iPhone 5(s) and SE

Unboxing the Catalyst Waterproof iPhone Case

While unboxing the Catalyst, we discovered a a Functional, super slim, stylish waterproof iPhone case!

The Catalyst is a waterproof and rugged iPhone case that will protect your phone from drops up to 6.6 ft and is waterproof up to an astonishing 16.4 ft. The Catalyst case is cheaper than other cases at 65 USD but it doesn’t include a headphone jack extension or a wrist strap. You can purchase those separately on Catalyst’s website.

Unboxing the Catalyst was fairly simple, the case is quite easy to install as you only need to snap two pieces together. Like it’s predecessor, the Griffin Survivor+Catalyst, you need to ensure that the mute know is turned at a certain angle or else the case won’t be installed properly.

From our initial impressions, this case is really suited to the active person but somebody looking for everyday protection who wears skinny jeans will also appreciate this case as there isn’t much rubber on the case.

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