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The Best 3-in-1 MagSafe Multi-Chargers For The iPhone 15/14/13/12

The Best 3-in-1 MagSafe Multi-Chargers For The iPhone 15/14/13/12

Choosing the best MagSafe 3 in 1 Charger isn’t just about its looks or brand name. It’s about real-world performance, reliability, and how it stands up to everyday demands. Over the past few months,  we’ve delved deep into a myriad of chargers on the market, evaluating each product on 12 distinct criteria to decipher the best from the rest.

The primary reason for re-visiting these chargers is the due to the influx of actual “Made For MagSafe” chargers, not just chargers that are “MagSafe Compatible”. As you’ll find out, the difference in charge speeds is noticeable.

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Top 3 Mult-MagSafe Chargers

Let’s dive into our list of the top 5 iPhone 14 screen protectors. We base our reviews on actual usage and we’re not sponsored by anybody. We’re reviewers NOT influencers so make sure you get your tech accessories through our links!

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we hate marketing fluff. Every charger has its unique claims, promises and buzz words, but how do they hold up under consistent testing scenarios?By utilizing a standardized testing approach, we ensure that every charger is given a level playing field, which helps you make the best decision with your hard earned money.

Test Criteria Breakdown – How We Tested All The MagSafe Chargers

Here are the 9+ different testing criteria that we used to determine which product was the best MagSafe charger for your iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

Charge Speeds:

  • Max. Charge Speeds: Figured out the max. charge speeds with standalone devices (i.e. iPhone by itself, Apple Watch by itself). All devices were charged from dead.
  • Max. Charge Speeds w/ Maximum Load: Figured out the max. charge speeds with the charger fully loaded (i.e. every charge port filled with a chargeable device.
  • Charge Speed Temps: Measured the temperature of the charge pad. In general, chargers that run hotter will charge slower

Design, Usability & Quality:

  • Design/Ease Of Use: Rated how intuitive the design is and how flexible it was in terms of charging. in charging other devices. The majority of the chargers include a third charger for AirPods (or AirPod Pros) BUT that charger can be used in a pinch to charge a third smartphone
  • Build Quality: Performed a hands-on evaluation of charger materials, cable quality, craftsmanship, and expected longevity. For example, certain companies will use metal to improve heat conduction which helps with charge speeds.
  • Cable Length: Cables tend to be too short in our opinion so having a longer cable allows for easier setups.
  • Portability: A check on the charger’s weight and size, and its convenience to be carried around.

Price & Value:

  • Additional Features: Highlighting any unique or standout features such as multiple viewing angles, extra ports or custom charging heights for the Apple Watch
  • Price: Weighing up the charger’s features and performance against its price tag.

A Reviewer’s Commitment

Let’s be clear: We’re here to review, not to influence. We’re reviewers, not an influencers. The extensive testing, the investment in products, and the dedication are all directed towards one goal – offering you genuine, impartial insights into what the best MagSafe charger for your iPhone is going to be.

For this roundup, the products were ranked from best to worst and assigned a score. The sum of all the rankings were used for final score for the product.

Multi-MagSafe chargers that missed the mark

For this roundup, we tested nine chargers to were certified to be “Made For MagSafe”. Here are rankings of the chargers that didn’t make the top 3. We’d stay away from #6 to #9.

As a side note, we initially started with a Top 5 list BUT the overall charge speeds from #3 to #4 dropped by 30% which is unacceptable to us.

#9. Mophie 3-in-1 Travel Charger Review – Slow and Cheap

This charger earns the unfortunate title of last place. Its performance is lackluster at best, and even Mophie is aware of its slow charging speed. As it stands, this charger feels cheap and underwhelming. The only silver lining is the felt bag that accompanies it. One hopes for improvements in the future.

We will add that Mophie has indicated to the public that their 3 in 1 Travel Charger is faulty and will be rectifying that product soon.

#8. Belkin Boost Charge Pro Review – Fall From Grace?

A surprising drop for the former champion. The Belkin Boost Charge Pro might look the part, and its build quality is still top-notch, but it underperforms in key areas. The charger tends to run hot, and its charging speeds leave a lot to be desired. It’s a step down from its former glory.

