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Top 3 Things in iOS 10’s Control Center

What do we think are the top 3 things in iOS 10’s control center



Light doesn’t hurt, Aaron’s bad at math and a shortcut to waste more time?

Think you know your iOS 10 Control Center?

What’s wrong with this control center?

Here are the three features that we use the most at Mobile Reviews Eh! when it comes to iOS 10’s Control Center. One of the things we realised over the years is that every new iOS update comes with new features that we don’t fully utilise so hopefully some of you will learn something new today.

Now, if you think you’ve learned all you can about iOS 10’s Control Center, here’s a test. Can you list out the five buttons at the bottom of the control panel? Trick question as the Control Center in iOS 10 only has four buttons!

Or what’s the button, second from the left on the Control Center? Did you get it? It’s a shortcut to the timer which is probably the least useful button in our opinion.

After we go the Top 3 things in iOS 10’s Control Center, we’ll talk about one feature that we’re still trying to get in the habit of using.

1. Accessing HomeKit

HomeKit Enabled iOS 10 Control CenterThe Quick Access menu to your HomeKit accessories. This option might not apply to everybody, but we’re sure that all our homes are going to be inundated with unprotected smart utilities over the next few years. We’re guessing that Apple is betting on that same thought.

We’ve got one HomeKit enabled accessory right now, and its final resting place has been the outlet where our product closeups are shot. Our setup using older CFL’s so they take a bit of time to warm up so being able to start the lamps wherever we are improving our review process slightly.

Shortly, we’re planning on replacing the light switches in the dungeon so that everything is controlled via our iPhones. We’re not sure what purpose it will serve, but we’ll find out. Stay tuned!

2. Calculator & Flashlight

why-would-i-use-this-in-the-ios-control-centerThe flashlight is one of our most used shortcuts. It’s surprising how useful a bit of light can be in everyday life. Why do we like it so much? We don’t like stepping in Monty’s poops early in the morning so being able to step over his little minefield of turds is useful.

The second button in this row of shortcuts is the calculator feature. Before starting Mobile Reviews Eh!, Aaron was a math genius, but as his minds stray further away from doing engineering and more into videos and reviews, his math skills have suffered. He currently is unable to add up all the simple weights he lifts at the gym, so the calculator has been one of his new best friends.

Both of these features have 3D touch-enabled features. Pressing harder onto the icons brings up a secondary menu that contains different functions that aren’t terribly useful in our opinion. Being able to control the intensity of the flashlight seems like a novel idea but ultimately useless and Aaron still hasn’t figured out when to copy the last value in the calculator.

The timer is the only functionality in the iOS Control Center that we don’t use. We find it much easier to use Siri for the timer. Mostly because that’s all Siri is useful for.

3. Media Center

Media Center in iOS 10 Control CenterWe use this feature the most on our iPads. The only time we touch the media controls on the iPhone occur when we have to take a picture of somebody doing something stupid at the gym as the camera app stops all media on the iPhone.

For us, being able to quickly access the last video or song playing on a device saves us from logging onto the iPhone and finding the corresponding app. This feature works with Netflix, YouTube as well as other embeddable media in other apps such as Flipboard.

So those are the three things we use the most. What do you guys use the most in the control center? We’re curious.

Our current project

3D Touch Camera ControlsNow the one thing in iOS 10 that we’re trying to re-learn is using all the 3D Touch features on the camera shortcut in iOS 10’s control center. We love the right swipe for the camera on the lock screen, but when we’re using the iPhone unlocked, we still fumble around for the camera app. With the 3D touch, we can easily select the right camera mode quickly which saves us a couple of seconds every time we have to use the camera app.



iPhone  7 cases shown in the videoiOS 10 Control Panel Swiping

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