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How to install any screen protector perfectly on your iPhone or Android Device

You have come to the right place, young grasshopper.  Getting a perfect screen protector is already a nightmare, but installing them yourself is a Herculean task. But fear not, we are here to help! Here’s our guide on how to install any screen protector perfectly on your iPhone or Android Device!

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At Mobile Reviews Eh!,  we’ve been reviewing phone screen protectors for ten years now. We’ve installed and broken 100  screen protectors over the years, so we have perfected the process of installing screen protectors. Not all of our installations are perfect, but most of the mistakes can be prevented if you know what to do. Here are our secrets!

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Step 1. Turn off your furnace or central air

When it comes to screen protector installation, dust is your biggest enemy so you need to do everything in your power to minimize the dust floating around.

Before you do anything with the screen protector, make sure your furnace or central air are turned off. If you have an air purifier, run that for 30 mins (or however long it takes to cycle air in your room).

Also, keep your pets away during the install. Monty, the brains behind the Mobile Reviews Eh! is a hair factory so we keep him in the closest during our installs (kidding).

Step 2. Clean your install area

You don’t need a lot of space to install a screen protector. Just make sure it’s clean, free of debris and brightly lit. We usually wipe the area down with a damp rag and dry it with a microfiber cloth.

Step 3. Wash your hands

If dust is the #1 screen protector killer, what’s the #2? Greasy hands. You can easily remove dust from a bad screen protector install. A fingerprint? Good luck.

That’s why you need to wash your hands!  Don’t skimp on it either. Use soap and sing a round of Happy Birthday to be grease free!

Step 4. Clean your device

This step might sound a no brainer to some but you will be surprised to see the amount grime that your phone has. A simple clean with the included wiping cloth will not cut it. Everything should be cleaned.  The back, the front, the sides. The case too, now that you are at it.

REMOVING A CRACKED SCREEN PROTECTOR TIP: Put a couple of layers of packing tape and then remove the screen protector. This eliminates the chance that glass shards will come off the broken screen protector as you remove them.

Step 5. Do a dress rehearsal

Over the last 10 years, we’ve installed hundreds of different screen protectors. Every brand has its method of installation so go through the instructions and ensure you understand what you need to do. 

For example, Otterbox uses the same frame for different iPhones. You have to set the frame on the size of your device. You don’t want to be caught pants down with the screen protector adhesive exposed and you trying to figure out how to set the frame properly.

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If you don’t have an install frame and just have a piece of glass that came with a case, the purpose of your dress rehearsal is to ensure you have an idea of where your screen protector sits when centered properly. Take note of the distance between the screen protector edge and the edge of your device on all sides.

Step 6. Do one final dusting

Right before you do the install, do another round of dust removal. Certain companies like Flolab will include a large dust sticker to remove dust. Most companies do not. We suggest to use a lint roller and roll out your entire device. Painters tape is also good for this step.

Step 7. Install the screen protector as prescribed

If you don’t have instructions, our preferred method is to remove the adhesive backing, line the corners up based on the distance and gently place one side of the screen where you want it, and lower the other side as slowly as possible, getting as close as you can to the device before letting go.

Once you’re close, place the screen protector on the device and run your finger through the middle lengthwise. Rub out all the bubbles if you can. 

Step 8. fixing bubbling/Dust Issues

For bubbling along the edges, most screen protector adhesives will fix the problem after a couple of days. If there is a bubble in the center of the screen protector, take the bubbling tool included with the screen protector and try your hardest to move the bubble to the edge.

If the product didn’t come with a bubble scraper/remover, use your fingernail and push the bubbles to the edge.

To remove dust, use the smallest dust sticker provided by the manufacturer. Give your device another wipe down with the lint roller or painters tape and gently lift the corner closest to the dust speck.

From our experience, the dust will be stuck to the screen protector not the device, so position the dust sticker accordingly and apply pressure. We usually set the screen protector back down onto the device and re-lift it to ensure we get the dust speck.

REMOVING THE SCREEN PROTECTOR TIP #1:  DO NOT BEND THE GLASS! It may seem counter-intuitive but don’t be afraid to remove more of the screen protector. We’ve done enough installs to know that cheaper products will keep their bent shape resulting in a bad install.

REMOVING THE SCREEN PROTECTOR TIP #2:  We recommend trying to roll your finger along the edge to get the meaty part of your fingertip under the edge. You could go with a fingernail, but that may lead to you scrapping the adhesive, which you don’t want. Use your finger tip to lift the screen protector but use the meaty part of your finger and slide it along the edge of the screen protector to lift it up. Don’t worry about messing up the adhesive for screen protectors as adhesives do not go to the very edge of the glass.

So this is our How to install any screen protector perfectly on your iPhone or Android Device!  Have any questions? Leave them below! Definitely SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to stay on top of all the new things we are reviewing!

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