Unbox & Installation of the Dog and Bone Wetsuit iPhone Case

Could a dog do the installation of the Dog and Bone Wetsuit iPhone Case? Sadly, no.

We’ve been doing case reviews for a while now and this is the first time we’ve come across Dog and Bone cases. The company is really just awesome but what’s with case companies naming them after animals (i.e Otterbox?)

The Wetsuit case is a waterproof iPhone case that will protect your device up to 6.6ft of water and drops from 6.6 ft as well. It TouchID compliant and the most unusual feature of this case is that there is no screen protector but it still is waterproof. In addition, the case is dirt/sand proof and snow proof as well.

Now there is only one other case that does this and that’s the LifeProof Nuud so it will be interesting to see how the Nuud and Wetsuit compare against each other. We’ve done a review for the LIfeProof Nuud for the iPhone 5S which can be found here:

Now Dog and Bone takes pride in their screen protector-less design by focusing on how we use our iPhones and all the potential problems that we encounter with screen protectors. Issues like lumpy ‘ripple effect’ on the film, having to re-type letter in the text because the fingers weren’t registering properly and the general decreased sensitivity of the touchscreen on your iPhone.

One of the more interesting things on their website is the inclusion of a couple of statistics involving why people should get waterproof iPhone cases as 47% of people have dropped their phones in the toilet bowl which seems pretty high but given that smartphones are probably our best friend while we evacuate our bladders and bowels, it makes sense a little.

Installation of the Dog and Bone Wetsuit iPhone case wasn’t as straightforward as we liked it to be. The case does require the use of a coin to pop the front and back housings apart. After the initial pop, you then take the coin and run it the length of the perimeter of the case. It gets easier after a few installs but its a little different when compared to all the other cases we’ve reviewed.

Inside the housing of the Wetsuit, there’s a rubber inset called the “Boot” it covers the entire iPhone and basically provides the case with the waterproof seal. Installing your iPhone into the Boot is fairly simple but it will look a little funny after you install it as you will overstretch the rubber. Don’t worry, it quickly shrinks back down to its normal shape.

Putting the case together is pretty straight forward as everything just snaps together. Our initial impressions of the case is that it feels fairly tough. We think it will provide better protection than the LifeProof Nuud though it is thicker by about 1/8 of an inch. During the installation of the Dog and Bone Wetsuit iPhone case we discovered that they have included a screen protector which we did not install.

Stay tuned as we’re going to be doing a full range of videos and tests on the wetsuit!

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