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Top 10 Clear iPhone 7 Cases (Updated Mar. 2017)

Out of the 60+ of cases that we’ve reviewed, what are the top 10 clear iPhone 7 cases (and 7 Plus)?

*Mar. 2017 Update – Updated list with new cases. Between Nov. 2016 and Mar. 2017, we reviewed another 40-ish iPhone 7 cases
*Nov. 2016 Update – Dropped the score of the Incipio Reprieve Sport due to over-marketing, updated list due to new cases and added #11-#20

Top 10 Clear iPhone 7 casesAt Mobile Reviews Eh!, we base everything we do on actual usage which means our reviews and content take FOREVER to come out. But rest assured, when we publish something, you can be confident that you will know the best and worst parts of the product. We also update our lists as we get more products which other sites won’t do.

The list below has ten of the best clear iPhone 7 cases that we’ve used so far. Many others are highly rated but didn’t make the cut so check out the full list of cases that we’ve reviewed. Now this list will change quite a bit but if you’re looking to see in the future, check out the Top 10 lists for the iPhone 6 (we say this because of the similar dimensions between the two iPhone versions).

You will notice that the list has several Spigen cases and we’re not intentionally favouring them as they were one of the first companies to send us their entire case lineup which includes several clear iPhone 7 cases versions.

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#1– Ghostek Cloak (Amazon)

#2– Incipio Reprieve Sport (Amazon)

#3– Ballistic Jewel (all versions) (Amazon)

#4 – Tech 21 Impact Clear (Amazon)

#5 – Tech 21 Evo Mesh (Amazon)

#6– Spigen Crystal Shell (Amazon)

#7 – Caudabe Synthesis (Amazon)

#8 – Spigen Crystal Hybrid (Amazon)

#9 –  Incipio Octane (Amazon)

#10 – Urban Armor Gear Plasma (Amazon)


We evaluate all the cases, in the same manner, to ensure consistency and each product get used for at least a week before we sit down and create a review for the product.


#1 – Ghostek Cloak (4.2/5)

Ghostek Cloak Review - iPhone 7

The Ghostek Cloak is the #1 case only for two reason. The standout reason is that it comes with a tempered screen protector and offers just as much protection as all the other cases on this list.

The second reason is that unlike other clear cases, the frame that you see in the picture is metallic which makes it different than all the other two-piece clear cases we’ve reviewed.

The Cloak isn’t officially drop-rated but the TPU sleeve is thick enough that we know it can take a hit. The only gripe that we do have is that the metallic frame doesn’t have as much texture as other clear cases on this list so if you’re clumsy, the Ghostek Cloak might not be for you.

Check out the different bumper colors on Amazon!

#2 – Incipio Reprieve Sport (4.1/5)

Incipio Reprieve Sport - iPhone 7 CasesThe Incipio Reprieve Sport was #1 on our list for several weeks. Why the change? When we were in the process of filming the full review, we noticed a discrepancy between the marketing on the box and the marketing on the website. The box claims the Reprieve Sport was drop-rated to 12 ft, but none of the marketing on the website indicates this drop-protection.

We contacted Incipio on Facebook, Twitter and through email and received no responses regarding the 12 ft drop-protection so we decided to reduce the score that would reflect 6ft drop-protection.

If you can see beyond the marketing hype, the Reprieve Sport is a decent case that will offer adequate protection from day-to-day mishaps. The edges handle well, and the oversized bumpers fit in the palm of your hand comfortably. The back is oddly slick which is a bit odd to us. Check out the full review.

Get it now on Amazon.

#3 – Ballistic Jewel Essence (4.1/5)

Ballistic Jewel - iPhone 7 CasesThe Ballistic Jewel series is one of the better clear iPhone 7 case lines. We’re not big fans of Ballistics Tough Jacket line, but the Jewel series is awesome. The handling of the iPhone 7 is improved due to the Ballistic corners as the entire setup sits very comfortably in our hands.

The Ballistic corners also add more protection than the average case as the Jewel is drop-rated to 2m or 6 ft. The corners also lift the screen of your iPhone off a flat surface higher than other cases. The only issue we have with the Jewel deals with the clear case as fingerprints and grease is going to show up on the case quickly. Check out the full review.

See what styles they have on Amazon!

#4 – Tech 21 Impact Clear (4/5)

Tech 21 Impact Clear - iPhone 7 CasesThe Tech 21 Impact Clear is one of the smallest cases that we’ve seen for the iPhone 7 that is drop-rated. However, the smaller footprint means that the Impact Clear isn’t as tough as the Ballistic Jewel and Incipio Reprieve Sport. The Impact Clear also has a slick back which means it will slide around on a flat surface easily.

The front of the case is quite rubbery, so this clear iPhone case handles decently with one hand. The biggest benefit of this clear case is that it won’t show wear/tear as quickly due to the frosted design of the case.

If you’re wondering how tough it is, check out the drop test we did for the Tech 21 Impact clear for the iPhone 6! See how much this Tech 21 case is on Amazon!

#5 – Tech 21 Evo Mesh (4/5)

Tech 21 Evo Check - iPhone 7 CasesThe Tech 21 Evo Mesh is Aaron’s favourite clear case. The biggest draw for this case is the handling of the case as it is incredibly “grippy” while being smooth. The smoothness helps with preventing pockets being pulled out of pants as well.

The case is also drop-rated to 3m/9ft (Seriously, what average person would drop it from that height) so it is going to offer more than enough protection for most people.

Unlike most clear cases, Tech 21 has included a design on the back which hides the grease and fingerprints quite well. The only downside of the case is that the bottom is exposed a bit more than the average iPhone 7 case and it is wider than most (despite being thinner). Get it now on Amazon.

