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Top 10 iPhone 7 Wallet Cases

Need to combine your iPhone 7 and wallet into one package? Here are 10 cases that might work for you!

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At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we base everything we do on actual usage which means our reviews and content take FOREVER to come out. But rest assured, when we publish something, you can be confident that you will know the best and worst parts of the product. We’re committed to our reviews which mean we’ll update the list as we get new products so come back every once in a while to see the current list.The list below has ten of the best wallet cases for the iPhone 7 that we’ve used so far. As we get new cases in, we’ll update the list because that’s what we do as responsible product reviewers. At the end of this list, we’ll cover one case that’s quite low regarding rating but if you find a similar product, let us know!We’ve got Top 10 Lists for slim and clear cases as well if you are interested in what we think of other case types. We’ve included all kinds of wallet cases (both full portfolio replacements and cases that we’ll call “on-the-go” cases). If you’re looking for the best complete wallet replacement, that title belongs to the Moshi Overture. For the best “on-the-go” case, that goes to the CM Q Card Case.

#1 Mous Limitless

As the name suggests, the wallet is an accessory of the Mous Limitless V2. Unlike other case manufacturers, Mous designed the case first then fit the wallet accessory around it. And it shows how great this design principle works. Mous Limitless V2 is a very flexible case that has a lineup of accessories worthy of investment not just the wallet one. Check out the full review!

The most standout feature of Mous Limitless V2 wallet accessory is the card slot on the back You can easily access your most frequently used card without even opening the wallet case.

Did we mention that Mous Limitless V2 has an insane drop protection as well?

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Twelve South BookBook

TwelveSouth Book Book

We’ve been using BookBook cases since the iPhone 4s and we’ve seen the cases they sell evolve which sets them apart from an average leather wallet case. Not to mention the cases actually look like an actual book. Twelve South BookBook also has the same finish as the Burkley Leather Cases.

However it should be noted that the case doesn’t come out easily. And it seems to be designed to be like that in the first place. TwelveSouth Book Book also has complicated sliding latches to use the kickstand. Qi-charging isn’t also possible with the case. And the worst of all, there are no latches on the wallet to keep the cards, money and the iPhone secure when it accidentally drops. 

BUT if you need a higher-capacity wallet case that looks unique, the Twelve South BookBook is a great case to consider! See how much it is on Amazon.

#3 Nomad Rugged Folio

We love the leather and finish of the TPU in the Nomad Rugged Folio. Some might think Nomad Rugged Folio is a larger wallet case however the microfibre on the inside actually makes it feel thinner and slim. However, the lack of a latch might not let you fully utilize the pockets of the wallet case.

The build quality of the Nomad Rugged Folio is top notch and the patina that’s developed on our review cases looks great. If you’re leather-phile (is that a thing?), the Nomad Rugged Folio is going to be a great choice.

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#4 Otterbox Strada

Otterbox Strada - Toughest iPhone X Wallet case with a cover

The Otterbox Strada is a tough wallet case. The edges provide screen protection and have no issues with dust/debris whatsoever. The cover on the Otterbox Strada attaches magnetically to the case. This means you won’t have the cover flapping around needlessly and it attaches magnetically on the back as well so using your iPhone in one hand with the Otterbox Strada is quite nice.

However, unlike other wallet cases, the Otterbox Strada can’t be used as a kickstand and the card capacity is lower than the average flip wallet case. BUT if all you need is a protective case that stores your transit pass, the Strada is worth getting.

See how much the Otterbox Strada is on Amazon!

#5 Moshi Overture

Full Wallet Replacement - Moshi Overture iPhone 7 Review

The Moshi Overture is the highest rated wallet case because of all the extra functionality that the wallet case offers your iPhone. We’re big fans of Moshi’s products as they’re made from better materials and are better designed than the average case.

With the Overture, the leather on the case is quite soft and has enough texture to keep the wallet from precariously slipping out of your hand. The iPhone sits in a bumper, so iPhone isn’t fully exposed like other cases. Unlike other flip wallet cases, you can easily access the volume buttons on the iPhone with the cover down.


The wallet portion allows you to store up to four cards but also has two full-length slots for additional cards, several bills and even an access card. There is a bit of clearance between the iPhone’s screen and the card slots due to the removable microfibre cloth. This little extra, coupled with the kickstand ability and the full-length slots ensures that you’ll be able to carry everything you need to with your iPhone.

With all things that work better and is made from better materials, the Moshi Overture is one of the most expensive cases on this list. 

Satisfied? See how much the Moshi Overture is on Amazon!

