Why am I doing this?

MOnty and MeThere is no “we”. It’s just me (Aaron) who runs everything you see on the site and the YouTube channel. There was a “we”, but that was a long time ago when Mobile Reviews Eh! was a side project of my engineering consultancy.

So why am I doing this? In short, I can’t stand fluff. I can’t stand things, brands or people that aren’t authentic. I want the truth. I want useful information. I don’t want marketing spin, and I DEFINITELY don’t want to be dazzled by bull$hit. I want the best for everything I do in my life.

There’s nobody else that really helps with the channel on a full-time basis. It’s been growing slowly and hopefully in the near future, I’ll have grown enough to hire a bit of permanment help, but a simple case review will take me anywhere between 8-10 hours each. Waterproof cases will take up to 15 hours and device reviews kill me at 30+ hours.

My background is in engineering. Specifically, Geomatics Engineering and I do enough to maintain my P.Eng status. I also have an MBA that I didn’t buy on the internet (actually went to a brick and mortar school for it). I spent the first ten years of my career working in the engineering consulting world where success was measured by how many hours you could milk out of a client. The amount was usually tied to how much “fluff” you could add to your project proposals.

I’m a problem solver which is why doing reviews work for me because I’ll take everything in, filter out the fluff and deliver the necessary pieces. My goal is to give you the best information possible, provided in a unique way. Most companies are just a fountain of useless information, and I feel that ANY companies shouldn’t deserve our hard earned cash unless their product or services demands it.

My motto in my career has always been “information seen differently”. For Mobile Reviews Eh!, that was manifasted in the reviews by actually hosting each video, reducing the “only hand footage”, adding a bit of humour and Monty to the reviews. From an review standpoint, I try to review products in a consistent manner while delivering the important parts in a clear and concise manner.

I don’t make a decent living off the site just yet; I make far less than I did working as an engineering consultant. In fact, I make so little that banks will not give me a credit card. My niece in university has an easier time getting a credit card than I do.

And if you think I’m full of crap, just look at the videos from a year ago. You might notice that I’m a little skinnier now, and it is not because I wanted to look good, it’s because for about three months, I hit rock bottom and all I could only afford was about $50 a week in food. So I had to eat lean. Plain ground beef and lettuce lean.

I’ve had to go through a lot to even get here but nothing in life worth having or doing comes easy. I believe in myself; I believe what I’m doing is providing value to people, so I’m going to stick with it.

So that’s why I’m doing it.

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