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Ghostek Exec 4 Wallet Case Review – New and Updated for the iPhone 11!

Ghostek Exec 4 is a wallet case that can remove the wallet portion on the back. This feature opens a lot of opportunities for other accessories like armbands or bike mounts. Ghostek Exec 4 also works with magnetic car mounts and Qi-charging.

But personally speaking, Ghostelk’s continuous efforts to improve their Exec lineup is what has drawn us into the Ghostek Exec 4. Continue reading our Ghostek Exec 4 Wallet Case Review if you want to know how Ghostek grew and changed Ghostek Exec 4!


3.9 Eh’s out of 5

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  • Unique latching system
  • Feels thin
  • Handles well
  • Magnetic car mount compatible


  • Won’t offer as much protection
  • Certain RFID cards won’t work with the wallet portion

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do tests and use the products in our everyday lives for days even weeks before doing an actual review. We’re generally a fan of Ghostek as their Ghostek SoDrop’s are pretty great for the price, and their Ghostek Atomic Slim 3 case is so good that it made it into our Top 10 iPhone 11 Cases (Pro and Pro Max Included!)

If you’re finding our Ghostek Exec 4 Wallet Case Review useful, please consider buying the products on the links scattered on this article.


The design of the Ghostek Exec 4 is unique. The first word that comes to mind when we first started using the case was “chunky”. There is nothing sleek about the Ghostek Exec 4, and we thought that would bother us, but after using it for a few days, we’ve grown to love it. The case itself is very thin, so the bulk of the wallet isn’t that noticeable.

The Ghostek Exec 4 fits the iPhone relatively well and is made from PC and TPU, though the TPU only covers the iPhone’s corners. The edges of the case are high enough to prevent the iPhone from sliding around face first, and the wallet attachment will stop your iPhone from sliding around on its back. Without the wallet attachment, the back of the case is fairly slick.

The Ghostek Exec 4 won’t show excessive usage, and the texture on the case is top-notch. The oversized corners on the case, as well as the bumps on the edge of the case, definitely helps with the handling of the Ghostek Exec 4 with larger iPhone’s like the 11 Pro Max. 


The Ghostek Exec 4 has military-grade drop protection, but Ghostek doesn’t really provide a specific height for drops, so as an estimate, we think it’s going to provide 4ft worth of drop protection. We personally wouldn’t drop a Ghostek Exec 4 any higher.

The edges of the case are tall enough to keep the screen of an iPhone off a flat surface, even with a standard glass screen protector. The Ghostek Exec 4 exposes your iPhone a bit more to dust as the locking mechanism for the wallet case exposes small gaps on the back of your iPhone. 


In terms of accessing iPhones on the Ghostek Exec 4, we didn’t have any issues. The buttons work fine, the camera and ports are unhindered and Qi-charging works as long as you remove the wallet attachment.

The wallet portion of the Ghostek Exec 4 holds up to 4 cards, but that’s a stretch. We were most comfortable with two cards in the case as it took the guesswork of trying to find the right card. 

Unlike other modular products we’ve used in the past from Switchlok and BUDU, Ghostek Exec 4’s mounting system doesn’t use magnets. This mounting system ensures that the mount to the case is rock solid, which is great, but it makes it a little harder to remove. 

There is a magnetic plate on the back of the fake leather, which offers the ability to use magnetic car mounts on the case but takes away your ability to use certain RFID cards or chip cards, so pick your battles.

When it comes to additional accessories, Ghostek is planning a holster, armband, wireless power bank, and a bike mount. We’re pretty excited to see how far we’ll be able to take the Ghostek Exec 4!

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Ghostek Exec 4 Wallet Case Review
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Ghostek Exec 4 Wallet Case Review
Ghostek redesigned the Exec series for the iPhone 11's. The Exec 4 is now a modular case with a removable wallet that works with Qi-charging and magnetic mounts. Ghostek's working on a plethora of other accessories so it's going to be exciting in the next few months to see them in action!
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