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Scrolling through text is hard? iOS 10 keyboard Tips & Tricks! (Video Tip)

Force Touch and iOS 10’s keyboard is AMAZING



iOS 10 keyboard Tips & Tricks – Use this Force Touch functionality to help your typing!

iOS 10 Keyboard gone?

Where did the keyboard go?

We’re pretty big Apple iPhone fans. Sure the screen’s aren’t the brightest and on paper, the camera might not be as great but Apple does a good job figuring out ways to help the end user. We’ve been reviewing iPhone accessories for several years now but despite that, we’re quite average in terms of using iOS 10. We’ve discovered this neat feature over the last few months (since doing a video on the updated Control Center) and that’s why we’re sharing it in our iOS 10 Keyboard Tips & Tricks post!

So what’s the deal with this iOS 10 Tip & Trick? With a force enabled iPhone (iPhone 6s and newer), pressing down on the keyboard will allow you to use your finger to move the cursor quickly through text.

Now why does this tip & trick matter? On older iPhones, the distance your fingers have to travel is much larger to use set the cursor to the right location. This become inefficient and if you don’t have a good case on, the movement becomes dangerous for your iPhone. Jostling your iPhone in one hand isn’t good idea because it increases the chances of dropping your iPhone. Using Force touch on iOS 10’s keyboard eliminates this problem.

There’s actually two parts in this iOS 10 Tip and Trick which we’ll elaborate below.

1. Quick scroll

Using Force Touch in iOS 10's keyboardOn every iPhone up to the iPhone 6, moving your cursor requires you to press and hold over the general area and wait for the magnifying glass to show up. Once the glass appears you can move the cursor to the right location. When you do this on a Force Touch enabled iPhone, the magnifying glass appears but you can only select words. For the last 13 months, we’ve basically been highlighting entire words and deleting them in order to add the cursor to that location (it’s silly, we know).

On Force Touch enabled devices (iPhone 6s and newer), you can press down on the keyboard, wait for all the letters to disappear and use your fingers to control the cursor. You won’t be able to traverse the entire screen but you’ll be able to accurately place your cursor accurately in about 1/3 of the screen.

We’ve been using this feature for the last few weeks and its been a life safer. Some of you may have even noticed that our responses have increased because we’re able to work much more efficiently on our iPhones!


2. Highlighting text

Using Force Touch to select a word using iOS 10's keyboardTo take the quick scrolling one step further, if you need to select an entire word, all you have to do is scroll to the word while having the quick scroll activated and press on the word again. This will select the word that the cursor is either touching or in the middle of.

To select an entire sentence, all you have to do is move the cursor up/down after the word has been selected. iOS 10 is smart enough to select the whole sentence which is nice.

iPhone  7 cases shown in the video

We didn’t go fancy in this video. We used only two cases:

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Apparently I've been using the keyboard all wrong? iOS 10 Tips and Tricks
Apparently I've been using the keyboard all wrong? iOS 10 Tips and Tricks

Did you know you can easily scroll through text in iOS 10 using Force Touch? This little gem will help keep your iPhone safer and allows you to quickly correct your typos!

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