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Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 7 Review (includes Neo Hybrid Crystal and Hybrid Crystal)

The Neo Hybrid Carbon was a favourite for the iPhone 6. Will the Spigen Neo Hybrid’s for the iPhone 7?


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Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 7 Review – Go with the clear TPU sleeves.

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Out of these three cases, we prefer the transparent Neo Hybrid Crystal and Crystal Hybrid over the regular Spigen Neo Hybrid. Why? Because the clear TPU handles better than the black TPU. However, none of these cases make it onto our Top 10 Cases for the iPhone 7.

The iPhone sits in a TPU body that fits inside a Polycarbonate frame. The variations of the case with the word “Crystal” in it are clear whereas the normal versions are black. The bulk of these cases isn’t noticeable.

The Neo Hybrids fit well together, and the iPhone isn’t going anywhere in the cases when placed a flat surface. Fingerprinting is an issue when it comes to the clear cases as any grease and grime are going to show up on the case. The standard version of the Neo Hybrid doesn’t have this problem.

Our Neo Hybrid Carbon’s bumper tore (didn’t snap) during a 4ft drop on concrete. The Neo Hybrid Crystal that we dropped on a rougher surface suffered a bit of scuffing.

When it comes to the texture of the case, the regular Neo Hybrid feels slippery. The Neo Hybrid Carbon has a glossy finish which helps the bumper stick to your hand whereas the Neo Hybrid’s have a matte finish which is a little slicker. The slickness is offset a bit by the grippy TPU but it’s still worth mentioning.

For protection, the Neo Hybrids will protect your iPhone from any typical day accident. We wouldn’t go out of our way to drop it from 6ft (it could handle 4ft easily). The screen is kept off a flat surface, even with a thicker screen protector but the speaker grills aren’t covered like some of the Spigen Tough and Slim Armors.

For handling, getting to the iPhone is is simple as the cases don’t get in the way of any form of access. The Crystal Hybrid scored better because of the included kickstand which only works in landscape mode. One-handed usage, despite the slick matte bumpers on the clear versions of the case is decent.

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