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The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Cases – Updated Aug. 2016

Here’s what we think are the best Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge cases. We’ll update this list over the next few months, but we’re confident that these 10 cases will protect your S7 well!

*Updated August 2016 – Added in the Griffin Survivor Clear/Journey and Poetic Affinity

At Mobile Reviews Eh, we’re very familiar with cases as we’ve done over 200 case reviews in the last couple of years. For the Galaxy S7, we’ve updated our scoring system to help you choose the right case for you!

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#1 – Tech 21 Evo Wallet (Amazon)

#2 – Tech 21 Evo Check (Amazon)

#3 – Griffin Survivor Clear (Amazon)

#4 – Ballstic Urbanite (Amazon)

#5 – Spigen Tough Armor (Amazon)

#6 – Urban Armor Gear (Amazon)

#7 – Poetic Affinity (Amazon)

#8 – Griffin Survivor Journey (Amazon)

#9 – Otterbox Commuter (Amazon)

#10 – Spigen Neo Hybrid (Amazon)



We’ll be honest with you, cases between the S7 and iPhone 6’s are generally the same (other than the shape) so search our site for the brand that you’re looking for and there is a good chance you’ll find a review for the iPhone variatn of the cases.

If this list is helpful to you, consider getting the product through our site to show your support!

#1 – Tech 21 Evo Wallet

Tech 21 Evo Wallet Galaxy S7 Review

The Tech21 Evo Wallet is one of the highest rated S7 cases we’ve come across. Despite being massive in size, the added functionality and extra screen protection helps the Evo Wallet regarding the score we gave it. The folio portion of the case attaches magnetically to the case, but the actual flap increases the chances that the device will slide off a flat surface.

Functionality is where the Evo Wallet shines. Surprisingly, the Evo Wallet allows you to access easily the S7’s power/sleep button (which is not the case for the Tech 21 Evo Check and Tactical). Concerning the wallet, we would recommend using two cards or one card and cash as anything more will make closing the folio problematic.

For all the details, check out the full review or if you’re sold on this case, get it through Amazon. Wondering about other wallet cases? Check out the comparison between the Tech 21 Evo Wallet, Spigen Wallet S and the Otterbox Strada.

#2 – Tech 21 Evo Check

Tech 21 Evo Check Galaxy S7 Review - Patterned back

The Tech 21 Evo Check is one of our favorite cases and reminds us of the Classic Check that we reviewed for the iPhone 6. It is wider than most S7 cases but the thinness offsets the extra width. The Evo Check fits the S7, which is surprising to me since the fit on the Evo and Evo Elite for the iPhone 6’s were quite lackluster.

The “grippiness” of the case is excellent as it will not go anywhere when placed on a flat surface. Unlike other clear back cases like the Spigen Crystal Shell and Ultra Hybrid, fingerprinting isn’t an issue because the hatching on the back visually hides the grease. The overall texture of the case is perfect for one-handed usage.

We do have one gripe with the Evo Check when it comes to functionality. If you want the full story on this case, check out the full review or get it through Amazon!

#3 – Griffin Survivor Clear

Griffin Survivor Clear Review - Transparent Design - Galaxy S7

The Griffin Clear for the Galaxy S7 is one of the better cases that we’ve reviewed. It is currently sitting at #3 in our Top 10 cases for the Galaxy S7. It scores higher than the average S7 case due to the drop-protection and rather slim build.

The Clear fits well together and improves the handling of the the Galaxy S7. The case is also drop-rated from 4ft which is enough for most drops.

For our Griffin Clear review, we’ve given this case a score of 4 Eh’s out of 5. It scores just a tad lower than the current #1, the Tech 21 Evo Check because the Griffin Clear is a little more prone to fingerprinting. See how much the Griffin Survivor Clear costs on Amazon!

#4 – Ballistic Urbanite

Ballistic Urbanite Select Review - Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EdgeThe Urbanite was one of the better cases for the iPhone 6. We had the pleasure of reviewing the Ballistic Urbanite Select and we have to say that this is one of the best slim cases for the S7.

According to our score, the Urbanite is one of the bigger S7 cases, but the majority of the size sits in the corners, so you don’t notice the extra bulk. The benefit of having larger corners is that it improves 1-handed handling which is vital for our wonderfully large S7 devices.

For protection, the Urbanite is drop-rated to 6 ft so you won’t have to worry about accidently dropping your S7 on concrete. Sold on this case? See what other colors the Urbanite comes in on Amazon!

#5 Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S7 Review - Kickstand

The Spigen Tough Armor is one of Spigen’s best cases for the S7 and S7 Edge. The Tough Armor is one of Spigen’s larger cases, but the added bulk means that it provides more protection than some of Spigen’s slimmer cases like the Thin Fit and Liquid Crystal.

We will note that the there are two different coatings for the Tough Armor. The black case in the picture has a soft rubber coating which greatly improves the handling of the device. Other lighter-colored Tough Armors do not have this coating which makes the S7 a little harder to handle.

We did have an issue with the buttons on the case. To get the full story, check out the full review or check out all the other Spigen cases that we’ve discussed with our Spigen S7 case comparison.

#6 Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear Review - Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Review

The Urban Armor Gear case will add a unique look to your Galaxy S7. The biggest difference between each UAG case is the color. For our iPhone 6, we reviewed a burnt orange color while for the S7’s we decided to go with the clear UAG.

