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Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7 Review – iPhone cases (Video Review)

Find out why this is a decent case in our Spigen Tough Armor Review for the iPhone 7


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Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7 Review – You can’t go wrong with this case

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The Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7 case is a decent cases. At the times of this review, it is #2 in our Top 10 Cases for the iPhone 7.

If you get the right version of this case, you’re going to have a case that feels great, protects it better than the average case for day-to-day usage.

For our Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7 case review, we’ve given this case a score of 4.2 Eh’s out of 5. It does better than the Spigen Hybrid Armor and Slim Armor because of the extra protection.

For design, the Tough Armor is one of Spigen’s biggest cases though it doesn’t weight more than the Hybrid and Slim Armors. The case fits well together and will prevent your iPhone from sliding around if you get the soft rubber-coated versions. The soft rubber-coated versions also improve the handling of the iPhone as well.

For protection, the Tough Armor is drop-rated to Mil-STD-810G. Spigen doesn’t provide a height to drop it from, but in our video (and from other drops with the iPhone 6 versions), we’ve been able to drop the iPhone from 4-6ft without any issue. Unlike the other iPhone 7 cases, the Tough Armor has speaker grills that offer an extra level of dust/debris protection.

We didn’t have any issues with the functionality of the iPhone inside the case. Buttons worked well, the edges of the case didn’t get in the way of the screen, and you could access the lightning port with ease. We will note that the buttons sit flush against the case which may bother some people as you’ll have to get used to groping your iPhone a bit before finding the right button. Certain versions of the case will come with a kickstand.

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Spigen Tough Armor Gallery – iPhone 7 cases

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  1. David Mazura

    October 12, 2016 at 4:16 am

    Just stumpled on your site and like your review style. Looking foward to more IIphone 7 case reviews. I have the Spigen I’ll gladly pay the postage if you be kind enough to send one of your samples. Eother way thanks for the info, looking foward to more reviews. Your bookmarked now !

  2. Matt Plofsky

    November 26, 2016 at 4:42 pm


    Excellent review. The Spigen Tough Armor with the darker grippier case seems like a great case. Protection and grippness are two most important aspects of the case.

    If you still have samples of this around for the iPhone 7, I am happy to foot for the delivery.

    Thanks again for the excellent review.

  3. Mike Reid

    December 14, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Bought both the tough armor and the hybrid armor for my iPhone 7 Plus. I agree with the reviewer and like the tough armor far better.

  4. Morgan

    September 2, 2017 at 1:03 am

    What about the Spigen Tough Armour Second Gen?? I saw that it had only 3.5 stars on Amazon, but now those reviews have been taken down and a single 5 star review has been posted. I am getting an iPhone 7Plus or the new 7s Plus and am looking for a good case. Thoughts??

  5. Peter

    May 6, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    Dear Aaron, very good review, thank you very much. It made me order the 7plus/8plus version (time of writing may 2019). I was a bit disappointed. My present case is still the i-blason armorbox (that I got for my 6s plus over two years ago) and it has beveled deep edges so it won’t break my glass with a full flat front drop.
    The Spigen tough armor has only a very thin edge height and as I have a glass screen protector, it sticks out above the edges. Therefore it won’t help much with a flat front drop.

    Just thought I’d share my experience here. I drop my phones several times a week (sometimes more than once a day) and so far the i=blason has saved it every time. I don’t have any assets in i-blason by the way.

    If you can recommend a very protective case like the i-blason with high edges then please let me know!

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