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Works with most cases! Thanotech E2E Glass Review – iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

The E2E Glass is a smooth, fingerprint resistant screen protector that works well with most iPhone cases

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Thanotech E2E Glass Review – A hassle-free edge-to-edge screen protector

Need an edge-to-edge screen protector that will fit almost any case? You need to check out Thanotech’s E2E Glass. Because out of the 80+ slim cases we’ve reviewed, there’s only a handful that don’t work with the E2E Glass. It is the unique design of the E2E glass that allows it to work with so many different cases.

For our Thanoteh E2E Glass review, we’ve given this glass screen protector a score of 4.2 Eh’s out of 5. It scores a tad lower than the Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra but is still better than the average tempered glass screen protector. If you’re wondering if you should get a plastic or glass screen protector, check out this post. If you need more info, check out our Top 10 guides for the iPhone 7.
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Get the Thanotech E2E Glass Now!

Design – Not 100% edge-to-edge…

For design, the installation of the E2E Glass is quite straightforward. Thanotech provides all the necessary tools to get a dust and bubble free installation. In terms of re-usability, the E2E glass is going to be tough to remove and re-apply after a small chip in the screen protector.

Tapered edges improve case fit - Thanotech E2E Glass iPhone 7 ReviewFor the fit, the E2E Glass extends past the touchable area but doesn’t cover 100% the glass front of the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. This is different when compared to other edge to edge screen protectors like the ones from Evolutive Labs and WinnerGear. If you look closely enough, you’ll actually see the screen protector is tapered up from the iPhone screen. This design feature allows the E2E glass to fit more cases than other edge to edge screen protectors. We will add that the E2E Glass is a great fit for Thanotech’s K11 Bumper.

Will crack easier than others - Thanotech E2E Glass iPhone 7 ReviewThe downside is that any slight, focused pressure along the edges will result in the screen protector chipping. That is what happened with my iPhone 7 plus’s screen protector but this damage only occured when Aaron was using the Veil XT from Caudabe. The lack of edges on the case meant the edge of the screen protector was constantly exposed. Ever since that break, Aaron has been using it in normal cases like the X-Doria Defense Lux, the Mophie Hold Force, the K11 Bumper and Rhinoshield Playproof and no additional damage has occurred while the iPhone was in those products.

Edges collect dust - Thanotech E2E Glass iPhone 7 ReviewAlso, if dust bothers you, the tapered design will trap it between the iPhone and screen protector so it won’t look as clean as other screen protectors. This only happens with the white screen protector.

Cases we couldn’t get to work with the Thanotech E2E Glass:
– Gear4 Mayfair
– Silk Innovation Silk Armor
– Patchworks Level


Protection – Protects against Monty nails

Fairly tough - Thanotech E2E Glass iPhone 7 ReviewWhen it comes to protection, the E2E glass has a 9H hardness rating which means it should protect against keys, coins, knives, Monty’s nails from scratches. Scratches do show up over time which is something we can’t explain.

For impact, this tempered glass screen protector isn’t going to be as tough as a similarly thick plastic screen protector. If you need more details, again, check out the Plastic vs. Glass screen protector post.


Functionality – Keeps the fingerprints at bay!

We had no issues when it comes to the functionality of the iPhone under the screen protector. The edge to edge nature of the screen protector results in perfect sensitivity along the edges, the clarity of the screen is maintained and we didn’t have any issues with glare.

We will note that the oleophobic coating on the screen protector is still noticeable as fingerprinting isn’t an issue two months after install. We believe Thanotech statically applies their coating rather than spraying which means it will last longer than other brands but like all coatings, wears off after a while.


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