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Top 10 MagSafe Grips For The iPhone 15

The new iPhone 15 has just come out, so we should probably talk about the elephant in the room. That’s right! Those nifty MagSafe phone grips. If you’ve never tried a phone grip, you definitely need to. MagSafe phone grips are game-changers! We’ve tested 30+ phone grips to help you figure out which ones are the Top 10 MagSafe Grips For The iPhone 15.

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At Mobile Reviews Eh!,  we’ve been reviewing phone accessories for more than a decade. Many companies have died and are sometimes resurrected from the phone accessories game. Some improved, and some have been copy-pasting their product in each release. If you want a nonbiased review of iPhone 15 MagSafe Grips, you have come to the right place.

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Test Criteria Breakdown - How We Tested All The MagSafe Grips

Viewing Angles

When we test out MagSafe grips as a stand, we’re looking for these kind of things:

  • Can it hold our iPhone in both landscape and portrait modes? 
  • Is the viewing angle comfortable? 
  • Does it have a hinge? 

We’ll also note the grip’s stability when used as a stand.


How useful is a grip if it hurts to use? Or you can’t use it for an extended period of time? 

When it comes to comfort, we rate each grip on the comfort of the grip while sitting/standing as well as lying down. Many grips are comfortable in a sitting/standing setup but aren’t as comfortable when using your iPhone lying down,


Durability was a big issue when MagSafe grips first came out. Especially products that relied on elastics/flexible bands. The current crop of MagSafe grips are more durable. Our ranking of the durability of MagSafe grips is based on our extended test periods of the product.

Ease of Use

When we’re trying out MagSafe phone grips, we value the ease of one-handed use. After all, we want it to feel as natural as using our iPhone without any extras. Grips that require two hands to set up are a hassle, and the trickier a grip is to use, the less likely we’re going to use it.


Who can resist a little extra something? 

Whether it’s custom printing on the grips, built-in wallets, or adding ‘Find My’ features, these little bonuses can transform a regular MagSafe phone grip into the ultimate multi-tool of phone grips. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your iPhone.

Bulk/Weight and Magnetic Connection

Sadly, a MagSafe grip labeled as ‘MagSafe compliant’ doesn’t guarantee it’ll cling tightly to your iPhone 15. While some grips hold on with a tenacity that’s almost impossible to shake off, others might slide away with a quick hand movement.  That’s why when we rate these MagSafe grips, we pay keen attention to their magnetic connection strength to ensure your iPhone stays securely in hand.


If you’re wondering, the price range of the grips that we tested go from $18 dollars all the way up to $60. And guess what we’ve found? Products in the $60 dollar range aren’t that much better than products in the $40 range.

Top 10 MagSafe Grips For The iPhone 15

#10 - ESR Halolock Ring Stand (20)

Breaking into our top 10 list of the best MagSafe grips for iPhone 15 is the ESR Halolock Ring Stand. This grip is unique, and one of only two ring-style grips in our Top 10 MagSafe Grips list. What sets this grip apart is its innovative double-ring setup, a feature that enhances the grip’s usability and functionality.

Also, a standout feature of this design is its versatility in terms of landscape and portrait viewing modes for the iPhone 15.

But it’s not just about the viewing angles. The comfort provided by the Halolock Ring Stand is the best for a ring-style grip. Say goodbye to the uncomfortable ‘guillotine’ sensation on your fingers; this grip, with its double ring, ensures decent finger comfort. 

The finish on the grip is nice and won’t show much wear and tear. One of the reasons why this MagSafe grip doesn’t score higher in our MagSafe Grip roundup is the access.

Unfurling the rings requires two hands as you need to pull the rings out from one another.

#9 - Casetifiy Snappy Grip Stand (35)

Securing the 9th spot on our list of the best MagSafe grips for iPhone 15 is the Casetify Grip Stand. It’s satisfyingly tactile. There’s a reason why Casetify says it’s “Snappy”.

Moving away from ring-style grips, the design of the Casetify Snappy Grip Stand boasts enhanced comfort. One major advantage is the weight distribution over two fingers, ensuring a stable hold on your iPhone 15. The weight of the iPhone isn’t digging into a small part of your finger.

