UNU Aero Wireless Battery Case Review – iPhone 5/5S


A simple and effective way to charge your iPhone 5/5S without wires

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In our UNU Aero Wireless Battery Case review, we give the case a score of 4 Eh’s out of 5. Now we didn’t come across this number randomly, we rated the unu aero wireless case against other battery cases that we’ve reviewed which include the mophie juice pack and the iBattz mojo aqua refuel. And that’s what makes are reviews awesome.

The battery on the UNU Aero Wireless Battery Case will provide you lots of extra hours to play video, web browse, chat and play games. The best part of this case is the wireless charging portion, followed by the texture of the case. I thought I wasn’t going to like it but the shiny gloss shell has really grown on me. The things that we dinged the case on are the build quality and subsequently, the protection of the case. This case was kindly shipped to us by Unu so props to them and a hat tip goes out to eljuopoteve for suggesting this case.

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In terms of weight/bulk it will add 50% more weight and extend your iPhone by approx. 1/2 inch. Out of the battery cases that we’ve reviewed, this case has the smallest form factor yet provides approx. 100% more battery power.

Installation of the case is pretty simple but we did note that while unboxing the case, the battery portion of the case wasn’t actually snapped together. In terms of build quality, in addition to the non-snapped back, our case doesn’t fully snap in one corner and for me, makes the whole case feel flimsy. It really diminishes the build quality in my opinion. Especially for a 100 dollar case.

On the plus side, the wireless charging part and the battery pack feel solid. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Protection – It might break if you drop it”]Now the slightly flimsy case does diminish how protective the case is. I’m not entirely convinced that the case would stay together in an accidental drop and in the case that the bumper comes off, there isn’t anything hold the iPhone to the battery pack other than the lightning connector which may snap.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Functionality – We haven’t come across anything like it”]In terms of functionality, you can easily access all the features of your iPhone. There isn’t anything that diminishes the use of your iPhone in this case. Sound won’t be diminished as there are no meshes cover any of the speakers, all the buttons can accessed through the case though I will mention that I wish they had cutouts for the buttons rather than these plastic covers which look a little cheap.

Using stock apple headphones isn’t a problem as you can wedge them into the hole for the headphones but people with headphones that have larger jacks will need to use the headphone jack extension. Charging and syncing your phone is done through a micro-usb port rather than a lightning port.

Since there is no screen protector, there’s nothing different between an iphone with this case and a naked iphone. The edges are small enough that you can use a 3rd part screen protector as well as easily access the screen of the iPhone.

Now, how the functionality of the battery pack and the charge pad. In short? it’s awesome. It’s not wireless in terms of inductive charging but this setup will free you from charging your iPhone without wires. Confused? Let me explain.

There are these 2 silver dots on the back of the case and they actually contact the metal plates on the charge pad. That’s how the case charges your iPhone. Now if you look closely at the case, you’ll notice that the silver dots sit recessed in the case. There’s a neat little mechanism that pulls that out which we’ve covered in the features video for this case as well as the charge times of the case. Again, link to the video is in the annotations at the end of the video as in the description section.[/toggle]

The Unu Aero Wireless Charging Battery Case, though lacking in a bit of build quality offers something unique with the wireless charging. We gave this case a score of 4 eh’s out of 5 and my question to you guys is, would you get this case? Does this case seem like too much of a novelty or do you think the wireless charging capability is worth $100 bucks? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

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