#7. Nomad Base One Review – Doesn’t Play Nice With the Apple Watch Ultra

This one certainly threw a curveball. The space which seemed perfect for headphones isn’t meant for them. And if you’re considering this unit, remember it doesn’t come with its own charger – you’ll need to supply one. The real dealbreaker? It doesn’t accommodate the Apple Watch Ultra well (especially with a case on). Quite the oversight.

#6. Belkin Boost Charge Review – Not “Pro” but cost the same?

Regrettably, this product shares many of its Pro counterpart’s shortcomings. It runs hot and delivers a less than stellar charging speed. Worse yet, its price point is parallel to the Pro version, which makes one question its value proposition.

#5. Anker Series 737 Review – A Solid MagSafe Charger

Middle of the pack, the Anker Series 737 is fairly decent. Priced slightly more affordably at $140, it’s a viable choice for those looking to save. However, don’t expect above-average charging speeds; it’s quite ordinary in that department.

#4. ESR Halolock Multi-Charger – Cheap BUT Dishonest

Truth be told, this product had me fooled. My quest for Made For Magsafe chargers led me to believe this was one of them. Instead, it’s Made For Apple Watch. Although it charges at a glacial pace, it’s still faster than the Mophie. What sets this charger apart is its cost-effectiveness and the handy portable Apple Watch charger.

Top 3 MagSafe Multi-Chargers

The products that made the Top 3 all had certain features that made it stand out. Little extras such as cable length, charge speeds or portability give the next three products a bump in the standing.

#3. Otterbox 3 in 1 Charging Stand Review – A Solid Charger

This came as a surprise entry at number three. When we think Otterbox, we think cases, and not all of them have hit the mark in the past. But this charger? It’s an entirely different story. In fact, all the Otterbox iPhone charging accessories have performed quite well in our tests.

In terms of speed, the Otterbox 3 in 1 has the edge. It managed to match the speed of Apple’s own MagSafe charger when charging an iPhone solo and took a strong second place for all other devices.

The charging cable’s impressive length (a whole 30 inches more than the average) means it provides ample flexibility in setting up. The Otterbox Charging Stand is a tall charger which minimizes its footprint on a desk but is harder to move around.

The build quality of this Otterbox MagSafe charging stand is top notch. The neck of the charger is made from aluminum and is designed in a way that helps keep the MagSafe charger cool.

Now, it’s worth noting, this product didn’t have any significant flaws. It’s just that our top two had a few extra goodies in store. If we had to be picky, the base of the charger could be a bit heavier as the charger does move a bit when you’re trying to attach the iPhone to the MagSafe charging pad.

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#2. Anker 3-in-1 Cube MagSafe Charger Review – Tiny But Powerful

Anker’s entry is more than just a pretty face. Despite its modest wattage, the 3 in 1 Cube packs a punch in charging speed, taking third place in most of our tests. The compact design is a significant advantage, allowing you to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods in a tiny package. However, you might want to ditch the idea of charging a second phone on the Qi-charger; there’s just not enough room.

Portability is another selling point. I’ve found it indispensable on getaways, valuing its efficient charging over other products like Mophie 3 in 1 Travel Charger and it’s fancy felt carrying cases.

This Anker 3 in 1 charger is the only the only product in our MagSafe charger review that allows for custom viewing angles. This is handy when you want to minimize the glare on the iPhone when it’s setup on the charger.

Our only concern for this product is the Apple Watch charger. Sure it’s cleverly hidden into the side but we’re unsure of how well it will hold up to repeated use.

Before we unveil our top pick, a quick reminder: if you’re considering purchasing any of these chargers, do use my affiliate links. Remember, this channel is all about providing unbiased reviews, not influencer endorsements. Your support keeps us operational.

Now, a fun fact: I experimented with a 96W Apple charger on the top three. Results? No discernible difference. The provided chargers are already optimized for these devices.

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#1. Mous MagSafe Charging Pad w/ Elevated Apple Watch Charger Review – Premium Quality And Performance

Topping our list is are the MagSafe chargers from Mous. While their standalone charger are decent, these multi-chargers? They’re a class apart. Literally.

Mous’s Elevated Apple Watch charger can attach magnetically to the main charging base. This is handy for those who want a fast charger but don’t have an Apple Watch. We do have to say that it’s quite satisfying to attach the two chargers together.

