Weird iPhone cases – Heaviest? Super Saiyans? Stealth Camera?

In today’s iPhone accessories round up, we cover the worlds heaviest iPhone case, a case that’s really sensitive to feelings and another case that will let you take those “special” photos. I’m always very surprised at the different types of cases out there and I’m really glad that I’m alive during this time period because I think there’s a good chance that people that come up with crazy stuff (myself included) would most likely be burned at the stake.

If you guys really want to know more, here are the links to the three iPhone cases that we talk about in this month’s episode:

ToneFone – The worlds heaviest iPhone case. Dedicated to all those people who like fad workouts, fad diets or are just lazy and think that this case will help them in some fictional manner.

COVR Photo – Cool concept, a successful Kickstarter product so it will be interesting to see how it works out. Though I personally wouldn’t be using the case as described by COVR.

The Feeling Skin – It’s a battery case for your iPhone. Now the concept is great, a smart battery case that charges your iPhone when you need it to, it will tell you precisely how much power is left and it will allow you to sync your iPhone with the case installed on it. However, the social object’s portion is what we’re focusing on since its very sensitive to feelings.

Which one do you think we should review? Let us know!

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