#6 Silk Innovation Wallet Slayer (formerly CM Q Card Case)

Q Card Wallet Case - iPhone 7 case reviews

Silk Innovation (owners of the CM brand) sent us a couple of boxes of cases the moment the iPhone 7 dropped. We’re usually quite leery when we get boxes of cases from a brand we haven’t heard of, but their products have been very refreshing. In fact, the Silk Innovation Silk Armor is one of the best deals that we’ve come across in our reviews.

For the Q Card Case, we were most impressed with the size of the product. The wallet case when empty is no thicker than the average slim iPhone 7 case. Even with three cards and two bills in the sleeve, the thickness of the Q Card Case doesn’t surpass Silk Innovations own Vault wallet case. Though we will say that using three cards and two bills with this case is going to be a stretch.


The pocket is made from leather (it doesn’t smell real) and has a cutout that allows you to quickly push the cards out which is an excellent handling feature. Silk Innovation also includes a tiny slot where you can insert a credit card to turn the case into a kickstand for your iPhone. See how much the Wallet Slayer is on Amazon!


#7 UAG Metropolis

We love the flap - Urban Armor Gear Metropolis iPHone 7 Review

The Urban Armor Gear Metropolis would be our goto case if all we had to do carry with our iPhones was one card. The standout feature of the Metropolis is the texture of the case. Urban Armor Gear has actually trademarked the texture as FrogSkinTM Grip (marketing fluff!).

The Metropolis is officially drop-rated, but this case offers more protection than the average case because of the magnetic latch that keeps the cover on the screen. This design feature ensures that the cover doesn’t come off the iPhone if accidentally dropped.

Our only complaint is that the case by itself doesn’t feel very rigid. And that’s a stretch of a complaint because once the iPhone is in it, you won’t notice the lack of rigidity. 

Need any more reasons? No? See how much it is on Amazon!

#8 UOLO Folio

UOLO Folio

UOLO Folio was one of the first wallet cases that introduced a removable case. The case has a nice PU leather that handles very well. The inside, on the other hand, is covered with microfibre which makes your screen clean. UOLO Folio is a steal at $ 35.

However it should be noted that PU leather is not real leather and will not last long. The top and bottom of the case is also exposed so drops might deal deadly damaged.

Check out the UOLO Folio on Amazon!


#9 Danny P

Danny P Leather Wallet Review - Italian Leather - iPhone 6s

The Danny P Wallet is another full wallet replacement and is one of Aaron’s favourite iPhone wallet cases. Why? Because it looks like an actual wallet. We called the Danny P wallet one of the best wallets for the iPhone 6s, but we updated our rating system, so the inability to access your iPhone inside the case hurts the score. The only thing that is accessible when the iPhone is in the case is the home button which means you can access your Apple Pay on the iPhone.

So if you don’t like cases (or use a skin) and need a leather wallet, consider the Danny P. It is made from real leather and after our months of usage, starts showing the character that you would expect from a genuine leather product.

We did try using the Danny P with an iPhone with a slim case or bumper but we were unable to get it to work. BUT again, if you don’t like cases, then head over to Amazon to see if you can one for your iPhone!

#10 Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Slim Armor CS - iPhone 7 case reviews

The Spigen Slim Armor, Hybrid Armor, and Tough Armor are three of our favourite cases. As of right now, they’re ranking quite well in our Top 10 Slim iPhone cases list. For those cases, the soft rubber coating on those cases greatly improves the handling of your iPhone. This is not the case with the Spigen Slim Armor CS.

The slot on the back offers enough space for two cards and a bill, so this is a decent case if you need to store your bus pass or need a credit card and ID for a night out on the town. Accessing the cards isn’t as slick as we would like as the slide could be smoother.

The upside of this case is that your iPhone is fully protected from any accidental drop and so if going out on a bender is your thing, the Spigen Slim Armor CS is probably going to work out for you!

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So this is our Top 10 iPhone 7 Wallet Cases!  Have any questions? Leave them below! Definitely SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to stay on top of all the new things we are reviewing!

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1 Comment

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    October 6, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    hello Aaron, i am just wondering which brand is the flip wallet case you’ve purchased from japan last year when you were there? i’ve watched your video on “the most popular iphone 7 cases in japan” and really like the reddish flip case that you had. you didn’t mention the brand. you did talk more about the other case that looked just like the iface. anyhow, just wanted to know where i can purchase the other flip case you’ve shown in your video. if there’s a brand, can you please provide? i don’t think you have it listed on your top 10 flip cases.

    Can you please provide?

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