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Spigen Wallet S Review – Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Cases

The Wallet S is a Spigen Thin Fit in a leather book?


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Spigen Wallet S Review – Galaxy S7 (and S7 Edge)

The Spigen Wallet S is Spigen’s only wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy S7. Like most wallet cases, it does a great job of storing cards and cash but makes the S7 150% thicker. If you are a fan of the Spigen Thin Fit, then you’ll love the Wallet S as the frame that the S7 sits in is an actual Thin Fit.

From our usage, we were able to fit 3-4 cards and several bills into the wallet. Any more and the magnetic snap that keeps the wallet together fails. Like other wallet cases, you might be able to add more cards over time as the whole unit will probably stretch out over time. The Wallet S also doubles as a stand for your S7. The kickstand is really an added bonus to the case.

For our Spigen Wallet S Review, we’ve given this S7 wallet case a score of 3.6 Eh’s out of 5. If you want to see what other Spigen cases that we’ve reviewed, check out our comparison tool!

If you’re looking for some help choosing the right Spigen case for you, scroll to the bottom of this review and we’ve got several use-cases to help you out.

 Spigen Wallet S
(out of 5)
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iPhone 6(s): 29.99 USD
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Top Buy Buttons
- Decent wallet case
- Great access to S7
- Big.
Design Rating
(Spigen Wallet S)
Design- The biggest Spigen case we've reviewed
- S7 fits tightly inthe case
- Won't slide around easily
- Will bulk up your S7 (but it does have a wallet built in)
- Doesn't show excessive usage
- Wallet is easy to hold onto
Protection Rating
Protection- Multiple layers
- Provides screen protection when closed
- Thin Fit inset provides decent dust/debric protection
- Not drop-rated (though it'll handle a drop fine)
- No screen protector included
Functionality Rating
Functionality- Buttons are easy to use/find
- Wallet + Kickstand viewing
- Edges do not interfere with screen
- No issues with hardware access
- Great one-handed usage
Bottom Buy Buttons

What Spigen Galaxy S7 case should you get?

From our experience with a dozen Spigen cases between the iPhone and S7, here’s what we’ve come up with the different cases:

  • Tough and clear – Spigen Crystal Shell
  • Thin and clear – Spigen Liquid Crystal
  • Toughest and handles well – Spigen Tough Armor

Again, for our Spigen Wallet S Review, we gave this case a score of 3.6 Eh’s out of 5. Have questions about our post? Please ask them on our Google+ page or our Facebook page or our About Us page.

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