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ZeroLemon Protector Review – iPhone 6


Is a $20 dollar case worth it? Find out in our ZeroLemon Protector Review!

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Zero’s and lemons? Today we’re going to do the review for the ZeroLemon Protector. This is a tough case that’s 20 bucks and we personally like it better than the Otterbox Defender. With that being said getting to your iPhone’s hardware ports is mind-numblingly frustrating and the screen protector is a little lacking.

Now, we’re big fans of the company’s name, ZeroLemons and interestingly enough, the Protector isn’t a lemon. The only way we’d recommend this case is that if you only had 20 bucks to spend and you wanted something relatively tough to protect your iPhone. With that being said, we’d question your decision making paradigm in only deciding to spend only $20 to protect your $800+ dollar device but if $20’s all you got, we’d get the Protector.

Based on our time with the case, the ZeroLemon protector gets a score of 3.6 Eh’s out of 5. It does better than the Otterbox Defender, is on the same level as the Case-Mate Tough Extreme but doesn’t do as well as the Ballistic Hardcore and Amzer Crusta. If you want all the details, check out our review blog that has an easy to read review table. If you’re wondering how this case fares against other cases, check out our comparison tool!
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Design – Plastic wrapped in Silicone. Pretty typical.

ZeroLemon Protector Review - 3 Piece tough iPhone caseIn terms of weight/bulk, despite what ZeroLemon says on their website, the Protector isn’t slimmer than other tough cases. In fact, it’s kinda the same size as most cases. Installation isn’t terribly difficult but taking the case apart is little annoying especially with the awful port covers. We do have to note that the inside of the case has laser etched ZeroLemon emblems.

For the build quality, the Protector might “squeaks” which means everything doesn’t fit well together which we’re not big fans of. During our testing period for this ZeroLemon Protector Review, our case didn’t show any significant wear and tear.


Protection – Not drop rated but it seems pretty tough

In terms of protection, the case isn’t drop rated but we feel pretty comfortable dropping it from texting height. The corners on the protector are a bit different than other cases and is based on “Double Corner” Technology. The angles on the corners do seem to make sense.

In terms of water and dust, this case isn’t really going to do much. There isn’t a seal on the case so dust is going to get between the case and iPhone over time but there isn’t much flex so you’re not going to need to worry about larger pieces of debris getting into the case.

Now, we’ve got a couple of issues with the screen protection of the Protector. It only fits the touchable area of the iPhone so you’ll need to install it with laser-like precision. Any slight error will result in your iPhone’s touchable area not being covered. Having the screen protector stop at the touchable area also means that more of your iPhone screen is exposed.


Functionality – Get to everything on your iPhone with ease

ZeroLemon Protector Review - The Kickstand on the Protector is quite uniqueIn terms of getting to your iPhone, it’s really tough to pull out the plastic port covers. Usually, when stuff is tough to pull out, we usually suggest not to cut your fingernails but despite that absurd recommendations, your finger nails won’t help at all with these flaps. We ended up having to dig my headphone jack into the mic hole to use our iPhones.

In terms of accessing your screen, you’re not going to have any issues doing so with the ZeroLemon Protecto even with the tiny screen protector installed. We will mention that ZeroLemon has done a neat thing with the belt holster and turning it into a kickstand. We personally don’t like kickstands on my cases, so having the opportunity to view our iPhones comfortably through the belt holster is a nice touch.


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