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Top 10 Slim iPhone 7 Cases (updated Feb. 1, 2017)

Out of the 60+ of cases that we’ve reviewed, what are the top 10 slim iPhone 7 cases (and 7 Plus)?

*Feb. 1, 2017 – Updated list based on 22 cases reviewed since last update. Added Top 30 list, added Loopy Cases as #1 and Ghostek Cloak as #5
*Nov. 18, 2016 – Updated list. Lowered Incipio Reprieve Sport, added Thule Atmos X4
*Oct. 18, 2016 – Re-ranked list based on new cases from UAG, Ballistic, Evolutive Labs
*Oct. 12, 2016 – Ballistic Jewel’s score was lowered. It is now #4

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we base everything we do on actual usage which means our reviews and content take FOREVER to come out. But rest assured, when we publish something, you can be confident that you will know the best and worst parts of the product.

The list below has ten of the best slim cases that we’ve used for the iPhone 7 so far. Many others are highly rated but didn’t make the cut so check out the full list of cases that we’ve reviewed. Now this list will change quite a bit but if you’re looking to see in the future, check out the Top 10 lists for the iPhone 6 (we say this because of the similar dimensions between the two iPhone versions).

There are still several brands that we haven’t seen cases for that will most likely get added to this list once we get our hands on them. Notable names missing include Evolutive Labs and Thule.

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#1 – Loopy Case (Direct) *Find out below how our viewers can get $5 dollars off

#2 – Speck Presidio GRIP (Amazon)

#3 – UAG Monarch (Amazon)

#4 – Spigen Tough Armor (Amazon)

#5 – Ghostek Cloak (Amazon)

#6 – ThanoTech K11 Bumper (Amazon)

#7 – Silk Innovation Silk Armor (Amazon)

#8 – Thule Atmos X4 (Amazon)

#9 – Ballistic Jewel (All Versions) (Amazon)

#10 –  Speck Hybrid Armor (Amazon)


We evaluate all the cases, in the same manner, to ensure consistency and each product get used for at least a week before we sit down and create a review for the product.


#1 – Loopy Case

Loopy Case Review - iPhone 7 CasesNow our #1 pick for iPhone 7 cases might be a contentious because it doesn’t look like a normal case. Yes, we know, there is a rubber band sticking out the back of the case.

But hear us out, that loop makes a MASSIVE difference in the handling of the iPhone. Handling accounts for a large part in our scores and the Loopy case shines in that department.

The moment your finger is the loop, there is no chance that your iPhone is going to fall out of your hand. Unless you fall with it. The Loopy Case allows you to easily free up BOTH hands which is useful at the grocery store. You can view the grocery list in the Reminders App and quickly flip the iPhone over to push your cart!

The best part? Mobile Reviews Eh! readers get $5 dollars off their order. Get this awesome product HERE and don’t forget to use the code MobileReviewsEh5.

#2 – Speck Presidio GRIP

Speck Presidio GRIP - iPhone 7 CasesThe Speck Candyshell Grip for the iPhone 6 was one our favourite “grippy” cases. Our biggest complaint about the CandyShell Grip revolved around the glossy portions of the case being magnets for fingerprints and scratches. The new Presidio GRIP eliminates complaint as the back of the case is now matte which wears better over time. Find out more in our full review.

If that wasn’t enough, the Presidio GRIP is a thinner and has drop-protection of 10ft. Check out how well our iPhone 7 Plus fared in our 10 ft drop test!

But if you have butter fingers, no other case will offer better handling of your iPhone 7. Get it now on Amazon!

#3 – Urban Armor Gear Monarch

Urban Armor Gear Monarch - iPhone 7 casesThe Urban Armor Gear Monarch is probably the fanciest case on this list as  the case is made from leather, a bit of metal and the usual TPU and polycarbonate. Everything fits well together but we’re not fond of the headphone jack cutout (it fits both the iPhone 6’s and iPhone 7’s)

The texture on this case is top notch though we have to poke a bit of fun at Urban Armor Gear because the “5-Layered” protection includes the metal nubs on the case which won’t do much in terms of a drop.

The edges of the case are very “grippy”, so if you’re a putz with your iPhone, this will be a great case to prevent the iPhone from slipping out of your hand as well as protecting it when you drop the iPhone.

Get it now on Amazon!

#4 – Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor - iPhone 7 CasesThe moment the iPhone 7 was announced, Spigen sent a giant box of their iPhone 7 cases, and out of the dozens that we’ve used, the Spigen Tough Armor comes out on top. IF you get the right version. Find out more in our full review.

Why do we like the Tough Armor over other cases? The “boxier” edges make the iPhone a little easier to use, the speaker cutouts on the iPhone 7 are protected by grills and the versions with the soft rubber coating improves the overall texture of the case.