However, there are a couple of things to note. While the snappy grip stand supports both landscape and portrait viewing modes for the iPhone 15, setting it up with just one hand can be a tad challenging. 

Another potential drawback is the glossy finish, which, while sleek, is prone to scratches. But on the brighter side, if personalization is your thing, you’re in for a treat. The Casetify Grip Stand offers an array of designs and even monogramming, allowing you to make your iPhone a unique extension of your style.

#8 - Rhinoshield Grip Max (27)

Claiming the 8th position in our roundup of the best MagSafe grips for iPhone 15 is the Rhinoshield Grip Max. This isn’t a new contender; the Grip Max was among the finest grips we enjoyed using last year. But in the last year, many brands have launched innovative grips, so the Rhinoshield Grip Max has slipped a few spots in the Top 10.

There are two standout aspects of the Rhinoshield Grip Max. Firstly, the unparalleled comfort – the weight of the iPhone is distributed across multiple fingers, ensuring a fatigue-free experience. Secondly, a vast array of design choices, complemented by the unique option to personalize your own grip, sets it apart.

Functionality-wise, the grip accommodates both viewing modes in both landscape and portrait for the iPhone 15. But there’s a little hiccup. The Grip Max’s attachment strength leaves a bit to be desired, as it’s somewhat below par. It’s not the pulling that’s the concern, but rather the sliding. We’ve raised this with Rhinoshield in the past, yet it seems the issue persists. If you’re considering this grip, here’s a little hack: using a dash of temporary spray adhesive significantly improves its staying power on the iPhone 15.

#7 - CaseMate Magnetic Loop Grip (18)

While on my quest for top-notch phone grips, we stumbled upon this MagSafe gem. At first glance, we weren’t sure what to make of it, but lo and behold, it’s clinched the 7th spot in our Top 10 list. Now, it might not be packed with features – for instance, you can’t really use it as a stand. But if you’re in the market for a simple, decently priced, no-frills grip, this is among the best and most secure options available.

One of its strengths is its straightforward accessibility. There are no complicated mechanisms or fold-outs; you just slide a finger into the hole, and you’re good to go. A slight drawback is the finger strap – it’s on the thinner side, which might not be ideal for extended usage. Your finger will start to hurt but for short durations, like those 15-minute bus rides, the CaseMate Magnetic Loop will serve you just right.

At first, the rubbery design may seem like it’d snag on pockets, but thanks to its low profile, potent magnets, and pliable elastic loop, it stays on the iPhone well. The one thing we didn’t like was that the iPhone would bobble about erratically when placed on its back. The elastic loop doesn’t allow you to set the iPhone down flat, but it will prevent the iPhone from sliding around.

#6 - Encased Grip (20)

The Encased Grip might look at first, but we’ve found ourselves gravitating towards it every night at home. Its design might be unconventional, but therein lies its brilliance. 

Believe it or not, it’s one of the most comfortable grips we’ve encountered. With many other grips, there’s an ever-present sense of tension in your hand, a feeling that you’re either clutching the phone or pushing against the grip and phone to secure the device. The Encased Grip, with its rigid center, offers a different experience – it lets the iPhone simply rest in your hand while ensuring a firm and secure grip.

The grip works as a stand for landscape viewing but definitely not portrait. If you’re using this solely at home, the grip can definitely be used as a stand for iOS 17’s Standby Mode.

If we ever took a step back from reviewing, the Encased Grip would undoubtedly be a staple in our personal collection; it’s that indispensable to us. However, a word of caution: this grip isn’t the most pocket-friendly. It’s rather prominent and can stick out noticeably when tucked away. Think of the Encased Grip as a guilty pleasure. Flaunting this nub in public might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but few grips are as comfortable.

#5 - Andobil Grip (40)

The Andobil grip stands out as one of the slimmest in our extensive collection, earning the distinction of being the highest-rated ring-style grip in our review. Honestly, we didn’t think this Amazon brand was going to do so well.

While its sleekness is impressive, we’ve found that it might not be the most comfortable for prolonged usage. The thin ring, although stylish, starts to press into your finger after extended use.