This case, like the Urbanite, has edges that are a little thicker than the average S7 case, but those edges occur along the top/bottom of the device so it’s not as noticeable. See all the pros/cons of the UAG.

The UAG handles quite well as the textures on the back ensure that there is a lot for our hands to hold onto. Unlike the iPhone 6 version, there isn’t a cutout on the back of the case that exposes the back of your device for no reason. We did knock a point for dust protection because the buttons aren’t 100% covered. These tiny holes shouldn’t be an issue for most people, but it is something that we did notice.

Wondering what other colors there are? Find out on Amazon!

#7 Poetic Affinity

Poetic Affinity Review - Galaxy S7

The Poetic Affinity is a great case, especially for the price. We believe the Poetic affinity is a good alternative to most Spigen cases and at the time of this review, it’s  #7 in our Top 10 slim Galaxy S7 cases list.

The Poetic Affinity is a lightweight and transparent case. We’re quite fond of the design of the case as the fusion of polycarbonate and TPU means that clear portions of the case will remain scratch free longer. More details in the full review.

For our Poetic Affinity review, we’ve given this case a score of 3.9 Eh’s out of 5. The Affinity is better than most cases as the average for S7 is 3.6 Eh’s. Again, this is one the best cases for the price. See if you can get one on Amazon!

#8 Griffin Survivor Journey

Griffin Survivor Journey Review - Galaxy S7

The Griffin Journey for the Galaxy S7 is one of the tougher cases that we’ve reviewed. We say this because its one of the few cases that are drop-rated to 6.6 ft or 2m but this additional drop protection results in the Journey being one of the larger S7 cases.

The Journey isn’t as grippy as the Survivor Clear but it won’t slide out of your hands easily. The case is drop-rated to 6.6ft/2m which is nice as well. More details in the full review.

For our Griffin Journey review for the Galaxy S7, we’ve given this S7 case a score of 3.9 Eh’s out of 5. See if you can pick one up on Amazon.

#9 Otterbox Commuter

Otterbox Commuter Review - Samsung Galaxy S7 case review

We’ll be honest with you; we were pleasantly surprised with Otterbox’s Commuter for the Galaxy S7. The Commuter for the iPhone 6 was one of the first cases we reviewed and it was an awful case. Nothing fit well, and it was quite loose. These issues do not exist for the S7 version of the Commuter.

Out of the dozens of cases we’ve reviewed so far for the S7, the Commuter is one of the tougher cases because it includes the port covers as well as screen protector. The area around the buttons is still a little too loose for our liking so taking the case apart and cleaning your S7 is recommended.

The case is a little slick as 1/2 the edges are hard to grip off the table but the corners are relatively rubbery so one-handed usage is going to be a bit better. We feel that the Commuter is a better case than the Symmetry because of the higher protection score though there are fancier designs on the Symmetry.

If you need to see a side by side comparison between the Symmetry and Commuter, check out our comparison tool!

#10 Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy S7 Review

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is a two piece case that that comes in a variety of different setups. For the iPhone, we’ve reviewed the Neo Hybrid Carbon and Metal variants and in general, we like them. In fact, the Neo Hybrid Carbon is one of our favorite cases for the iPhone 6s Plus. For the S7, we have two versions, the normal Neo Hybrid, and the Neo Hybrid Crystal. As of this review, the Neo Hybrid is drop-rated whereas the Neo Hybrid Crystal isn’t though it’s a pretty solid case.

The Neo Hybrid does come in a transparent variation, but there’s a build quality issue with the case. To find out more, check out the full review for the Neo Hybrid. To see what other cases we’ve reviewed of Spigen’s, check out our comparison tool. If you’re sold on this case, see how much these cases are on Amazon.


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  1. p0827s

    May 25, 2016 at 5:47 am

    Have you gotten around to reviewing the incipio dualpro for the Galaxy S7? Supposedly it’s drop rated up to 12 ft, if that’s true that’s twice the distance as many of the cases. I know you were a fan of it for the iPhone 6.

  2. Amy Fonseca

    August 31, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    The edge covers do not extend up the sides – certainly so that the phone edge jz still accessible. But i am afraid to use my phone! (Galaxy Note 7) I am wondering if your tests were specific to the edge phones and did you find the edge to be more fragile? I not a speck candyshell clear as that is what I have successfully used in the past. However just like all of the edge cases that I have looked at only the top and bottom of the phone has a bumper. Seems very exposed.

  3. Jason J

    January 3, 2017 at 8:07 am

    I like your objective reviews! How about reviewing some more wallet cases for the S7, and tempered glass reviews for the S7? My wife loves wallet cases because it’s easier for her to keep up with a few commonly used cards and her ID. The single Tech21 Wallet case would not be a contender based on looks and seemingly low long-term durability of the folio flap. One thing I’m concerned about is the ability of these cases to protect the screen in a fall, specifically a face plant when the screen is exposed (flap folded backwards).

    • Aaron Ho

      January 4, 2017 at 3:23 pm

      I’ll see what I can do. Thx for the comments.

  4. SuprM4n

    July 7, 2017 at 2:45 am

    I know that I’m a bit late to the game on the S7 but I much prefer having a phone that’s a uear behind at half the price so… Anyway, I was wondering whst your opinions were on the Zizo Bolt and also the Zizo Static cases that have come up often in my searches for durable S7 cases. Let me know?

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