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Silk Innovation Base Grip Review – iPhone 7 Cases

Wow. The Base Grip is a steal of a deal!

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Silk Innovation Base Grip Review – One sweet deal!

Silk Innovation Base Grip iPhone 7 Review TableSilk Innovation’s Base Grip is an awesome case. At the time of this review, we’ve reviewed 100 iPhone 7 cases and this Base Grip is #19 on the list. Which means it’s a good case. If your balking at the cost of the Apple Silicone Case and want a cheaper alternative that is almost as grippy, you need to check out the Silk Armor Base Grip.

The price of the case is the stand out feature of the Base Grip. The texture is top notch though due to its size, it will not offer your iPhone a ton of protection.

For our Silk Innovation Base Grip review, we’ve given this case a score of 3.9 Eh’s out of 5. The lack of protection hurts the score. If you’re looking for a tougher case at a great price, check out Silk Innovation’s Silk Armor case. It’s a bigger, more expensive but it comes with TWO glass screen protectors. Yes, TWO glass screen protectors.

Need other alternatives? Check out our Top 10 lists that can help you figure out what case to get. Know somebody who doesn’t want to pay a fortune for a good case? Share this post with them!

Get the Silk Innovation Base Grip Now!

Design – Almost like a second skin for your iPhone 7. Almost.

Thickness - Silk Innovation Base Grip iPhone 7 ReviewThe Base Grip is a thin, light case. From our measurements, it only adds 1.4mm’s to the thickness of the iPhone and an extra 4mm to the width. How much does it weigh? Almost like a wafer at 25 g.

The Base Grip fits the iPhone well but it will slide around easier than other cases. It’s not as bad as an Incipio Octane but still worth noting. The case will wear well over time. The texture on the case is top notch and greatly improves the handling of the iPhone case.


Protection – Not as tough as other cases

When it comes to protection, this singled layer case will offer enough protection for small, accidental drops. The corners of the case has air pockets that cushion the iPhone from corner drops. The edge of the case is high enough to keep it off a flat surface and will work other screen protectors. What makes this case even better is the fact that it comes with screen protector for your iPhone!


Functionality – The texture on the case is SO nice!

We didn’t have any issues accessing our iPhone 7’s in the Base Grip. The edges do not get in the way of accessing the iPhone and the camera and flash works like there was nothing there. We did give it extra points for the texture as the iPhone feels incredibly solid in the Silk Innovation Base Grip.


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