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Silk Innovation Silk Armor Review – iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases (Video Review)

Find out why this case is the best bang for your buck in our Silk Innovation Silk Armor Review!

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Silk Innovation Silk Armor Review – What a price!

silk-innovation-silk-armor-iphone-7-review-slimThe Silk Innovation Silk Armor is probably the best value we’ve seen for any of the iPhone cases that we’ve recieved. We will admit the Silk Armor isn’t the best looking case but who cares when Silk Innovation gives you two tempered glass screen protectors with each case?

For our Silk Innovation Silk Armor review, we’ve given this case a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. At the moment of this review, the Silk Armor case is #5 on our Top 10 Slim Cases for the iPhone 7. Why? TWO screen protectors!

Check out all our Top 10 guides for the iPhone 7. We constantly update our lists so check back frequently. As of right now, the top case is the Speck Presidio GRIP followed by the UAG Monarch, Spigen Tough Armor and K11 Bumper. For wallet cases, we’re big fans of the Moshi Overture.

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Design – The iPhone 7 feels solid in the case

The Silk Armor is a larger than average case but your iPhone feels solid in it. It only adds an extra 30% to the iPhone’s thickness but makes the iPhone wider. The Silk Amor fits the iPhone quite well but the back is mildly slick which means it will slide around on a flat surface easier than other cases.

The transparent back won’t scratch as easily as other case because it is raised. There is a ton of texture on the back of the case which makes the iPhone easier to use.

Protection – It’ll do fine for any day-to-day mishaps

Two Screen Protectors! - Silk Innovation Silk Armor iPhone 7 ReviewFor protection, the Silk Armor has two layers. Silk Innovation doesn’t state explicitly state the drop height of the Silk Armor but given the size of the case, we’re pretty confident that it will protect your iPhone from any day to day accidents. The edges are quite high which provides extra protection for the iPhone’s screen. The extra screen clearance is great but not as great as the two tempered glass screen protectors that come with the Silk Armor.

The included screen protectors are made from tempered glass which (to us) is the average/baseline glass for all screen protectors. It doesn’t feel as smooth as our current favourite, the Patchworks ITG Silicate glass but unless you’re a stickler, you’re not going to notice the difference.

Functionality – No issues with the Silk Armor

Great one-handed usage - Silk Innovation Silk Armor iPhone 7 ReviewAccessing your iPhone in the case is a breeze. We had no issues with the buttons and the edges, despite being high, do not interfere with the iPhone’s screen. Port access is nominal and the Silk Armor doesn’t interfere with the camera or flash. One-handed usage is great because of all the texture on the case.


What did she say about the Silk Innovations Silk Armor?

This is our attempt at seeing things from a female perspective. We’ll ask several of our female friends (and Aaron’s wife) what they think of the case:

  • “It’s a bit bulky”
  • “Not very Office-ish”
  • “Seems tough. There are colors to choose from”


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