How long does a review take?

How long does a review take?

So why do my reviews take 8-10 hours? First of all, the 8-10 hours doesn’t even cover the actual usage period. I usually have 2-3 iPhones at any given time and over a period of a day, I will switch the cases on the iPhones 2-3 times. After I’m satisfied with the review period, the first thing I do is score the case. Scoring involves rating it numerically, then comparing it against other cases.

As a side note, the scoring system is in its’ 4th iteration as I made a big overhaul for the S7 cases and will be using that system going forward. This revamp almost two days to fully figure out what was working in the scoring system and what wasn’t.

Hours 0 to 3

Once I score the products, I do SEO keyword research for the product, take a bucket load of photos, add my watermark to it and create the YouTube thumbnail. After all, that’s done I’ll create the product table for the comparison tool on my website. Then I’ll take the product table and turn that into the script. To get to this point is about three hours.

Hours Four to 3 to 8+

I’ll film the review after scripting which takes about 45 mins including setup and takedown. Editing the narrated portion of the video takes about an hour. I’ll spend another hour filming closeups and adding the close-up footage on top of the related video. All the extra video clips (usually of Monty) will add another 30 mins to film.

Once the video is complete, I’ll upload it to YouTube and create the web review. The internet reviews are usually slightly different as I tend to forget certain things in the video review, so I’ll add them to the version. Adding pictures, formatting the post and adding links will take another two hours.

For the last few weeks, I’ve started to publish pertinent reviews to Apple News to increase traffic to my site and adding a new entry will take another 30 mins to complete.

And that’s how long it takes to do a simple case review. I could theoretically do a review a day, but that’s assuming I don’t eat, don’t take a break, don’t take Monty out for a walk or go to a bathroom. Waterproof, tough and device reviews take way longer as they require more video footage. Reviewing the Apple Watch took close to 60 hours after everything was loaded.

I am constantly looking for better ways to do things and am always open to suggestions. If you want to help me out, I’ve got 6 things that you can do to help me and if you want to know WHY I’m doing this, find here!

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