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Made even better! Rhinoshield MOD NX Review for the iPhone XS (and Crashguard and SolidSuit included)

Rhinoshield just released the Rhinoshield MOD NX, Crashguard NX and SolidSuit NX! They are basically the same case as before BUT with an updated texture and backplate design. We are SO impressed with the update which is why the MOD NX is one of our top cases for the iPhone Xs. More in our Rhinoshield MOD NX review!


4.7 Eh’s out of 5

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  • Doesn’t handle like a wet bar of soap
  • Has a wrist strap
  • Stronger back plate
  • Offers great drop protection
  • The back plate will make your phone slide around easily

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we’ve been doing reviews based on actual usage for over the last 5 years. This means we’ve track down how a company has evolved their products. We have been dropping our iPhoneʼs in Rhinoshield products from the beginning and have seen our fair share of iPhoneʼs breaking in them. It’s been awesome watching them grow as a company!

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The Rhinoshield MOD NX hasnʼt changed much. You still have a bumper that has removable buttons and a removable rim. But there are several minor differences between the Rhinoshield MOD from a year ago to the Rhinoshield MOD NX.

The new Rhinoshield MOD NX is thicker than the original Rhinoshield MOD with the iPhone XS version having a tapered centre. The tapered edge allows for better access to the iPhone X and XSʼs screen. Oddly enough,  Rhinoshield MOD NX is not tapered on the iPhone XS MAX version. This thickness is going to be quite noticeable for existing Rhinoshield Crashguard users since the Rhinoshield Crashguard was thinner than the Rhinoshield MOD to begin with. The bumper is thick enough that the slightly larger camera on the iPhone XS isnʼt going to be touch a flat surface in the bumper or case.

The rims on the Rhinoshield MOD NX have been improved and fit around the entire case which makes it easier to remove when youʼre changing bumpers. It also does a better job of keeping the rim in place when used with a device.

Rhinoshield MOD NX, Crashguard NX and SolidSuit NX Review-- Bumper design

The buttons on the Rhinoshield MOD NX are the same as the updated buttons on the Rhinoshield SolidSuit which released earlier this year. We’re still actually impressed with how well the buttons handle. The tactile response is the closest weʼve seen in a case when compared to a naked iPhone. Most cases will thin the button areaʼs until the manufacture thinks itʼs close, Rhinoshield decided to make the buttons “float” in the case.

The texture on the Rhinoshield MOD NX has been improved as well. The texture doesnʼt handle like a wet bar of soap anymore. Now it’s more like a dry bar of soap. If we take a closer look at the case, you can definitely see the difference. Itʼs subtle but it makes a world of difference. It should also be noted that the overall handling is better than the original Rhinoshield MOD. However, Rhinoshield MOD NX still doesnʼt come close to something like a Speck CandyShell Grip.

The back plates on the Rhinoshield MOD NX have also been improved as they are a bit thicker and donʼt feel like an afterthought to the case. We’re glad Rhinoshield did this because we didnʼt realize how leery we were using the old plates with the camera lenses. The only downside of the back plate is that it will cause your iPhone to slide around easily. Itʼs not better with the full bumper setup despite the improved texture.

Speck CandyShell Grip

Speck CandyShell Grip
Rhinoshield MOD NX, Crashguard NX and SolidSuit NX Review--new back plate design

Overall, the fit of the Rhinoshield Crashguard NX and Rhinoshield MOD NX is awesome considering how many removable pieces there are. Everything fits tightly together which adds to our perception of how tough the case actually is.

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The buttons of the Rhinoshield Crashguard and Rhinoshield MOD NX are amazing and the improved texture works well, even with the massive iPhone XS MAX. Screen access on your device is going to be phenomenal on the iPhone XS with the tapered edges and the product allowing you to attach a wrist strap to it which is useful if you decide to get a set of lenses to go with the Rhinoshield MOD NX.

Rhinoshield MOD NX, Crashguard NX and SolidSuit NX Review--wrist strap functionality

Installing the lens adapter is as simple as attaching it to a back plate. Remember how we said we was leery about having the camera lensʼs on the old MOD, it was because the back plate would occasionally come out when you grabbed the case by the lens. That doesnʼt happen as easily with the updated back plates.

When it comes to the lenses, you have 4 options to choose from, a 0.6 wide angle lens, a fisheye lens, a 2in1 macro + wide angle lens and a 165 degree super wide angle. Personally, we use the 0.6 wide angle lens all the time, especially when it comes to some of the b-roll shots in our videos.

Attaching the lenses to the cases is as simple as screwing them on and away you go.

SEE ALSO:  Evolutive Labs RhinoShield Mod Review for a more detailed look at the lenses.

The only other thing that weʼve learned between the camera lenses from last year and now is that the lenses are light enough to use in the Smooth Q Gimbal.

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Rhinoshield MOD NX, Crashguard NX and SolidSuit NX Review--Drop tests

The Rhinoshield MOD NX and Crashguard is one of the few cases that offers your iPhone a stupid amount of drop protection. If you’re looking for a decently sized case that can take a beating, get a Rhinoshield case.

Rhinoshield uses a proprietary material called ShockSpread in their cases and it offers drop protection of 11 ft for your iPhone. If you look at their marketing fluff, you’ll see plenty of videos of iPhone’s being dropped from high heights so we decided to take our $1800 iPhone XS MAX for a spin (or drop). To get the full drop experience, we added a Rhinoshield Impact Protection screen and back protector to the iPhone as well.

Rhinoshield MOD NX, Crashguard NX and SolidSuit NX Review--aftermath of the drops

The iPhone XS Max went through over 50 drops during this review, with the highest being a 10 ft back drop. We were expecting the camera to stop working on the device but to our surprise, it was fine.

Rhinoshield MOD NX, Crashguard NX and SolidSuit NX Review--aftermath of the drops on the bumpers

With all things considered, there aren’t many cases we’d feel comfortable dropping our iPhones constantly so if you’re looking for a unique looking case that’s tough, get the RhinoShield MOD NX!

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