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ProShot Review – Waterproof iPhone 6s cases

The BEST waterproof iPhone 6s(+) case for swimming/snorkelling/scuba diving


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ProShot Review – The best underwater camera case for your iPhone

ProShot Case Review - Waterproof cases review table 320pxThe ProShot case has been a lot of fun to use. After spending a couple of months with the case, we’ve decided that the next time any of us go for a water-based vacation, we’re going to be putting our iPhone’s in ProShot cases.

For our ProShot review, we’ve given this case a score of 3.9 Eh’s out of 5. It edges out the Optrix XD6 as well as the HitCase Pro, but the higher score doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best waterproof case. The best case will depend on what you’re doing with your iPhone. We’ll elaborate below.

The ProShot is one of the biggest cases we’ve used, and the iPhone isn’t very usable when you’re done being awesome. But it’s the only case that is waterproof to 100 ft which aren’t something any other case that we’ve reviewed can claim.

There are several unique design features with the most notable being the removable face plate which allows you to swap between a case that’s waterproof up to 6ft and one that’s waterproof up to 100ft. 

If you’re wondering how the ProShot stacks against the HitCase Pro and Optrix XD6, check out this post. For a full list of waterproof iPhone 6 cases, go to our comparison tool.

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Design – The ProShot is a tank for your iPhone

ProShot Case Review - Thickness - Waterproof iPhone 6s cases

The ProShot Case is a MASSIVE case

In terms of design, the ProShot comes has a back and two swappable fronts. One of the most unique features of this case is the ability to swap out faceplates depending on what you’re doing. You have a touchable faceplate for instances where the case might get wet but you still want to be able to use the iPhone (sort of).

The other is a rigid piece of polycarbonate that essentially entombs your iPhone in a transparent coffin. The only way to access the device would be through the volume button. With the rigid faceplate, you’re able to take your iPhone to depths of 100 ft.

From our perspective, go with the touchable faceplate if you’re planning to spend a day at the beach with the occasional dip into the lake, pool or ocean. If you’re doing anything where you’ll be submerged for extended periods of time, go with the hard faceplate. You will save yourself a lot of frustration when it comes to starting/stopping your iPhone while bobbing around in the water.

ProShot vs Hitcase Pro vs Optrxi XD6 - Waterproof iPhone 6s cases

Each case has it’s on strength. What is the ProShot Case good at?

Installing the iPhone in the case is relatively straightforward once you do it once. The iPhone sits on a piece of rubber inside of the case which moves around a bit so on-the -go installation of an iPhone might is a notch more difficult when compared to the Optrix XD6.

The iPhone feels incredibly solid in the ProShot. The aluminium latches have a nice click to them, and the transparency of the case helps with determining the physical status of your iPhone. If you’re wondering about compatibility with screen protections, for our lake footage, we had a Rhinoshield Impact Shield installed on the iPhone, and everything worked fine.

As a tip, if you do get this case, you’ll notice the touchable faceplate having a significant curve to it. Before snapping the case completely shut, push the air out of the case so that the sensitivity loss isn’t as significant.

The ProShot can be mounted to other 1/4 inch mounting accessories which means anything that you’ve gotten for your GoPro is going to work with the ProShot which is nice though it’s not as easy to use as the HitCase Pro when it comes to mounting your iPhone to awesome things.


Protection – How many of you will take it down to 100ft?

ProShot Case Review - Different Covers - Waterproof iPhone 6s cases

The modularity of the case is awesome

When it comes to protection, the ProShot is a tank of a case. This is the only case that we’ve come across that is waterproof up to 100ft which means that if you do something like scuba diving, this is the case for you. The Optrix XD6 and HitCase Pro do not even come close to the water protection that the ProShot offers.

During one of our water sessions, the ProShot was accidently knocked out of Aaron’s hand, resulting in the iPhone sinking to the bottom of the lake. From our guess, the depth was around 15 ft, and we only had the 6ft screen protector, and the iPhone was all right. If you do get the extendable pole, we’d recommend swapping out the wrist strap with something a little sturdier as that was the cause of the accident.

ProShot also sent us a chest harness as well which works better than your standard GoPro harness but isn’t as slick as the HitCase ChestR. We did note that certain parts were a little itchy.

The case isn’t officially drop-rated though ProShot claims to have dropped it from 20 ft. From our perspective, this iPhone case can take a beating.  We’ve dropped enough iPhones and seen enough cases to know that an iPhone sitting in a 1/4 polycarbonate shell is probably going to be okay if dropped from 2 m or 6.6 ft.


Functionality – Good luck trying to access your iPhone in the case.

ProShot Case Review - Touchscreen Sensitivity - Waterproof iPhone 6s cases

There’s a trick to improve the screen sensitivity

As we mentioned earlier, getting to your iPhone isn’t going to be easy. The only thing you can access easily on the device are the volume buttons. The sleep button is covered up; the mute switch is completely inaccessible which is the same as the ports. You can barely hear the iPhone in the case. Even with the touchscreen faceplate, you’re going to have a difficult time accessing the touchscreen.

But none of this matters because the ProShot is going to ensure that you capture the footage that you need when you’re out and about in the water. ProShot has developed their app to work with the case and it’s incredibly smart. Everything you need to do can be done though the volume buttons.

The bottom volume button allows you to scroll through the different video/photo settings while the top volume button allows you to stop/start your footage. This setup is great because using your iPhone while out in the ocean is incredibly frustrating as the touchscreen is unusable underwater. To use your iPhone, you need to tread water while holding the iPhone out of the water, trying to shake off all the water on the touchscreen in order for you to start/stop your video session.

ProShot Case Review - Lens Quality - Waterproof iPhone 6s cases.JPGThe last thing regarding functionality deals with the removable lenses on the ProShot. You can get three different lenses that screw into the case. The wide angle lenses have a fisheye effect to them which is evident when comparing it against the Ztylus Prime lenses.


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