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The Best iPhone Cases and Accessories for Super Mario Run (Video Tips)

Need some help to become the best Super Mario Run player? Here are six of the Best iPhone Cases and Accessories for Super Mario Run


The Best iPhone Cases and Accessories for Super Mario Run

The Best iPhone Cases and Accessories for Super Mario RunWe’re going to be wasting lots of time this week. Why? Because of Super Mario Run! This is the first time that we’re going to see Mario on our smartphones. Nostalgia is a great thing isn’t it?

We’ve played enough iOS games to know that extended sessions are hard on your hands. So here’s a list of six accessories to ease the strain of gripping your iPhone for 10+ hours at a time while you battle Bowser.

We give more details below the TL:DR version!

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#1. Loopy CaseLoopy Case Review (Direct)

#2. PopSocketPopSocket (Amazon)

#3. UnGripUnGrip (Direct)

#4. FlyGripFlyGrip (Direct)

#5. LOOP – GoLoops (Review coming soon) (Direct)

#6. Spigen Style Ring – Spigen Style Ring (Amazon)


If you’re wondering what else we’ve reviewed, check out our Top 10 guide for the iPhone 6(s) and iPhone 7.

We rate all iPhone products, in the same manner, to ensure consistency. We use each product for at least a week before we sit down and create a review. Each review takes between 10-30 hours depending on the product!


#1. Loopy Case

Loopy Vibe Review - iPhone 6 CasesThe Loopy Case is simple. It’s a case that has an elastic band in it. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, it is extremely useful and unlike most of the other accessories on this list, is quite comfortable to use. In fact, the new Loops are much better than the previous versions.

The loop on the Loopy case is adjustable which means it will work for any sized finger and can double as a stand. The Loopy is also one of the few accessories that allows us to flip the iPhone back and forth essentially freeing up both hands.

For Super Mario Run, the Loopy case is going to make extended sessions easier on the hands as the band doesn’t cutoff circulation. It is easier to move from hand to hand but may get caught in pockets and/or purses. All these features is why the Loopy case is the best iPhone cases and accessories for Super Mario Run!

Get it directly from Loopy and use our coupon code for $5 dollars off (MobileReviewsEh5)!

#2. PopSocket

PopSockets Review - iPhone/Android - Collapsible PlugWe’ll be honest. It was tough to pick the Loopy Case over the PopSocket. The deciding factor was the inability to drop your iPhone with the Loopy once your finger was in the Loop. The PopSocket could still slip out of your hand if you’re careful.

The PopSocket stands out because unlike the Loopy Case, UnGrip and Spigen Style Ring, the weight of your device is split between two fingers. The Loopy, UnGrip and Style Ring place the weight of your device one finger. The PopSocket also doesn’t need a case to use.

The PopSocket doubles as a stand with two different viewing angles (both portrait and landscape). It also a car mount accessory which makes it one of the more functional products on this list. Check out all the different PopSocket designs on Amazon.

#3. UnGrip

Ungrip Review - iPhone 6 Galaxy S6 EdgeThe UnGrip doesn’t get in the way as much as the Loopy’s rubber band but it’s not as comfortable. The loop on the UnGrip is made from fabric which is easier to use than the FlyGrip or the metal ring of the Spigen product. The loop can be removed from the base which allows you to install a different coloured loop if you’re into accessorizing.

The biggest downside for us is that the UnGrip may get caught on your knuckle. It’s not a big deal but removing the stuck UnGrip is a little annoying. With that being said, it might be a good thing if you’re prone to tantrums?

Get yourself an UnGrip directly through their website.

#4. FlyGrip

FlyGrip ReviewFrom a pure functionality stand point, the FlyGrip is the best product on this list. On top of the one-handed usability, it doubles as a stand for both portrait and landscape modes. Unlike the other products listed on this page, you need to get the right sized FlyGrip for your hands. Getting one that is too small will make long term usage of your device is going to be uncomfortable.

During our usage period, we did notice that the FlyGrip would get caught on our pockets. Not a big deal for most people but still worth noting. Also, from our personal opinion, the FlyGrip looks too “mechanical” on the back of our iPhones.

Get your FlyGrip directly from the manufacturer.

#5. LOOP

Loop - One Handed usageWhat’s simpler than a case with two holes and an elastic band? A ribbon with two sticky ends. That’s the the LOOP is and for it’s simplicity, it works. This is the only accessory on this list that requires the use of an existing case as you’re unable to attach a LOOP to the back of a naked device.

From a Super Mario Run playing perspective, we’re looking for products that allow us to relax or hands without having the device fall out of our hands. With the LOOP, you’ll still need to maintain a bit of a grip to keep the iPhone at the right height. This is better than not having the LOOP but you won’t last as long with the LOOp when compared to the Loopy or PopSocket.

Get a LOOP now!

#6. Spigen Style Ring

Spigen Style Ring ReviewThe Spigen Style Ring, despite being an effective one-handed use accessory isn’t meant for mobile gaming for hours at a time. Why? The ring is thin (compared to everything else on this list) which means the entire weight of your device is going to be focused on a small area on your finger.

Whatever finger you’re draping your iPhone on is going to get sore. Which is good news for Bowser and not for Mario. The Style Ring does function as a kickstand as well for landscape mode which may make floor playing a bit easier.

See what colors you can get on Amazon!
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The Best iPhone Cases and Accessories for Super Mario Run
The Best iPhone Cases and Accessories for Super Mario Run

6 iPhone accessories to prevent hand cramps while you play Super Mario Run!

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