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ThanoTech Diskus Review – Portable Apple Watch Charger

Never realized how annoying the 6ft Apple Watch cable was until we saw the Diskus!

ThanoTech Diskus Review – A portable way to ensure your Apple Watch is always powered

ThanoTech Diskus Review Table - 320pxAre you tired of hauling around that 6ft Apple Watch cable? Well, check out ThanoTech’s Diskus. It is a portable Apple Watch charger. Let that sink in for a second a portable Apple Watch charger. The first time we were introduced to the Diskus, we were sceptical but after seeing it in action, we immediately developed a hate for our stock Apple Watch cable.

ThanoTech asked us if we wanted to do a preview of the Diskus and since we were incredibly impressed by their K11 Bumper, we jumped at the opportunity.

Now at the time of this review, the Diskus is in the last two weeks of its Kickstarter campaign. The one that you see in this review is a prototype as Thanotech won’t be making a gold version, and the cable that came with this Diskus isn’t the 12-inch cable that’s on the Kickstarter campaign.

The Diskus is simple which is why it’s awesome. Thanotech took the Apple Watch puck and chopped off the permanently attached cable and replaced it with a micro-USB port. The puck itself is a little thicker than the standard Apple Watch puck and weighs about the same.

Using the Diskus is simple. You plug in a micro USB cable that’s attached to a power source and place your Apple Watch on the Diskus.

So why get a Diskus? For us, it simplifies our lives. In most instances, if we have the opportunity to remove a cable in our laptop bags, we will. For Aaron, he had 1-2 lightning cables, a microUSB cable and an Apple Watch cable. Plus the different chargers. A few months ago, we came across Thanotech’s awesome USB to Micro USB cable that removes the need for lightning and micro USB cables, but we were still stuck with the stock Apple Watch charger. The Diskus finally gets rid of that cable.

Now the Diskus doesn’t come with the two-headed cable, only a 12-inch micro-USB but if you’re serious about removing all the cables in your bag, we’d get the two-headed cable. On a trip, to be able to charge an iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, all you would need is the iPad Charger, the two-headed cable and the Diskus.

ThanoTech Diskus Review - Charging

The Diskus is probably one of the more functional Apple Watch charging products as we’re not terribly fond of stands and the stylish pucks that go around the Apple Watch puck are a little annoying to use if you have to travel with the Apple Watch.


Photo closeups of the ThanoTech Diskus

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  1. Nico Solis

    June 14, 2018 at 2:48 am

    just as suggestion.. can you do a review on “mogics” it’s a kickstarter product also… I like how you explain the use case of the product based on the daily life and I think it’ll suit you also 🙂

    here’s the reference:

    Btw I bought a product that is based on your review, so yeah!! Thank you so much.

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