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Top 10 MagSafe Wallets For The iPhone 15

A new phone means new accessories! The iPhone 15 is finally out, and what a perfect way to make the iPhone 15 your own is by accessorizing it with MagSafe Wallets.

Check out our Top 10 MagSafe Wallets For The iPhone 15 and get accessorizing!

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At Mobile Reviews Eh!,  we’ve been reviewing phone accessories for more than a decade. We have seen many companies die and sometimes resurrect from the phone accessories game. Some improved, and some have been copy-pasting their product in each release. If you want a nonbiased review of iPhone 15 MagSafe Wallets, you have come to the right place.

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Test Criteria Breakdown - How We Tested All The MagSafe Wallets

To get the Top 10 MagSafe Wallets For The iPhone 15, we’ve tested over 30 MagSafe wallets. We used a 1224 ranking style to determine the best MagSafe wallets for the iPhone 12-iPhone 15s. Below is a quick description of how we ranked the products against.


This one is simple, products that are cheaper will rank better in this category. The cheapest MagSafe wallets we’ve seen sit around the $20 dollar mark whereas the most expensive one was close to $200. 

In general, the average price of a MagSafe wallet is around $40 dollars. 

Card Capacity

We tested each MagSafe wallet to see how many (or how few) cards it could carry. For each wallet, we’d overstuff them to know if you could carry more cards stated by the manufacturer, and if you could take them out quickly.

Only a handful of products carry 6+ cards. A quarter of them utilize a big pouch for all your cards, but some of the products we’ll go over also include ways to easily access the 6+ cards you might be using.

Handling/Ease of Use/Extra Features

For this criteria, we looked at how easy it was to access the cards and how well the MagSafe wallet felt on an iPhone. Products that did well in this category had features such as phone grips, quick-release cutouts, or even levers that fanned cards the cards out.

We also considered the product’s build quality as certain products felt cheap despite a high price tag, while others seemed to exude quality but cost 3-4 times the average price of a MagSafe wallet.

Viewing Angles

We weighed this criteria more this time, especially with iOS 17’s Standby mode. Up until last year, the majority of the wallets that had a stand function limited the iPhone to a single angle.

There’s been an influx of hinged-style wallets that will significantly improve the viewing angles of your device. This is important because it will help deal with glare from ceiling lights.

Magnetic Strength

For this criteria, we took the average force needed to remove the wallet from a bare iPhone. This criteria is important because wallets that come off easier will have a higher chance of being lost. Or if the wallet had a phone grip, cause you to drop your iPhone unnecessarily.

MagSafe Wallets That Missed The Mark (but are worth considering)

For our Top 10 list of MagSafe Wallets for the iPhone 15, we picked products that are strong performers across the board. However, if you’re solely searching for a sizable wallet to attach to your iPhone and don’t care much about anything else, our list might not hit that mark. 

But don’t fret; we’ve got you.

The first high-capacity wallet that’s #16 of 32 is the Veci BiFold. It’s a full wallet that stores 8+ cards, cash, and receipts. The hidden gem is the two-card MagSafe wallet built into the Veci BiFold. If you only need a credit card and ID, you can just take the MagSafe wallet, but if you need all your cards, you can still bring your credit card and ID without swapping wallets.

Veci BiFold was one of our go-to wallets over the summer when we needed to have all my cards with us, but we didn’t want the hassle of carrying all those cards when we were out hiking or making a trip to the store.

The second high capacity wallet is the Fantom M wallet. Fantom M wallet almost made it to the Top 10 at #12. It can store a max of 7 cards but unlike other high capacity wallets, you access them by fanning out the cards. The overall build quality is amazing but it doesn’t come with any of the extras like grips and stands and is very expensive.

Top 10 MagSafe Wallets For The iPhone 15

#10 Peak Design MagSafe Wallet

Ever wanted a backpack for your iPhone? Then, you need to get the Peak Design MagSafe Wallet. It boasts a fabric finish but isn’t shy about showing its battle scars. In this instance, scars aren’t sexy.

This MagSafe wallet can fit 6+ with ease, and the hinged design is brilliant for varying viewing angles in both landscape and portrait mode. 

But that price tag is hefty, and the magnetic connection could use a gym session.

#9 Moft Wallet and Stand

Love ’em or hate ’em, but Moft’s Wallet Stand still makes the Top 10. Moft does make some handy products, like the battery pack stand combo. Moft’s wallet stand is still convenient with its stand mode and its 2-3 card capacity. Being able to slip your MagSafe charger between your phone and wallet is a neat extra as well.

We still don’t like how weak the magnetic connection is with the wallet, even with Moft’s own case, and the viewing angles are fixed, so an iPhone in standby mode might suffer from reflections.

The price point is nice though, as the average MagSafe wallet costs around $45 bucks.

#8 Casetify Snappy Leather Wallet

Apple’s phasing out leather in their iPhone accessories, and now everyone is going to want a leather Magsafe wallet. Thankfully, the Casetify Snappy Leather wallet mimics Apple’s classic design. Casetify actually even one-ups the Apple wallet by being cheaper and having better magnets. The wallets have a rubberized backing, which adds to the connection strength between the wallet and the device. 

This wallet can only carry two cards, and because it’s Casetify, you’ll have a lot of options to make it your own.

#7 Casetify Snappy Card Holder

Casetify isn’t kidding when they use the word Snappy. The click of the magnets when this wallet is set up is very satisfying. Casetify Snappy Card Holder offers easy card access and doubles as a stand for both portrait and landscape modes. It’s going to be the perfect companion for your solo lunches in the food court. An added bonus is that the stand can function as a grip in a pinch. 

