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Every Spigen iPhone X Case Reviewed and Ranked (including iPhone 8 versions!)

If you need some case for your iPhone X or iPhone 8 then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve prepared a master list of all Spigen cases we have ever reviewed for you to choose from. Not only that but we will also give you our top picks for a normal everyday case, clear cases, thin cases and tough cases. There’s also some product quality comparison against similar cases so be sure to read until the very end!

every spigen case we ever reviewed are ranked in this article!

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Here at Mobile Reviews Eh!, we base all our reviews on actual usage. Which means that the every case we review are used for days, even weeks. Even if the cases donʼt match our personality..

We have reviewed cases for several years now and itʼs actually been interesting to see how cases change or donʼt change over the years. As well as watching how materials age.

Better TPU? - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X

The Spigen Hybrid Armor on the image above was from two years ago. As you can see, the clear TPU is a little rough looking. With this new batch of Spigen cases, theyʼve included instructions on how to keep your TPU clean and clear with alcohol wipes! For us, that is considered progress. We really favor companies that you see are progressing over the years.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a TL:DR version for you.

Best Tough Case

Spigen Tough Armor - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X


Best Everyday Case

Neo Hybrid is amazing - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X


 Best Clear Case

My fav clear case - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X


 Best Thin Case

Spigen Liquid Air - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X


everyday casEs

If you want to have a case that you can use every day, try the Spigen Neo Hybrid and the Neo Hybrid Herringbone on the iPhone 8. We specifically mention iPhone 8 because, there is a difference between the iPhone 8 version and the iPhone X version of Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone.

Spigen neo hybrid series

Neo Hybrid Herringbone Texture - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X

Spigen Neo Hybrid for the iPhone X

PROS: Slim, light, handles well

CONS: Not as tough as other cases

BUY IT: Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

Neo Hybrid is amazing - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X

Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone for the iPhone 8

PROS: Slim, light, handles well

CONS: Not as tough as other cases, be careful NOT to get the normal Neo Hybrid

BUY IT: Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

The normal Spigen Neo Hybrid has less soft-coated polycarbonate frame so it doesnʼt handle as well. While the extra piece on the Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone version sits in your palm incredibly well. It should also be noted that certain colors wonʼt have the soft-rubber coating on the polycarbonate so check with Spigen  Customer Service to make sure you get the right case.

 We also don’t have any issues accessing our iPhone in the Spigen Neo Hybrid.  We’re so comfortable with Spigen Neo Hybrid that we are okay on having our iPhone X take an accidental tumble with this case. The Spigen Neo Hybrids are drop-rated to military grade drop protection though Mil-STD 810g isn’t stated anywhere

Spigen hybrid armor

Bulky but handles well - Spigen Hybrid Armor - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X

Spigen Hybrid Armor

PROS: Lots of texture on the case, handles well

CONS: Bulkier than the average Spigen Case, certain colors won’t handle as well

BUY IT: Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

As of now the Spigen Hybrid Armor only exists for the iPhone X and not the 8. But the iPhone 7 version was one of our go to cases for a while. Spigen has updated the Spigen Hybrid Armor for the iPhone X. We initially didn’t like the bulk of the iPhone X version but we’ve grown to like it.

The Spigen Hybrid Armor is a bit different than the average Spigen case because thereʼs a lot of different textures on the case. The corners of the TPU sleeve have a hatching to it which helps stay in your palm better.

The bottom half of the case also has longer indents which help with picking up the case off a flat surface. While the PC back is raised so it reduces the scratching you might incur. The PC back also wraps around the right area where your fingers are going to be while you use the iPhone X. This is another plus in terms of texture.

We like the Spigen Neo Hybrid and Spigen Hybrid Armor cases  better than the Spigen Rugged Armor because it is basically a thicker TPU sleeve. The iPhone 7 and 8 versions are the same. But with the iPhone X, Spigen kept the same carbon fibre accent on the back.

The tall camera of the iPhone X looks really awkward on the back of the Spigen Rugged Armor. But we’re not sure what they could have done because other companies have expanded the accent to coincide with the tall camera lens and that looks equally as ridiculous. We will note that the Spigen Rugged Armorʼs TPU has a better texture than the TPU on the matte black Spigen Liquid Air.

Clear cases

Our top pick again is a clear Spigen Neo-Hybrid as the soft-rubber coated polycarbonate bumper improves the handling of your iPhone.But if you need a completely clear case, go with the Spigen Crystal Shell.

Spigen probably has the most confusing naming convention for cases. If youʼre scrolling through these clear cases. Thereʼs a chance you might be lost by all the choices you could have.

 For clear cases, thereʼs Spigen Crystal Hybrid, Spigen Crystal Hybrid Glitter,  Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal,  Spigen Ultra Hybrid,  Spigen Ultra Hybrid S,  Spigen Crystal Shell and  Spigen Rugged Crystal. Anytime there is an “S” at the end of the product, it means there is a kickstand.

Spigen Crystal Shell - iPhone 7 Cases


PROS: Polycarbonate back improves drop protection, large corners

CONS: Wider than other Spigen cases

BUY IT: Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

My fav clear case - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X


PROS: Polycarbonate frame improves handling

CONS: Not a 100% clear case due to frame

BUY IT: Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

Out of this group of clear cases, the next differentiating factor would be the  Spigen Crystal Shell and  Spigen Rugged Crystal having extra protection in the corners of the cases. The only difference between these two cases is that the  Spigen Crystal Shell has a polycarbonate back and the Spigen Rugged Crystal is just a TPU sleeve.

