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Speck Presidio GRIP Review – iPhone 7 cases (Video Review)

The Speck Presidio Grip is one of the best cases for the iPhone 7. But…


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Speck Presidio GRIP Review – Very impressed with this Speck iPhone 7 case

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As of right now, this Speck case is the highest rated case on our Top 10 list. If you’re looking for a wonderfully grippy case that offers better than average drop-protection, the Speck Presidio GRIP is for you! However, if you think the 10 ft drop protection marketing on the package is a selling point, we suggest you watch what happened to our iPhone in a 10 ft drop.

We’re big fans of companies who make improvements to their products. Speck took a favourite of ours for the iPhone 7, the Speck CandyShell Grip and changed the glossy back with a matte back which significantly reduces the wear/tear on the case.

The biggest selling point of the Presidio GRIP is the grip (really?). Specks case is one of the few that fit well in your hand without having it feel “sticky”. For example, the Tech 21 Evo Mesh/Chek is a case that is “grippy” but feels “sticky” at the same time.

For protection, the buttons are covered, but the speaker and Lightning port are exposed. Speck claims that the Presidio GRIP has 10 ft worth of drop protection but our drop test showed otherwise. This isn’t the first time we broke an iPhone in a Speck case; we broke our first iPhone 6 in the regular Speck CandyShell.

Accessing the iPhone in the case is an absolute joy. The grip on the case makes handling your iPhone with one hand is a breeze. The Presidio GRIP’s size is smaller than the average iPhone case which also helps with the handling.

Our only grip with the case is that we believe that Specks’s marketing over states the protection the Presidio GRIP provides for the iPhone. We’re not sure if we’d get this case because of all the PR drivel that Speck places on their sites and packaging. So its up to, do you ignore the PR drivel and get a great case? Or do you send a message to the company by forgoing their “fluffy” product and go with another highly rated case?

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