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The BEST AirPod Case? It’s the Catalyst or Casetify cases!

Want to accessorize your AirPod case? We got you covered!


If you’re looking for the best Apple AirPods, pick the Catalyst Waterproof case for AirPods. If you’re looking for something with a bit more pop, the Casetify Neon AirPods Case Skin are quite nice and if you absolutely need a leather case, the ones from iCarer is the only one we could stomach to use for more than a day.


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At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do tests and use the products in our everyday lives for days even weeks before doing an actual review. To find out what the best AirPod case out there, we’ve  grown quite fond of the flip of the cap. especially after using a ton of other Bluetooth headphones who have terrible caps. 


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Leather Pouch Style




  • Can clip it somewhere
  • Comes with a keychain loop


  • Annoying to use
  • Hideous designs
  • Looks cheap

In our grouping of Blackberry waist-holder inspired holders for the Apple AirPods a.k.a Leather Pouch Style , we prefer the Fintie.

Fintie’s standout feature is the free keychain loop. However the keychain loop doesn’t really provide any added value. You really can’t replace the spring snap hook with the keychain loop so why is it there?

If you can get past the keychain loop feature, you’ll realize that the Fintie AirPods’ case aren’t very functional either. You can’t fully open the AirPods case. This means removing and adding your AirPods to your charge case is going to be annoying.

However, we’re glad that at least the fit of the AirPods isn’t so tight like the Spigen case that if you press the cap hard enough, you’ll actually lift the charge case out of the Fintie which helps with access.

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Spigen Valentinus


  • There’s a clip


  • Annoying to use
  • Clunky

We won’t waste your time by going into more details as we think the Spigen Valentinus is overpriced garbage. Every issue we have with the Fintie,we also have it with the Spigen Valentius. 

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Leather AirPod Cases




  • Better fit than the Nomad
  • The best leather case in our roundup


  • Airpods slide in and out of the case when you open the case
  • Lid isn’t as tight fitting as other cases

If you’re looking for a non-silicone, non-belt-hoster style case, the iCarer is going to be the product to get. But that’s not saying much when you consider that the only competition it has is the Nomad case. The only reason why we say this is that the cap stays on.


The iCarer product is a bit of an enigma because we’re not sure if the case was purposely designed to lift the AirPods charging case out of the actual case by a ¼ inch. It’s a neat movement but it takes away from the snap of the cap. Pressing too hard on the cap also dislodges the AirPod cap from the iCarer which can get annoying after a while. And because the charge slides around in the iCarer, turning it outside down will result in the AirPod charge case falling out. 

The design of the iCarer also ensures that you can’t fully open your AirPods case which means placing the buds in and out of the charge case gets annoying. Sometimes the cap gets in the way, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s no rhyme or reason to it.

The last downside when it comes to it being a leather product is the fact that the leather won’t show much patina given that’s it feels like fake leather. Not like the Nomad which starts showing its patina almost immediately.

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  • Made of leather


  • Cap falls off easily
  • Expensive

When it comes to Nomad, we’re a big fan of their wallet cases. The Rugged Folio is one of our favourite leather wallet cases for the iPhone. For their AirPods case, the thing that bothers us the most is how easy the cap comes off. The kicker is that the case itself is almost $30 dollars which makes it one of the more expensive products in this list and unlike other products with removable caps, Nomad only includes one.

If you can get the cap to stay on, the Nomad case keeps the tactile response of a naked AirPods case.

But we do like the feel of leather on the case and the patina on the case is going to look pretty awesome over time. 

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Silicone Sleeve Style

Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods


  • Clip
  • Waterproof
  • Toughest case
  • Lots of different colors
  • Easy to use


  • Has a weird extra step for accessing the AirPods

The Catalyst AirPods case is one of the first AirPod cases.Out of all the cases in this list, the Catalyst AirPod case is the only one that’s waterproof. This may seem like an extraneous feature but with the Catalyst case, you can clip your AirPods to the outside of your laptop bag and not have to worry about losing them, or breaking them, or getting them wet. That’s pretty handy from our perspective.

The lighting port is sealed and the back of the case has a mark for the sync button.

The only downside of the Catalyst AirPods case is that to access your AirPods, you need to peel the case like a banana. It’s just something you have to get use it.

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  • Tight fit
  • Lots of different colors
  • Better than average dust protection


  • Cap doesn’t fully open
  • Extra piece on the back of the case feels annoying

The biggest difference when it comes to the KeyBudz AirPort case when compared to other silicone cases is that it’s one piece. Other thin silicone cases don’t have this feature. Or a lightning port cover.


We’re going to assume that it’s going to be helpful for some people but unless you’re using the Nomad case, your cap is going to come off unless you want it to. Personally, we think having a piece of extra silicone jutting out the back of the case takes away from the smooth chicklet design of the AirPods case.

Also, it doesn’t let you fully open your AirPods case. Again, the only thing KeyBudz had to do was to let you open the case like nothing was there. And it failed.

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Elago A2 Duo Case



  • Two colored caps per case
  • Lots of colors


  • Thicker cap gets in the way of the cap opening (a tiny bit)

The Elago A2 Duo product is decent. For around 10 bucks, you get two different colored caps which helps to break up the monotony of a single colored case. The silicone on the Elago A2 Duo case is thicker than other silicone cases on this list so it will offer a bit more protection.

Our only gripe with the thicker silicone is that the cap ~almost feels like if there was nothing there. There is a tiny bit of contact between the bottom and top caps which changes the feel of the AirPod’s charging case but you really have to look for it.

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Casetify Neon AirPods Case Skin



  • Lots of different colors
  • Thin, no bulk


  • Not as protective as other thicker silicone cases

The cases from Casetify are awesomely bright. In terms of thickness, the Casetify skins are closer to the Keybudz than Elago’s so they’ll add very little bulk to your AirPods Charge case. Casetify sells their skins in packs of two so you can mix and match based on your favorite socks.

The thinness also maintains the feel of the cap opening which means it’s the only silicone sleeve type product that does so.

We’re not a splashy person but we love the Casetify AirPod cases because they’re bright and because our AirPod cases aren’t always out like our iPhone case is. The last thing we’ll add is that the Casetify cases have a softer feel to them and don’t have the same pocket pulling power as something like the Catalyst case does.

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The BEST AirPods Case?
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