In terms of speed, the Mous Charging Station outpaced its rivals, especially the previous champ, Belkin Boost Charge Pro. The design allows you to charge a second device via Qi-charger, and it even offers a spare USB-C connection. The 65W charger ensures your devices get juice, and fast. In our tests, we were able to attain the same charge speeds even with a third iPhone plugged into the spare port.

Mous is the only brand in this roundup that offers different finishes on their chargers. You have finishes that include a matte black, Aramid fibre and a walnut finish. We purchased the walnut finish which look great but the finish on the wood is slightly darker on the Apple Watch charger.

There are two build quality, features worth mentioning. The first is the braided cable which will last longer than your typical TPU coated cables that other brands use. The second is the metal base. Not only does it add a nice weight to the device, the metal base acts as a heatsink, ensuring that the MagSafe charger is kept cool.

However, two things might irk some users. Firstly, the Apple Watch charger’s slightly offbeat design might not appeal to everyone. Secondly, the price. With a price tag hovering around $200 USD (and hitting almost $300 for me), it’s an investment. But as the old adage goes: you get what you pay for.

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What’s the difference between Made For MagSafe and MagSafe compatible?

What’s the difference between Made For MagSafe and MagSafe compatible

Made For MagSafe products and MagSafe compatible products are not the same. Lots of companies will use the term interchangeable but products that have the Made For MagSafe label on it usually implies that the product has been certified by Apple via the MFi program.

The biggest difference when it comes to MagSafe chargers is the speed. MagSafe compatible chargers only provide 7.5W of wireless charging while Made For MagSafe chargers product 15W of wireless charging.

In a real world application, the speed difference between all the Made For MagSafe chargers we’ve tested is 15-20%. Between Made For MagSafe chargers and MagSafe compatible? That difference is anywhere between 40-300%.

The only upside of MagSafe compatible products is the price. They are generally ½ the price of of the official MagSafe versions BUT you’re getting ½ the performance from our perspective.

Who makes MagSafe Chargers?

For the longest time, Apple was the only company that had official Made for MagSafe Chargers. In the last two years, we’ve seen Belkin jump on the bandwagon with their Boost Charge Pro being one of the first chargers to be Made for MagSafe.

Only in the last  year (2023) have we seen a surge of Made for MagSafe chargers come from 3rd Party Vendors. As of right now, every major charging brand has Made For MagSafe chargers.

The easiest way to tell if you’re looking at a Made For MagSafe charger is to look for a specific label in the image below

Why use MagSafe chargers?

MagSafe in general is very useful. It’s one of the most useful features to come out for the iPhone in the last few years. The biggest upside is the consistent charge speeds. With a real MagSafe charger, you’re getting close to 15W of wireless charging which isn’t as fast as the typical 20W wired charger BUT faster than the 7.5W of regular Qi-charging.

In addition to a better charging experience, MagSafe allows you to accessorize your device without having to deal with bulky cases or special adapters. With a MagSafe charger, you can be certain that your MagSafe wallets and car mounts will work seamless with your device.

Future proofing is another good reason to use a MagSafe charger. Like a regular cable, it’s going to work with any iPhone in the foreseeable future. The same goes for all the different MagSafe accessories as well.

What can I charge on MagSafe multi-chargers?

The MagSafe charge pad is versatile; it’s not just for iPhones but can also accommodate other Qi-enabled devices, including other smartphones and your AirPods. When you look at multi-chargers, they’re typically designed with a dedicated spot for an Apple Watch, AirPods, and a MagSafe-compatible iPhone.

Interestingly, the charging area designated for AirPods is built to a standard Qi-charger specification. This means any device with Qi-charging capabilities can be charged there. However, a common design choice by many brands is to keep this AirPods charging area quite compact. As a result, even the smallest iPhones might struggle to fit on these charger spots.

Which iPhones will work with MagSafe 3 in 1 Chargers?

Out of the box, only the iPHone 12’s and newer will work on the MagSafe charging pad. Older iPhone’s can be upgraded with 3rd party cases or stick-on magnets to provide the same level of magnetic attachment to the chargepad.

However, these devices will not benefit from the 15W of fast wireless charging and will be capped at 7.5W.


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