Spigen Glas.tR Review – iPhone 6/6 Plus


The thinnest iPhone case that we’ve reviewed but it provides as much protection as the toughest that we’ve reviewed?

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Today we’re doing the review for Spigen GlassR for the iPHone 6. This is a glass screen protector that has 9H hardness and one of the things that Spigen focuses on is the curved edges of the protector. The curved edges are nice but we’d prefer to have a screen protector cover the whole touchable area.

The Glas.tR is glass screen protector that provides incredible clarity of your iPhone’s screen but that’s really the only good thing. We’re not a big fan of the coverage of the iPhone’s touchscreen (or lack of) and the shortened edges lead to a bit of diffusion. This is also one of the thickest screen protectors that we’ve seen. With everything considered, we gave it a score of 3.6 Eh’s out of 5.

Based on our time with this screen protector, we gave it a score of 3.6 Eh’s out of 5.

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Design – One of the easiest screen protectors to install

Spigen Glas.TR ReviewFor this Spigen Glas.tR Review, we discovered that the installation process of the Glas.tR is quite simple and we were actually surprised at the re-applicability of the screen protector. In terms of build-quality, we were not impressed with the thickness of the screen protector but it is generally pretty durable. We have however, heard of the rounded edges of the screen protector chipping and the only chipping that occurred to our Spigen GlassTR was when we took a kitchen knife to it.

The worst part of the design is the fit of the screen protector as it covers MOST of the iPhones touchscreen. Now we do understand that the curved edges of the iPhone 6 would introduce design problems but lack of coverage, coupled with the thickness make for a poorly fitting screen protector.

Protection – Will definitely protect your iPhone’s touchscreen

Spigen Glas.TR Review - How tough is it?In terms of protection the Spigen Glas.tR will add another layer of protection to your iPhone’s touchscreen. The screen protector is, according to Spigen is of 9H hardness on Moh’s scale of hardness which again, might be marketing fluff because I took this metal file which is at a hardness of about 7 and made a scratch on it. Theoretically, the only thing that should scratch it are diamonds but sandpaper will scratch it as well. We keep saying theoretically because what you read in a book and what happens here doesn’t match. My wife kept the screen protector on her phone for about a month in her purse and there are scratches from that as well and no, there were no loose diamonds hanging out in her purse to scratch it. We sent a note to Spigen’s customer service and they said that scratching was going to happen depending on the repetition and angle of the thing that was scratching.

In terms of impact, the Spigen Glas.tR is stronger than the normal iPHone’s touchscreen. Based on our own internal setup, the Glas.tR survived Bertha, our 200g steel ball bearing from a height of 30 inches in one test but after shuffling it around a bit, showed a bit of damage at 24 inches.

Functionality – Doesn’t hide the iPhone’s screen

Spigen Glas.TR Review - The edges produces rainbows?In terms of functionality, the viewability of your iPhone’s screen is quite good as it doesn’t add any additional glare and the clarity is top notch. We did dock marks for the diffusion of the curved edges of the screen protector as we found it annoying having to see a “rainbow-y” line along the edges of the iPhone.

Fingerprint smudging is kept to a minimum and in our opinion, the coating that Spigen used works better than a naked iPhone screen.

The sensitivity of the iPhone is generally not reduced despite the thickness of the glass and the fact that your finger doesn’t really touch the edge of the iPhone because of the gap due to the thickness.

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