. This is something that doesn’t happen to other cases like the Armond or Draco Design.


Again, we gave this case a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. If you’re looking for a premium iPhone case, consider getting one of the Ronin’s from Element. It will definitely class up your iPhone and put a dent in your wallet.

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