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Topless iPhones? What? Dog and Bone Wetsuit Review – Waterproof iPhone 7 Cases

Is the lack of a screen protector on the Wetsuit really worth it?

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Dog And Bone Review – Watch your iPhone explode out of the case

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The standout feature of the Dog and Bone Wetsuit is the lack of screen protector while offering full waterproofing and drop protection.

Wait. What? Cool right?

It sounds great on paper but is the case any good in action? We did run into a couple of issues regarding handling and are iPhone took a beating during one of our drop tests. If you’re looking for other waterproof cases, check out our reviews for the LifeProof Fre and Dog and Bone Wetsuit Impact. We’ve also got reviews for the Ghostek Atomic and Catalyst Waterproof coming out as well.

For my Dog and Bone Wetsuit review, we’ve given this case a score of 3.5 Eh’s out of 5. The Wetsuit’s score is below average for a waterproof case. It scores higher than the Lifeproof Nuud though we’d go with the Nuud over the Wetsuit.

If you need a side by side comparison of all the cases, check out the comparison tool. Check out this post if you’re wondering what the best iPhone 7 cases are out there right now.

Get the Dog and Bone Wetsuit Now!

Design – Slimmer than other cases that offer 1/2 the protection

The most unique feature of the Wetsuit is the lack of screen protector while maintaining 6.6ft or 2m water and drop protection. This is a novel feature but the lack of screen protection comes at a cost.

For design, the Dog and Bone Wetsuit is one of the thinnest cases for the iPhone 7. It is pretty much the same thickness as the Dog and Bone Wetsuit Impact despite having an extra o-ring on the front part of the case. The case adds 1mm to the edge of the iPhone which isn’t much especially when compared to the Ghostek Atomic and LifeProof Fre.

Dog and Bone sent us both a white/baby blue case and black/orange case for our review. We were pleasantly surprised at how awesome the white/baby blue case looked on our iPhone 7’s.

Now Dog and Bone updated the Wetsuit for the 6s. The original iPhone 6 Wetsuit came in three pieces that made the case very unique looking. The newer version is now similar general design to older Lifeproof Nuud.

The case generally fits well together and like the Wetsuit Impact, has a slick front so it will slide around a lot. The case weighs approx. 40 g which is average in terms of weight. The texture of the case isn’t bad but the slick front edges means that you’ll be fumbling for your iPhone a bit more than other cases.


Protection – Look! Our iPhone broke!

Cracked screen from drop - Dog and Bone Wetsuit iPhone 7 Waterproof Case ReviewFor protection, the Dog & Bone Wetsuit has the standard 6.6 ft or 2, water and drop protection. On our first case, the case came apart after one drop. This seemed odd to us and Dog and Bone so they sent us another case to test.

We dropped the new case from approx. 6ft/2m and the case came apart, resulting in our iPhone sliding around on the sidewalk. To make matters worse, the slide resulting in a crack on our screen.

The drop that we performed was probably the worst case scenario. General screen protection is going to be like a slim case as there is no screen protector. There is a bit of clearance along the edges so the iPhone’s screen will be kept off a flat surface.

The case is waterproof to 6ft/2m which is standard for waterproof cases in our opinion. We performed the usual test in the sink and didn’t come across any issues with the waterproofing.


Functionality – iPhone handling takes a hit

The buttons on the first Wetsuit were incredibly tough to use. Dog and Bone sent out another case and the buttons are much better but still need a bit of effort to press. So if you get one with brutal buttons, send it back.

The port cutout fits the Apple lightning cable well which means certain third party cables might not work. The lack of screen protector comes at a cost regarding screen access. The high edges of the case makes the edges of the touchscreen harder to access. The Dog and Bone Wetsuit Impact and LifeProof Fre do not have this problem. Neither does the LifeProof Nuud.

Sound from the Wetsuit isn’t great. Sound coming from the speakers and the ear piece speaker were definitely muted. Call quality is better than the Ghostek Atomic but is a far cry from the Wetsuit Impact which is odd because the membranes look the same.

When it comes to extra versatility, the Wetsuit allows you to attach a wrist strap so you can safely take it swimming. The case also features removable plugs which could be replaced if torn.

And like the Wetsuit Impact, One-handed usage isn’t great because of the slick front.


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