We dropped our Spigen Tough Armor from 5 ft, face first, on a sidewalk and the iPhone 7 was undamaged so we’re confident that this case will protect your shiny iDevice! Get it now on Amazon!

#5 – Ghostek Cloak

Ghostek Cloak Review - iPhone 7The Ghostek Cloak is a unique looking case. It is a two piece case where the iPhone sits in a TPU shell wrapped in polycarbonate bumper. We weren’t expecting the Cloak to score as high as it did. The biggest surprise for us is the addition of a tempered glass screen protector to the entire package.

The screen protector makes the Cloak one of the best deals on this page.

The Cloak is quite thin, only adding 2mm’s to the total thickness of the iPhone 7. The only gripe we had regarding the design of the case was the texture. The TPU Shell is decent but the polycarbonate bumper is a tad slick. It feels great but doesn’t handle as well as other cases on this list.

See what colors they have on Amazon!

#6 – ThanoTech K11 Bumper

ThanoTech K11 Bumper Review - iPhone 7The K11 Bumper for the iPhone 6 was a bumper that really surprised us. We were not expecting to see such a tough bumper come in such a tiny package.

For the iPhone 7, ThanoTech decided to improve the K11 Bumper and we have to say that it is better. The addition of rubber grips and a thicker bumper means that your iPhone is going to handle better and be better protected than before.

We dropped the K11 Bumper face first (no screen protector) from 6 ft with no ill effects. But did it survive on a 9 ft face first fall? Find out in our full review.

Get it now on Amazon!

#7 – Silk Innovation Silk Armor

Silk Innovation Silk Armor - iPhone 7 casesThe Silk Innovation Silk Armor is probably one of the cheapest cases on this list. The biggest selling point of this well-priced iPhone 7 case are the two screen protectors that Silk Innovation gives you.

That’s right. Two screen protectors! If the double screen protection isn’t enough, the Silk Armor has lots of texture on the case which ensures that your iPhone isn’t going to slip out of your hand easily.

The only downside of the Silk Armor is the size of the case. It is bigger than the average case, but it comes with two screen protectors!

See what colors they have on Amazon!

#8 – Thule Atmos X4

Thule Atmos X4 Review - iPhone accessThe Thule Atmos X4. We love this case and we’re glad nothing has changed for the iPhone 7 other than the camera cutout. People always ask us what our goto case is at the Atmos X4 is one of them.

The X4 handles incredibly well. The edges of the case taper in slightly which improves the handling of the iPhone in one hand. The texture of the case has enough texture to ensure that your fingers won’t slide around but is smooth enough that it won’t get caught in pant pockets.

The included screen protector is tough as nails. How do we know that? Find out in our iPhone 6 review of the Thule Atmos X4.

See what colors they have on Amazon!

#9 – Ballistic Jewel Essence

Ballistic Jewel - iPhone 7 CasesThe Ballistic Jewel series is one of the better clear iPhone 7 case lines. We’re not big fans of Ballistics Tough Jacket line, but the Jewel series is awesome. The handling of the iPhone 7 is improved due to the Ballistic corners as the entire setup sits very comfortably in our hands.

The Ballistic corners also add more protection than the average case as the Jewel is drop-rated to 2m or 6 ft. The corners also lift the screen of your iPhone off a flat surface higher than other cases. The only issue we have with the Jewel deals with the clear case as fingerprints and grease is going to show up on the case quickly.

See what styles they have on Amazon!

#10 – Spigen Hybrid Armor

Spigne Hybrid Armor - iPhone 7 CasesThe Spigen Hybrid Armor is one of Aaron’s favourite cases. It is smaller than the Spigen Tough Armor but doesn’t have the dust protection that the Tough Armor offers for the bottom of the iPhone. See how it compares against the Tough Armor in our review.

The most notable selling point for the Hybrid Armor is that it is one of the few Spigen cases that has a clear TPU sleeve and soft rubber coated polycarbonate shell. This combination is perfect regarding texture on any case because it improves the handling of the device without resorting rubbery ridges like the Speck Presidio GRIP.

The Honourable Mentions (#11-#30)

At the time of our Feb 1. 2017, update, we’ve gone over 100 iPhone 7 cases. The 10 that we’ve listed here are great cases according to our scoring system but there are lots of other cases that are worth considering. Just because they didn’t make the Top 10, doesn’t mean they’re bad cases!

#11 – Spigen Hybrid Armor
#12 – Gear4 Black Mayfair
#13 – Rhinoshield Crashguard (no screen protector)
#14 – Tech 21 Impact Clear
#15 – Otterbox Defender
#16 – Tech 21 Evo Mesh
#17 – Spigen Crystal Shell
#18 – Caudabe Synthesis
#19 – Silk Innovation Base Grip
#20 – Spigen Crystal Hybrid
#21 – Otterbox Commuter
#22 – Patchworks Level (Black)
#23 – Incipio Octane
#24 – Poetic Revolution
#25 – Rhinoshield Playproof
#26 – X-Doria Defense Lux
#27 – Moshi Armor
#28 – UAG Plasma
#29 – X-DOria Defense Gear
#30 – Gear4 Clear Piccadilly

See if you can the clear TPU w/ soft-rubber coated shell version on Amazon.

