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Uolo Guardian Review – iPhone 6


Find out why we think these are the happiest iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed to date

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Today we’re going to be reviewing the Uolo Guardians for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 5. We’ll be honest with you, these are some of the happiest iPhone cases that we’ve seen.

They Uolo Guardian is a slightly larger than average iPhone case but are two design features in our opinion that make it stand out, specifically, the curved back and the color selection that this case has. If bright colors is important to you and you’re mildly clumsy, you should definitely check out these iPhone cases.

For this Uolo Guardian Review, we’ve given this iPhone case a of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. We’ll be honest with you, there isn’t an iPhone case that is similar to the Uolo Guardian so its hard to compare it against other cases. We’ll explain in a bit.

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Design – A curved back makes all the difference?

In terms of design, the Uolo guardian is a bigger case though the extra bulk doesn’t correspond to it being extremely heavy. The edge of the case is made from a fairly soft TPU and the back of the iPhone is covered in a hard polycarbonate shell that has a slight curve. The slight curve is a defining feature of the Uolo Guardian which, from a case usage perspective is a good and bad thing.

The case fits well together though installing your iPhone is a tad more difficult as the edge of case seems to get caught on the iPhone. We’re pretty impressed with the build quality of the case but it will show wear and tear quicker than other cases because of the glossy back.

Protection – A screen protector that might damage your screen?

In terms of protection, the Uolo Guardian isn’t drop rated though it will offer better protection than most other cases as it has multiple layers, has decent edges in terms of screen clearance and includes an installation screen protector.

We do have to note that the screen protector is quite thin and will provide scratch protection against coins and maybe keys.


Functionality – It’s bulky but handles better than thinner cases

In terms of functionality, you can easily access all the buttons on your iPhone through the case though we do have to mention that the cutouts for the lightning port on the iPhone 6 case are almost too small to use with third party cables. We say almost because the cutouts are pretty flexible so you can make the cable fit with a bit of force.

The Uolo guardian doesn’t get in the way of the sound, camera and flash and doesn’t stop any sort of the cell signals required to fuel your Clash of Clans addiction.

Now to elaborate on the curve on the back of the case being a good and bad thing, putting the case on its back will result in a higher chance of the case sliding off a flat surface because of its glossy finish so keeping it screen down is the better way of keeping your iPhone on a flat surface. With that being said, the curved back improves the handling of your iPhone as the bump on the back makes it easier to hold onto. The TPU edges also improves the handling of the case when compared to others.


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