However, where it slightly falters in comfort, it more than compensates in MagSafe strength. The Andobil grip boasts one of the most formidable sets of magnets we’ve encountered on phone grips. In fact, the only grips that scored better than the Andobil grip were ones that were semi-permanent (like the OhSnap grip). If you’re concerned about it sliding off surfaces, worry not – its rubber-backed design ensures it stays put on tables.

A remarkable feature that sets it apart is its compatibility. Not only can you use it with other non-charging MagSafe accessories – be it mounts, wallets, or even water bottles – but Andobil also provides an additional set of magnets. This thoughtful inclusion makes the grip adaptable to older iPhones or non-MagSafe devices. It’s a bonus for those looking to retrofit older devices or simply mount their phones in unconventional places, like the kitchen.

At $40, this grip will cost more than the average MagSafe grip but is well worth it.

#4 - ESR Geo Wallet Stand/ESR Magnetic Wallet (40/20)

In our MagSafe Grip roundup, we’ve combined the ESR Halolock Geo Wallet and Magnetic Wallet together so that we can feature more products. The ESR Halolock Magnetic Wallet would typically find its place around the #7 mark. Both ESR products serve a dual purpose: they function as reliable grips and double up as wallets, comfortably accommodating two to three cards or even four if you like them tight.

We’ll be honest: ESR has surprised us in the last few years. Their wallets and MagSafe battery packs are top-notch (their cases not so much).

When it comes to comfort, the grip section on these ESR models is wide enough that it outperforms the ring grips in terms of comfort, although they don’t quite match the coziness of our top 3 selections. One of their standout features is the magnetic strength, ensuring your iPhone stays firmly anchored in your hand.

Diving deeper, the Magnetic Wallet is elegantly simple in its design. In contrast, the Geo Wallet is the real star, doubling as a stand and boasting  ‘Find My,’ Apple’s item tracking system. From our perspective, the ESR Halolock Geo Wallet is the Swiss army knife of MagSafe wallets. 

The biggest downside of this product is the weight. It’s considerably heftier than most grips, weighing 82 grams (the average grip weighs around 45 grams). To put that into perspective, the Geo Wallet adds an extra 30-40% to the standard weight of an iPhone 15. You’ve been warned!

#3 - Anker Maggo 620 (20)

Anker brings two MagSafe grips to the table. Unfortunately, the MagGo 610, with its ring design, falls short of expectations. However, their second offering is a delightful surprise. With a design reminiscent of a leather watch strap for your iPhone, this quirky MagSafe grip – the MagGo 620 – is more than meets the eye. 

First, the grip is adjustable. You can change the loop size based on the number of fingers you want to use. The MagGo 620, when curled up, can be easily used as a stand for landscape mode and a somewhat practical stand in portrait.

The standout feature of the grip is the ability to mount the MagGo 620 to metallic surfaces like fridges, whiteboards, and even gym racks. This feature does cater to a niche audience, but trust us; the MagGo 620 is excellent as a daily grip.

And while its design might suggest bulkiness, its ability to flatten ensures it slips into pockets seamlessly. The cherry on top of this Anker sundae is the price. At a mere $20, the MagGo 620 offers remarkable value, especially given its multifunctionality and superior build quality.

#2 - OtterGrip (42)

Our initial impression of the OtterGrip was somewhat lukewarm, but we’ve grown to like it.  As a case, it has shortcomings – the back is notably slick, causing it to slide around more than we’d like. The back of the case is probably the slickest found on any Otterbox case. It’s a good thing there’s a grip.

The grip built into the OtterGrip isn’t the pinnacle of comfort. It fits one finger comfortably; two is a stretch. Using the OtterGrip with an iPhone 15 Pro Max will be tiring for that single finger. Accessing the grip is hard to do with one hand as you have to try to pull the grip out of the case through this awkward twisting motion.

Yet, what sets this grip apart is its versatility. It’s the only grip we’ve encountered that seamlessly integrates with other MagSafe accessories, including those designed for charging. This means you can enjoy the convenience of a grip while utilizing chargers, battery packs, and wallets – a feature that elevates its utility. 