Have any questions for our “Top 10 Slim iPhone 7 cases” post? Leave them below or  ask them on our Google+ page or our Facebook page or our About Us page.



  1. Mike

    September 8, 2016 at 4:05 am

    Hey, thanks for all the hard work you put into all of these reviews.

    The iPhone 7 came out today, and I’d like to buy a case to go with mine when it ships. I’ll probably get the Plus this time around. Since it’s so big, I’ll probably want something a little thinner than the Otterbox Defender that I have on my iPhone 6s now.

    Anyways, I was wondering if you could give some insight into which cases you think will be best right out of the gate.

    Basically, I’m looking for something that at least has a dedicated screen protecter but is not super bulky like a defender. I don’t want to use one of those disposable screen protectors that you have to stick on with perfect finesse. Got any ideas?

    Again, thanks a lot for all of your work. I was just on your site a year ago when I bought the defender, and my phone is still in perfect condition.

  2. marco duran

    October 20, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    You should look at the rokform cases for the iPhone 7 plus, there new cases are slim and great protection not to mention they have the magnet as well so you can mount your phone almost anywhere.

    i just received mine today and im am very satisfied.

    • Aaron Ho

      October 23, 2016 at 4:28 pm

      Nice! I will check them out.

  3. Larry

    November 29, 2016 at 2:25 pm


    I just visited Spigen’s site and their drop rating equals 26 drops from four feet.

  4. Moe

    December 13, 2016 at 1:32 am

    A couple of questions:
    1. You say nothing changed on the Atmos X4 other than the camera cut out since the iPhone 6 version, but you score it significantly lower – why?
    2. The Rhinoshild Crashguard shows a score of 4.6, but it’s 10th on the list. Shouldn’t it be 1st with that score?

    • Aaron Ho

      December 13, 2016 at 3:04 pm

      1. I updated the scoring system for the iPhone 7.
      2. The 4.6 was the iPhone 6 score. I think it’s 4.0 for the iPhone 7.

      • Moe

        December 13, 2016 at 5:55 pm

        Thanks for clarifying! And, thanks for all the “real usage, real reviews.” I’m finding your site and YouTube channel very useful.

        Hypothetically, if I were trying to free someone (my wife) from slavish devotion to Otterbox Defender cases (she likes the rubbery exterior for grip and the added thickness for one-handed use) any cases you would add to this list for her to try: Atmos X4, Spigen Tough Armor, UAG Moncarch? I bought her the Rhinoshiled Playproof (too slick) and the Crashguard (not great for one-handed use).

  5. Peter

    December 13, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    hey aaron

    great job on this site.

    I recently got this one for my iphone 7, which, at the time was almost purely out of frustration, so virtually, completely dismissed any claim of any drop protection, and just bought on the basis of scratch protection.

    I would be intrigued to see you test this one though as, upon unpacking the case, and initially being slightly disappointed at how thin the case is, i.e. very, I was subsequently struck by how precise the case fit once I put it on.

    Similarly, regards any degree of drop protection. The blurb mentions something about an air cushion (effect?). While I don’t see it competing in this regard with the performance of e.g. rhino bumper or, even the survivor core I rocked on my 6, my interest was piqued when I pressed hard with my finger, around the edge of the case, and did indeed feel some kind of interstitial void or air pocket formed in the seal between iphone and case..

    Anyway, great site, keep up the equally entertaining / informative critiques, they’re excellent.


  6. Paul

    January 12, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    What happened to Rhinoshield case for Iphone 7? did they failed?

  7. Adriano R.

    February 7, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    What happened with dog and bone wetsuit impact ??

    • Aaron Ho

      February 9, 2017 at 2:19 pm

      It was never on this list.

  8. Matt

    February 13, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    I’m a bit confused. Looking at getting an iphone 7 case. Was planning on getting the playproof. Now I’m hesitant given your rating it as #25. Understand your scoring system changed, presumably to emphasize handling a little more and deemphasize drop protection somewhat. I’m just confused on how the Rhinoshield Playproof plummets from #2 overall all the way down to #25. It was second overall for the 6S, really with the only negative being perceived slickness. I could understand a drop to 5-10, but a 23 spot drop?

    I also can’t find the review of the case for the iPhone 7 version, so can’t understand what changed. Are inferior materials being used?

    My concern is more for protection than grip. I would also like to get a case that is relatively thin.

    Sorry for the long post. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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