 Both cases have extra large corners which helps with the handling of the iPhoneʼs. We prefer the Spigen Crystal Shell because of the rigidity it provides the case. For face first drops, the stiffer the case, the less chance the iPhone is going to pop out and result in a smashed screen. But thatʼs what weʼve been told,

The next group would be basically anything that has the name “hybrid” in it. Two of the three Hybrid cases are PC frame/TPU sleeve combinations. But hereʼs where the naming of the cases gets even more confusing. As stated earlier, anything with an “S” has a kickstand. Well, the Spigen Crystal Hybrid is a Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal with a kickstand. Yep. Howʼs that for..WTF?

tough case

Good goto case - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X


PROS: Offers the most protection for Spigen cases, buttons are easy to use, comes with a kickstand

CONS:: More protection means more bulk

BUY IT: Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

 Thereʼs only one tough case in Spigenʼs selection and that would be the Spigen Tough Armor. Now the only reason why we say the Tough Armor is the toughest case is because the case is physically more substantial than other cases. Thereʼs another case called the Spigen Slim Armor. But itʼs usually not as thick as the Spigen Tough Armor. We have said this before but if you donʼt know what case to get, go with the Spigen Tough Armor. At 35 dollars, it wonʼt really break the bank and you know that youʼll be getting a decent case that will protect your iPhone.It should be noted however that the iPhone 7 version is slightly different. Spigen tried to add speaker grills in the case but removed them for the X and iPhone 8.

The Spigen Tough Armor now comes with a kickstand built into iPhone X version and if you want this functionality on the lPhone 8, make sure you get the Tough Armor 2 (Again, how cryptic are all these case models?).

Access of your iPhone in the Spigen Tough Armor is decent and like all darker Spigen cases, the soft-rubber coating handles better than the lighter colors.

Which TPU looks nicer? - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X

The Spigen Tough Armor is one of those cases that seems to get copied all the time. There’s a version from Snugg that follows the same design cues and even has the soft-rubber coating on the polycarbonate piece. The Snugg case costs about $15 dollars whereas the Spigen case is $35.

We decided to compare the three to know if the extra 20 dollars will be worth it. To take it one step further, weʼve included  an $8 dollar Cocamii case that has the same design features as the Spigen Tough Armor.

Snugg - Is it comparable to a Spigen Tough Armor?


BUY IT: Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

Cocomii Paladin - Is it comparable to a Spigen Tough Armor?


BUY IT: Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

The most noticeable difference is the quality of the TPU. The TPU on the Snugg shows wear and tear much quicker than the  Spigen Tough Armor. In fact, running your finger over the Snugg case will leave a mark whereas the Spigen case hides the mark a bit better. The Cocomii case is a sink for scratches.

The inside of the TPU between the three cases is quite different as well. The Spigen TPU doesnʼt look dirty. The other two products do and dirty is the only way we can describe it. Spigenʼs TPU molds are tighter as you can barely see where the TPU joins together, something that we canʼt say for the other two products as well.

The polycarbonate of the three products is quite similar in terms of thickness. The only difference that weʼve noticed is that the Spigen Tough Armorʼs back has the coating over most of the PC back. As an added bonus, the Cocomii case has this awesome half-torn sticker on the back of the PC back.

When it comes to overall protection, we donʼt imagine either case by worse than the Spigen Tough Armor. We would be comfortable dropping an iPhone from 4ft in the $8 dollar Cocomii case.

With all that being said, would we still spend the extra $20 dollars to get the Spigen Tough Armor over the Snugg case? Yes! With the extra $20 dollars, you get a product that looks better and will wear better over time. The better TPU on the Tough Armor will handle better than the cheaper TPU which means there will be less of a chance that you will drop your $1000 dollars iPhone.

Thin cases

Our top pick for thin cases would be the Spigen Liquid Air, followed by the Spigen Thin Fit and  the  Spigen Liquid Crystals.

Spigen Liquid Air - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X


PROS: Thin, simple, TPU cover

CONS: Doesn’t handle as well as clear TPU covers

BUY IT:Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

No-nonsense case - Spigen Thin Fit - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X


PROS: Ultra-thin, able to mount magnet to case

CONS: Won’t offer iPhone much protection

BUY IT:Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

Spigen Liquid Crystal - The BEST Spigen cases for the iPhone X


PROS: Handles well

CONS: Fingerprinting is going to be an issue

BUY IT:Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay

We personally like the Spigen Liquid Air though it doesnʼt handle as well as other thin TPU cases. The TPU feels softer than other cases. It also doesnʼt have the extreme tacky feel of the clear TPU cases like the Spigen Liquid Crystals. Technically the Spigen  Rugged Armor would fall into this thin category as well as the products are similarly sized.

When it comes to the  Spigen Thin Fit, if you just need a grippy shell to mount magnetically to your car, get a Spigen Thin Fit. Itʼs a no-nonsense PC cover that wonʼt offer you iPhone X much protection. But if youʼre careful with your device, the Spigen Thin Fit might be all you need.

If you need something a little flashier but donʼt want the bulk of a Casemate case, consider going with the Spigen Liquid Crystal line. We personally donʼt like having patterns and designs on the iPhone.  But if you do, the Spigen Liquid Crystals will cover your iPhone with a bit of personality.

The standout features of the clear Spigen Liquid Crystals is the handling the clear TPU offers. Itʼs close to being pocket-pulling in terms of tackiness but that just means the iPhone will have less of a chance slipping out of your hand. Also, stay away from the matte black liquid crystals, a case that handle like wet bars of soap. Then you have cases like the matte black Liquid Crystals that handle even worse.

So that’s Every Spigen iPhone X Case Reviewed and Ranked!  Have any questions? Leave them below! Definitely SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to stay on top of all the new things we are review!

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The Best Spigen cases for the iPhone X and iPhone 8
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