Our biggest complaint about the Casetify Snappy Card Holder is the glossy finish on the product. After a couple of months of usage, the amount of wear and tear is just alarming.

#6 MagBak Wallet

The MagBak wallet was one of our go-to wallets for the longest time, but other companies in the last year have come up with products that knock the MagBak wallet down a few ranks.

The MagBak wallet is still one of the highest-capacity wallets we’ve used. The separator in the wallet, the quick access slot, and the integrated grip make this a very practical MagSafe wallet. This shines the most when paired with a MagBak case, as you can also use the wallet as a stand.

#5 Sinjimoru MagSafe Wallet

The Sinjimoru MagSafe wallet is a hidden gem from the product dumpster fire known as forest.

For its price, it’s a serious contender, boasting impressive card capacity and magnet strength. But card access can be a tad tricky. Storing cards require you to tuck them into this really stretchy pouch, and to secure them requires you to tuck the flap into the pouch. This wallet also includes a stretchy built-in grip that can be used as a stand. We’re on the fence about the stretchiness of the grip but it is super comfortable.

#4 ESR Halolock Wallet Stand

The ESR Halolock Wallet Stand wallet has been one of our go-to accessories. We cycle through many accessories, and the ESR Halolock Wallet Stand has always been within reach of us. 

The wallet is set up like a classic wallet with a driver’s license pouch. The slots on the inside are accessed along the long edge. The wallet also comes with a hinge, which means you can set your iPhone at any angle, whether it be really shallow when cooking or steeper when you’re at a desk on Facetime.

Our only gripe is that the front pocket does stretch, so we always had to keep two cards in the front pocket.

#3 Pelican Protector Magnetic Wallet

Do you want a vault for your cards? The Pelican Protector has got you covered. It’s rugged, ensuring everything stays in place. It’s basically a box that attaches to your iPhone.

The Pelican Protector has room for 3 cards in the slot, four if you really want to, and a space for cash. We do appreciate the cash slot as we tend to carry more of it to get away from all the vendors asking for tips.

Everything is kept securely together by a snap so you’re definitely not going to loose a card with this wallet. This is the most secure MagSafe wallet in this list.

The biggest downside for this product is that it will rattle if you’re using only 1-2 cards.

#2 PopWallet+

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. PopSockets was one of the first to come out with MagSafe wallets and their PopWallet+ is still one of the best. It’s the best between having a super comfortable phone grip and being able to carry 2-3 cards. We’ve talked about this product a lot over the last three years, and again, it’s a testament to the brilliant design of the PopSocket.

The only thing that is missing? A hinged version of the PopWallet or Pop Grip because that’s one of the main reasons it’s not #1.

#1 ESR Geo Wallet Stand

ESR has been surprising me for the last couple of years. Their battery packs are excellent and their wallet lineup is spectacular. The ESR Halolock Geo Wallet Stand is the perfect MagSafe wallet for several reasons.

On top of being able to carry 3 cards, four if you like it tight. The ESR Geo Wallet is hinged, which allows for unlimited viewing angles in both portrait and landscape. There’s a built phone grip that’s relatively comfortable depending on the size of your iPhone, and the the case comes with FindMy baked into it.

Seriously, this product can’t be beat. It does cost 25% more than the average MagSafe wallet but you are greatly improving the relationship you have with your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MagSafe wallet?

A MagSafe wallet is a modern wallet accessory crafted for Apple’s MagSafe ecosystem. They will be compatible natively with iPhone 12s or later.

In general, MagSafe wallets are slim, magnetic wallets designed specifically to attach to the MagSafe array on the back of an iPhone. These wallets are designed for users to carry essential cards like credit cards, IDs, or transit passes directly with their phone, streamlining their everyday carry. 

Is the MagSafe wallet safe for credit cards and other cards with magnetic strips?

In general, we wouldn’t worry about it. During our testing period, our test card deck contained three chip/RFID cards and over the last year, none of them have failed. We can’t really speak on the magnetic strip on the card as it’s barely used anymore. If you’re unsure, please check with the manufacturer to see what they know about this issue.

How many cards can the MagSafe wallet hold?

The average capacity for a MagSafe wallet is 2-3 cards. We’ve seen ones that only hold one card while others can hold 6+. In general, the fewer cards it can hold, the slimmer it is going to be but there are wallets like the MagBak wallet that have a high capacity while maintaining a sleek profile. Another thing to keep in mind is the type of card. If you have several cards with embossed lettering, you will not be able to store as many of them in each MagSafe wallet.

Is the magnetic connection strong enough to hold the wallet securely?

The general answer is yes. However, we’ve seen a large range of magnetic connection strength in our testing. There are products like Apple’s FineWoven MagSafe Wallet that falls off incredibly easily on a bare iPhone and other products like the ESR wallets that have an extra strong connection (because there’s a phone grip attached to it). The type of wallet also comes into play as products like Apple’s FineWoven Case and Wallet will stick to each other (because of the finish).

Can I charge my iPhone with the wallet attached?

The only way to charge your iPhone with the MagSafe wallet attached is through the lightning or USB-C port. There are products like the Moft Wallet and Stand that allow you to sandwich the charger between the iPhone and wallet, but those products are few and far between.

So this is our Top 10 MagSafe Wallets For The iPhone 15!  Have any questions? Leave them below! Definitely SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to stay on top of all the new things we are reviewing!

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Top 10 MagSafe Wallets For The iPhone 15
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Top 10 MagSafe Wallets For The iPhone 15
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