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Spigen Quartz Hybrid iPhone 11 Review

An average case is usually TPU and PC while a premium case is usually TPU, TPE and PC. But Spigen Quartz Hybrid is special. Spigen Quartz Hybrid is a case that’s made of TPU and glass.

Keep reading our Spigen Quartz Hybrid iPhone 11 review if you are interested in the Spigen Quartz Hybrid TPU and glass feature or just curious if the Spigen Quartz Hybrid glass back can break!

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4 Eh’s out of 5

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-Unique case (TPU and Glass)

-Glass back isn’t as prone to fingerprints/face grease

-Handles differently


-Glass will crack

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Spigen Quartz Hybrid iPhone 11 Review

The Spigen Quartz Hybrid is a slim case. Spigen Quartz Hybrid is so slim that putting a screen protector on the makes the iPhone too thick for the edges of the case. The Spigen Quartz Hybrid fits the iPhone like your typical clear case with the parts of the iPhone looking wet. The entire case has a series of microdots that are generally used to prevent rainbowing from happening, and the dots even occur on the inside of the glass.

In general, the edges on the Spigen Quartz Hybrid are a little too pliable for our liking.

The case won’t slide around easily on the back as the glass back is raised. On the front, if there were no screen protector, the case would keep it in place.

From a wear and tear perspective, the glass back is going to be a bit more resistant to scratches, but since it’s glass, the Spigen Quartz Hybrid may break after a while.

Fingerprinting doesn’t seem as prevalent as typical clear cases are. But we don’t think there is much of an oleophobic coating as the waterdrops on the back of the Spigen Quartz Hybrid don’t pop like it would on a screen protector. Keys and coins won’t be an issue with the Spigen Quartz Hybrid, and the glass has a hardness around 6.

The TPU of the case helps with the handling of the device despite the back being quite slick. We think it’s slicker than the usual polycarbonate.

The last thing of note for the Spigen Quartz Hybrid is that the case is made in China. The majority of Spigen’s cases are made in Sout Korea, so that’s an odd outlier.

We had no issues accessing my iPhone in the case. Spigen Quartz Hybrid is such a thin case that nothing gets in the way. The feature that stands out for us is that the glass feels a little cooler than your average PC case. Specifically, we think it transfers heat a bit better than PC, so it makes the iPhone feel different.

When it comes to protection, Spigen Quartz Hybrid provides ultimate everyday protection. Spigen Quartz Hybrid is also Mil-grade certified. The Spigen Quartz Hybrid case also supports reverse charging, which is a highly touted, unknown feature of the iPhone 11’s. We think this reverse charging feature is not really true.

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