#6 – Spigen Crystal Shell (3.9/5)

Spigen Crystal Shell - iPhone 7 CasesSpigen’s Crystal Shell in our opinion is Spigen’s toughest clear case. It has a great grip on the case, but like all clear cases, fingerprinting is going to be noticeable.

We say this is the toughest Spigen case because of the protruding corners. They add a bit more material between the iPhone and the ground during an impact. The corners also help with the handling of the iPhone.

Get it now on Amazon.

#7 – Caudabe Synthesis (3.9/5)

Caudabe Synthesis Review - iPhone 7 cases

The Caudabe Synthesis is similar to the Incipio Octane in the sense that the back is quite slick. However, Caudabe scores higher for a couple of reasons.

First, the Synthesis is thinner which means the larger iPhone 7 Plus is going to handle better. Second of all Caudabe included little rubber feet on the back of the case which prevents the case from sliding around.

The entire case feels “soft” but has enough texture that it won’t fly out of your hand easily. However, if you are clumsy, the thick edges of the Incipio Octane might work out better for you.

Check out the other color combinations on Amazon!

#8 – Spigen Crystal Hybrid (3.9/5)

Spigen Crystal Hybrid - iPhone 7 case reviewsThe Spigen Crystal Hybrid looks more like a bumper than a case because of the polycarbonate edge. If you’re not a fan of the corners of the Crystal Shell, this is your next best clear Spigen case.

The biggest difference between the Crystal Hybrid and the regular Neo Hybrid is the kickstand that comes with the Crystal Hybrid. Other than that, the cases are identical. Our biggest gripe with the case is that the bumper is a bit slick for our liking. If this is a problem, but you like the dual layered design, check out the Caseology Skyfall Series.

Get this Spigen case on Amazon.

#9 – Incipio Octane (3.9/5)

Incipio Octane - iPhone 7 case reviewsWe’re a big fan of the updated Incipio Octane. The edges of the Octane are much better than the iPhone 6 version as the texture greatly enhances the grip you’ll have on your iPhone.

The back of the case is frosted so that it will hide fingerprinting better than other cases, but it isn’t raised, so scratches will be a problem. The iPhone will slide around easily when placed back first on a flat surface.

Unlike the average case, the Incipio Octane is drop rated to 6ft (rather than the average 4 ft for other drop-rated cases). Get it now on Amazon.

#10 – Urban Armor Gear Plasma (3.8/5)

Urban Armor Gear Plasma - iPhone 7 cases

We’re big fans of Urban Armor Gear’s products. Their iPad case is our #1 case for iPad Pro 9.7 inch due to all the extra functionality of the case. Their Metropolis wallet is also a great product, and the Monarch is currently the #2 case on our Top 10 Slim Case list. The Urban Armor Gear Plasma isn’t as good but still performs better than the average iPhone case. The standout feature of the Plasma is the actual design and texture of the case. There is a lot for your fingers to hold onto so it won’t slip out of your hand.

There are a couple of odd things about the Plasma, though. The shock cushions on the back of the case seem out of place for us and what is the deal with the bottom of the case?

The Urban Armor Gear Plasma will wear better than other clear cases because of all the texture on the back of the case. The back is also raised so it won’t get scratched from placing it on a flat surface.

Get the Urban Armor Gear Plasma on Amazon.

Top 10 Clear iPhone 7 Cases (Honourable mentions)

If you need more details for each case, head over to our iPhone 7 clear case comparison tool and search for the product on the page.

#11 – Gear4 Piccadilly

#12 – Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal

#13 – Poetic Affinity (One of Aaron’s personal favourites)

#14 – Lunatik Air (Another one of Aaron’s personal favourites)

#15 – Caudabe Sheath

#16 – Incipio NGP Pure

#17 – Incipio NGP Advanced

#18 – Otterbox Statement

#19 – Patchworks Level Clear

#20 – Otterbox Symmetry Clear

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Top 10 Clear iPhone 7 Cases
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  1. Jason

    November 1, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    Thank you and Monty for the great reviews! Since you’ve already made video reviews for the #2 Ballistic Jewel Essence and the #3 Tech 21 Impact Clear, can we expect a video review of the #1 Incipio Reprieve Sport soon (perhaps proving/disproving that impressive 12 foot drop rating)? Have you experienced any bubbling on the back of the Reprieve (a couple Amazon reviews mention it)? Is there a difference in quality (fingerprints/scratches/discoloration/etc.) with the smoke/black version? Also, do you have any thoughts on Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ screen protectors for iPhone 7(+)?

    • Aaron Ho

      November 2, 2016 at 1:07 am

      I’m not sure about the smoke/black, I only bought the completely clear one. The reprieve sport review will be out this week.

  2. Agatha

    November 21, 2016 at 1:47 am

    Why is the Otterbox Symmetry clear at #15? It’s protective, it’s got a protection against yellowing.. ?

    • Aaron Ho

      November 21, 2016 at 5:45 pm

      The size of the Symmetry is what knocks the score down. It’s scores as an average case.

      The difference between #10 and #15 is tiny in terms of the score. 0.127 Eh’s to be exact.

  3. Alicia

    January 3, 2017 at 6:25 am

    Love your case reviews I have an iPhone 6s and I’m thinking of upgrading to either the 6s Plus or 7 plus. But I’m also thinking about trying out a Samsung galaxy s7 edge. Since I’ve never operated an android phone I have no idea how I going to like it. I’ve noticed that you have both Samsung and iPhones I was wondering which is your favourite phone and why. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

    • Aaron Ho

      January 4, 2017 at 3:26 pm

      The hardware of the S7’s is nice but I’m still prefer an iPhone. Not because the hardware is better but I’ve heavily invested into Apple ecosystem (laptop, Apple TV, Airport Router, iPad). I just find everything works really well together.

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