iPhone 6(s+)

Clear iPhone 6(s+) cases

We get asked about which iPhone cases have clear backs so here’s a list

Clear back iPhone 6 cases

iPhone 6 cases with clear backs – A way to show off your iPhone!

iPhone 6 cases with clear backs are an excellent way to show off your iPhone. How do we know this? Because people ask us this all the time! Every iPhone case listed in our comparison tool has been thoroughly tested and reviewed by us. We’ve included cases that aren’t entirely transparent but will still show the back of the iPhone 6 (s+).

If you still can’t decide what to get, below the comparison tool are a couple of tidbits that might help you decide!


Clear iPhone 6(s+) cases

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Still need more help choosing an iPhone case with a clear back?

Here’s our take on a couple of instances:

  • The Toughest: Griffin Survivor Core Why? We dropped it from 6 ft. ‘Nuff said
  • Bendproof: X-Doria Defense Shield Why? It has a thick aluminum bumper that will provide decent bend protection
  • Thinnest: Caudabe Veil Why? It’s less than a mm thick
  • Sounds the best: Lucent Clear Armor Case Why? It projects sound forward

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