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The MOST useful case for the iPhone 7 Plus!

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Loopy Case Review – Never drop your iPhone EVER again

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We love the Loopy Case. But we will admit it will make your iPhone look odd because of the rubber band. If you value functionality of your iPhone over what your case looks it, you need to check out the Loopy Case.

In fact, it is the amazing functionality of our iPhone 7’s in the Loopy Case makes this the best iPhone case to date in our opinion. Especially, for larger iPhones.

Before you think this case isn’t for you, don’t leave just yet because because we’re sure there is somebody in your life who can benefit from this case.

For our Loopy Case Review, we’ve given this case a score of 4.3 Eh’s out of 5. Sure the case by itself, if dropped won’t offer the iPhone much protection but the moment your finger is in the loop, you may never go back to a normal case.

If you’re looking for alternatives, check out the PopSocket, the FlyGrip and these run of the mill rings. We’ve done a comparison between them in my “Best iPhone cases for Super Mario Run”.

Get the Loopy Case Now!

Want $5 dollars off? Use this code: MobileReviewsEh5

Design – Just so damn useful!

The design of the Loopy is simple. It’s a case with two holes with a rubber piece threaded through it. Despite this simplicity, Loopy has actually made improvements between the iPhone 6 version and the 7 version. The actual case has a bit more texture along the edges but its still hard to pick up the iPhone by the edges off a table.

But why would you pick up your iPhone from the edges when you have the Loop? If you have the iPhone face up, you’ll just end up sliding your hand under the device and into the loop.

The Loop has gotten an improvement as well as the band on the iPhone 6 would come out after a bit of usage so you have to pull the loop back into the case. Loopy has made the new loops a little tackier and rounded the edge of the band so it doesn’t dig into your finger.

We didn’t think you could make improvements to a rubber band but Loopy has.

There is enough texture on both sides of the case that it won’t slide around easily. The Loopy weighs a little less than the average case and is smaller. For the loop, it actually doesn’t get caught on much. The pliability of the loop allows it to fit into most places a naked iPhone would go into. Overall, it is much less noticeable than the PopSocket and Spigen Style Ring.

And as a bonus, well, for some people, you can use the Loop as a conversation starter at a bar. We’re not kidding. That’s what one of our office mates did.


Protection – #StopTheDrop!

It will never fall (unless you fall with it) - Loopy Case iPhone 7 ReviewFor protection, the case by itself, when not attached to any body part isn’t going to offer the iPhone much protection. The TPU shell is thick enough to protect against accidental drops but we wouldn’t go out of our way throwing an iPhone in it.

But none of this matters. Why? Because the Loopy isn’t going to let you drop your iPhone. Did you see the video?

And if you think about it, the less protective nature of the case by itself doesn’t matter since the iPhone’s not going to fall by itself if it is just sitting on a table.

There is a lip on the case that keeps the iPhone’s screen off a flat surface. And you’ll probably want to buy a screen protector just in case because your iPhone will probably stay face down more often than not.


Functionality – Our iPhone 7 Plus’s aren’t burdensome anymore!

When it comes to accessing your iPhone, we didn’t have any issues with the buttons or cutouts. The case is thin enough that it won’t interfere with your camera or flash either.

If we had to be picky, we probably wouldn’t get a Loopy for the regular iPhone 7. The device is small enough that Aaron feels comfortable not dropping it all the time. We can’t say the same for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Regardless, the Loopy case for both iPhone 7’s makes it way easier to shoot video replies on Instagram and Twitter. It makes taking product photos easier with the bigger iPhone 7. It also removes the death grip required to games on our iPhones for hours on end.

If you’ve watched our iPhone 6 Loopy review, you can easily drink two beers at once and still be able to use your iPhone quickly. Aaron’s sister has fallen in love with the Loopy. He gave her one after she fractured her arm after getting hit by an old lady on a scooter in Taiwan and she loves it. She even convinced her mother in law to get one. It is just that useful.

If you’re not too fond of the design, give the Loopy a chance because the extra functionality it provides is worth adding a rubber hump to your iPhone.


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  1. Michael

    February 14, 2017 at 4:29 am

    Loopy black is sold out! Must be good. AarontheHo, can I buy yours?

    • Aaron Ho

      February 16, 2017 at 3:12 am

      Probably not. I’m using it right now!

  2. Michael

    February 17, 2017 at 9:13 am

    They’re in stocked and mine just shipped! I used MobileReviewsEh5 instead of FBVID code (which would have saved me .85c more) to help support! Can’t wait for the arrival!

  3. Clark Fralick

    February 18, 2017 at 2:27 am

    I got my Loopy Case and absolutely love it. I was on the fence for this case for a long time but your review helped me take the plunge.

  4. Quality trader

    February 28, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    If you remove the loop, how big are the two holes?

    For those who want to drill additional holes and add another loop…

    • Aaron Ho

      March 4, 2017 at 12:54 am

      About an 1/8 of an inch.

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