iPhone 6(s+)

The Best Leather iPhone 6(s+) cases

Are you looking to class up your iPhone? You’re thinking about a leather case, but the question is: Which is the best leather iPhone 6s case?

Spoiler alert! Our favourite case out of this grouping is the Rhinoshield SolidSuit! But for the real leather aficionado, the SolidSuit isn’t “real” leather.

Below is a list of leather cases that we’ve reviewed for the iPhone 6(s+). We carefully choose our cases (you won’t find any $10 cases here) but if you feel that there should be another case in the list below, let us know, and we’ll see about reviewing the case.

We’ve sorted all our cases cases into different categories such as slim, tough, waterproof, clear, wooden and cases that are just super different. Have any questions about which leather iPhone case to get? Leave them in the comment section below or ask them via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


The Best Leather iPhone 6(s+) cases

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The Best Leather iPhone 6(s+) cases

(Select multiple cases to compare by pressing on each image)

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At Mobile Reviews Eh! we base our reviews on real usage. We try to rate all of our iPhone case reviews in the same manner so that when we say case X is better than Y, you can take that to the bank. Each one of these comparisons takes over 8 hours to complete so we’re very thorough in ensuring that we catch every detail before publishing our iPhone case reviews. If you’re looking for a round-up of the best iPhone 6 cases that we’ve reviewed, check out our [sc:Top10iphone6]



  1. samuel

    December 15, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    Rhino shield solid case suppose not to appear as an item on this review. The company responsible for this case is not capable to deliver the announced worldwide item.
    You can make a research and find out the waiting time for solid suit, carbon fiber and/or honeycomb cases are illusion.
    Time frame is fake. For example I did order a solid suit for an Iphone 6s plus on June and been advised by this company after 2 months that due customs problem they could not give me a time frame when this case will be available for shipment.
    After that I requested my money back which was returned without any problem.
    The main point is that company still marketing a product which is not available!!!!
    Saying that due I follow your reviews and I believe you need to know you are telling the world about a product which you cannot buy.
    The most amazing I did contact the Evolutive lab and the EXCUSE were the same for not been capable to produce and sell.
    I am a customer who wants to just buy a product which I BELIEVE will be a good item but I cannot make such purshace because the company responsible for this specific product does not sell!!!!

    • Aaron Ho

      December 16, 2016 at 3:06 am

      I spoke to them last week and they said EOY was going to be the timeframe. I know its slipped a lot but at least they’re still trying. The SolidSuit that I have for the 6 Plus is a great case. I do believe that they confirmed that the Carbon Fibre and Honeycomb cases were shipping.

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