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Tech 21 Impact Clear Review – iPhone 6s cases

It looks like a cheap case BUT IT IS NOT! You can drop it from 5 ft!


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Tech 21 Impact Clear Review – The lightest, toughest clear-backed iPhone case we’ve reviewed

Tech 21 Impact Clear Review Table - Galaxy S7

The Tech 21 claims that the Impact Clear is one of the thinnest, lightest protective case that Tech 21 has made. We believe them, but the Impact Clear isn’t as tough as other cases.

For our Tech 21 Impact Clear review, we’ve given it a score of 4.2 Eh’s out of 5. This makes it a slightly better than average case but probably one of the better cases if you’re looking for a clear, drop-rated case. The only gripe we with the Impact Clear involves the handling of the case.

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We’re not strangers to Tech 21 cases as we’ve reviewed the Classic Check, Evo Mesh, Evo Elite and Patriot as well.


Design – A bulkier case that handles decently

Tech 21 Clear Impact - One of the thinnest cases - iPhone 6s case reviews

Thin, Clear and Protective

For design, the Clear Impact weights only 20 g which is much lighter than a similar case, the SolidSuit HoneyComb, the Otterbox Statement, Symmetry and one of our favourites, the Thule Atmos X4. The Clear Impact fits around the iPhone well unlike the Evo Mesh and Evo Elite. Generally wear and tear of the case is higher than the average case as the clear back will show scratches quicker than other cases and as we mentioned above, our gripe with the handling has to do with the slickness on the back of the case. Placing the iPhone down on a flat surface will allow you to use your iPhone as an air hockey puck. This is not the case if you flip it over.

Like most of the recently reviewed Tech 21 cases, the inside of the case has these ribs on the inside of the case which we’re assuming helps with the shock protection.


Protection – Go ahead, drop your iPhone by accident

Tech 21 Clear Impact - Internal Ribs - iPhone 6s case reviews

Ribbed for the iPhone’s, shock-absorbing pleasure

Regarding protection, this is the only case that we’ve seen that is drop-rated to 1.5 m or 5 ft. Most cases are either 1 m or 2m, never 1.5 m. We guess that this tiny case just doesn’t have the shock absorbing power of a regular Tech 21 case like the Evo Check. Regardless, 5 ft/1.2 m is nothing to scoff at because most people are going to have a hard time dropping a device on purpose from 5 ft.


Functionality – Great port access (since there isn’t anything there)

Tech 21 Clear Impact - Grippy Edges - iPhone 6s case reviews

Decent handling from edges

We had no issues accessing our touchscreen on our iPhones and the only thing we’ve noted for the hardware deals with the power button being a little harder to use than the volume buttons on the Tech 21 Clear Impact.


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