The only thing that the OtterGrip can’t do is be a stand for your iPhone 15. However, this limitation can be easily circumvented with the right MagSafe accessory. Priced at $42, considering its multifunctionality and adaptability, it represents excellent value for money.

#1 - PopGrip Round/Pop Grip/Pop Wallet+ (35)

Like the ESR Halolock lineup, we’ve chosen to consolidate all PopSocket products for this review. The original PopGrip confidently occupies the #4 spot to offer a benchmark, while the PopWallet+ is nestled around #7. The newest member to the PopSocket family, the PopGrip Round, has left us thoroughly impressed. 

Its minimalist design sets the PopGrip Round apart, boasting one of the tiniest footprints among grips. The ease with which it can be set up with a single hand is commendable. Coupled with its exceptional comfort, it ensures that the iPhone remains lightweight and manageable. The regular PopGrip boasts one of the strongest MagSafe connections, and the PopGrip round version is right behind it.

An added perk is the option to customize it with a design of your choice. PopSocket, being a pioneer in introducing MagSafe grip products, has proven with its latest iteration that it still holds the top position in this niche. 

However, every product has its Achilles’ heel. For the PopGrip Round, it’s the absence of a portrait mode stand. Additionally, placing the iPhone on its back transforms it into a restless spinning top. Despite these minor setbacks, the comfort and ease of use with the PopGrip Round is unbeatable.


Why do I need a MagSafe grip for my iPhone 15?

MagSafe grips just make using your iPhone 15 daily that much easier. Here are three reasons.

  1. It will minimize the chances that you will drop your iPhone 15. This means you can go with a thinner case or even caseless and still have peace of mind that your iPhone is going to get damaged
  2. It enhances the comfort of using your iPhone for more extended periods, reducing strain. 
  3. It makes taking photos, videos, and selfies that much easier as you don’t have to worry about keeping the iPhone safe in your hands as much, allowing you to focus on the shot.
  4. Some grips can be used as stands, which adds to the usability of your iPhone 15
  5. The best thing about MagSafe is the ability to use other MagSafe accessories. You can choose the best accessory for what you want to do by easily swapping it out.

Seriously, we have no idea why everybody doesn’t have a MagSafe grip.

Are these grips compatible with other iPhone models or smartphones?

In general, MagSafe grips will work with any MagSafe enabled iPhone (basically anything newer than an iPhone 12). One thing to keep in mind is that not all cases are MagSafe compatible (though we haven’t come across many that aren’t nowadays) and the magnets on the back of the iPhone aren’t strong enough to keep a MagSafe accessory on. For older iPhones or non-iPhone devices, you can purchase magnetic rings. These easily attach to the back of your device, allowing seamless connection with MagSafe accessories.

Will using a MagSafe grip interfere with wireless charging?

Yes. Even the thinnest MagSafe grips that are attached to the iPhone will not allow for wireless charging. We have come across grips that allow you to attach non-charging MagSafe accessories but the magnet array will disrupt the wireless charging capabilities of any wireless charger.

If you want to wirelessly charge your iPhone 15, just take the MagSafe grip off.

Can I use other MagSafe accessories with these grips?

The beauty of MagSafe is that the connection between every MagSafe accessory and the iPhone 15 is standardized so you can swap out any other type of MagSafe compatible accessory with your MagSafe Grip.

What is a MagSafe Phone Grip?

A MagSafe phone grip is a specially designed accessory for iPhones that utilizes Apple’s MagSafe technology introduced with the iPhone 12. MagSafe Phone Grips incorporate a ring, strap, or one-handed aid attached to a base of magnets to attach to the back of the iPhone easily. A MagSafe phone grip offers you a secure hold on your device, making it more comfortable to use, especially for extended periods. It can also double as a stand, allowing for hands-free viewing in both portrait and landscape modes. These grips are typically designed to seamlessly integrate with other MagSafe products, such as chargers or wallets, ensuring a cohesive user experience,

So this is our Top 10 MagSafe Grips for the iPhone 15!  Have any questions? Leave them below! Definitely SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to stay on top of all the new things we are reviewing!

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