Zagg InvisibleShield HDX Review – iPhone 6/6 Plus


An average plastic screen protector that doesn’t hold up too well against day-to-day usage

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Today we’re going to review the invisible shield HDX. This is a plastic screen protector for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and it claims to have 3x times the shatter protection and can repair itself. Does it live up to Zagg’s claims? Mostly.

The biggest thing that we like is the warranty on the product but its not free as you still need to pay a minimal amount to get the replacement. Other than that, we’re not too fond of the HDX’s scratch protection and the viewability of the iPhone through the screen protector despite being marketed with “HD Clarity”.

Based on our time with this screen protector, we gave it a score of 3.6 Eh’s out of 5.

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Design – One of the easiest screen protectors to install

Zagg InvisibleShield HDX Review - We don't think it provides HD clarityIn terms of design. installing your HDX is going to be pretty simple. The instructions for the installation are quite clear and the double tabbed installation sticker works fairly well but despite that, we couldn’t get screen protector on perfectly and as a result parts of our iPhone’s touchscreen wasn’t fully covered/protected.

In terms of build quality, one of the neat features is that the screen protector can repair itself. From our experience, the HDX will repair itself from light scratching but deeper scratches with a knife or some of the sandpaper scratches will be permanent. With that being said, we went out of our way to see how well the self healing HDX worked. Any normal usage from keys and whatever else you have in your pockets should be ok.

Protection – Will definitely protect your iPhone’s touchscreen

Zagg InvisibleShield HDX Review - How tough is it?The HDX will protect your iPhone’s touchscreen quite well. The claim that it is 3x shatterproof and we’re not able to confirm that but we do know that it will definitely provide more protection than your naked iPhone touchscreen. In our drop test setup, we know that the iPhone 6 Plus’s touchscreen will break with a 200g ball bearing from 18 inches. The HDX protected the iPhone’s touchscreen from a height of 24 inches but broke at 36 inches. We took the screen protector to its limit on our drop video in Facebook.

Functionality – Its not as clear as Zagg makes it out to be

Zagg InvisibleShield HDX Review - Scratch ProtectionWe’re not too fond of the viewability of the iPhone through the screen protector. Glare isn’t really an issue but it does diffuse the iPhone’s touchscreen a bit and the clarity is reduced, especially after it goes through a couple of healing cycles. After you scratch it, the surface heals up but this mark shows up at the bottom of the protector which may be annoying for some.

In terms of your iPhone’s touchscreen sensitivity, the screen protector itself is thin so you’ll be able to get to everything on your iPhone without any hassle.

Now the last thing is the warranty on the HDX which by itself is one of the best reasons to get this case. If you get an Invisishield and something happens to it, they’ll replace it for as long as you own the device. All you have to do is make sure after you receive your replacement product that you send the old one back or else they charge you.

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  1. Gary Coleman

    December 29, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    Could you review the new InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense screen protector?

  2. David Zion

    February 27, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    You seem to highly recommend the Clear-Coat Fusion over the HDX and for obvious reasons (Clarity, Self-Healing, Scratch Protection).

    None of those are important to me.

    In the video you said this protector worked to protect the phone from a 200g ball at 36″ (you say 30″ in the written review).

    I use the Mojo Invictus 6000 Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus which is great for battery but offers no front protection (even the iLoome curved edgest will likely fit).

    After dropping my phone with the included tempered glass screen protector on asphalt and having it shatter competely from 3 sharp points I am specifically interested in making my phone as impact proof as possible.

    Although you gave the iLoome the best rating you gave it a 3/5 for impact protection. The other cases you’ve reviewed either state they offer the same impact protection as a naked iphone (iLoome “18”, Patchwork ITG only for blunt impact, Sir Lancelot Holy Grail “above average”).

    Does this mean the HDX is by far the best for impact protection? What I care most about is preventing an expensive break.

    Thank you,

    • Aaron Ho

      March 4, 2017 at 12:53 am

      For impact, I would go with the Rhinoshield Impact Shield. The HDX would be a decent choice as well. Basically any plastic screen protector is going to offer more impact protection than glass screen protectors.

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