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Top 10 Tough iPhone 7 cases

What are the Top 10 Tough iPhone 7 cases? Here’s our thoughts!

So what are going to be the 10 best tough cases for the iPhone 7? Will the list for the iPhone 7 be any different from the iPhone 6? We guessed that it wouldn’t be and as you saw in our video above, the iPhone 6s fits the iPhone 7 case quite well. This is expected since the phyiscal dimensions of the iPhone 7 are identical to the iPhone 6s. This means our Top 10 Tough iPhone 6s case list is pretty revelant for now.

iPHone 7 Dimensions

Despite our lacklustre enthusiasm for tough cases, we are excited for the iPhone 7 so once the iPhone 7 drops, check back to this page as we’re going to be updating this list with incredibly frequency.

We do believe the iPhone 7 is going to be the toughest iPhone to date which means it will probably be able to take a beating so having a tough case might not be warranted. For example, between the iPhone 6 and 6s, Apple added a gasket on the inside of the iPhone which greatly improved the water resistance of the unit. This means that accidental drops in water won’t be as damaging as before which means you won’t need a waterproof case.

In fact, some of the cases we’ve seen for the iPhone 6s, will rival some of these “tough” cases. Products such as the Playproof, which can be dropped from 11ft is theoretically tougher than your Survivor All-Terrain and Defenders but we’ll see.

The Griffin Summit is our current favourite for the iPhone 6(s+) but it barely gets a 4.0 Eh’s out of 5 in our scoring system. THe majority of tough iPhone cases are incredibly bulky, reduces the functionality of the iPhone but are the only class of cases that usually comes with a belt clip.

Again, bookmark this page and check back once the iPhone 7 is released!


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  1. katherine joo

    October 20, 2016 at 1:24 am

    Great list. I am fall in love with the Pad & Quill Woodline iPhone 7 Plus Case. Love the wood design and It make me stand out.
    And the case from moshi are really wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    I also recommend this shockproof case which can do full protection for your iPhone: https://goo.gl/dm7qJU

  2. A. Rubio

    February 14, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Morning from Spain Aaron, I have an special plan with my telephone provider Company, if I give back my iPhone 7 in perfect conditions without scratches, I will have the opportunity to change it for a new iPhone at a very special Price.
    For my iPhone 6 I was using the lunatik taktik 360 thinking that it was the best protective case, but after watching your reviews I was really shocked with some tests.
    The thing is that I need to protect my iPhone 7 and I would like to know which case you will use in my situation.
    I thought at the beginning at the dog & bone wetsuit impact, but I don’t want to lose sound quality because I already have some problems with the taktik 360, then I saw the Nuguard KX and then I found the Griffin survivor extreme and now I am a mess. I would appreciate your help and obviously if possible I will buy your recommendation through your link.
    Many thanks in advance Adriano, from Spain.
    P.D.: Monty please, take care of Aaron we need this kind of reviews for a long time.

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