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Tech 21 Evo Check and Evo Mesh Review – iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases

A clear iPhone 7 case that handles extremely well

Get the Tech 21 Evo Check on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!



Tech 21 Evo Mesh and Evo Check Review – One of our favourite clear cases

Today we’re going to review the Tech 21 Evo Mesh and or Check depending on where you get it from. This is a decent case, sitting at #12 out of the 78 cases that we’ve reviewed so far. We personally enjoy using the Tech 21 Evo Mesh but it does increase the width of the iPhone so using it on the 7 Plus might be too big for some. Tech 21 claims that the Evo Mesh has a crazy amount of drop-protection which we think is a bit fluffy.

Tech 21 Evo Check and Mesh Review Table

For our Tech 21 Evo Check and Evo Mesh Review, we’ve given the case a score of 4.0 Ehs out of 5. Many people ask us what our favourite cases are and the Tech 21 Evo Mesh/Check is one that stays in the rotation when we’re in between cases. If you’re looking for a comparable clear case, you can check out the Gear4 Picadilly, the Tech 21 Impact Clear, Ballistic Jewel. In our opinion, a great alternative to this case would be the Thule Atmos X4.

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Get the Tech 21 Evo Check on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!



Design – The Evo Mesh/Check is thin, grippy but wide. Some might like that!

The Tech 21 Evo Mesh/Check is quite a thin case. It is just a tad thicker than the Moshi Armor but is much wider. The sides of the case will add about 3.5 mm’s so the extra width is noticeable but is offset by the “grippiness” of the materials used. The case generally fits the iPhone 7’s quite well though it has a bit more give than other cases which might be a problem during drops.

The case won’t slide around at all and unlike other clear cases, the design on the back of the case will hide scratches and fingerprinting incredibly well. The texture of the case is awesome because of how rubbery the material is. But not rubbery enough to pull your pockets out all the time.


Protection – 9 Ft drop protection for the corners

tech-21-evo-mesh-and-evo-check-drop-testFor protection, the Tech 21 Evo Mesh has two visible layers. The inner bumper is ribbed for the iPhone 7’s shock protection pleasure and the edges of the case are high enough to use with glass screen protectors. Despite having a bit more give than other cases, we don’t think the dust and debris will be an issue.

Tech 21 claims that this case has 9 ft drop protection which is something we’re not completely sold on because of how flexible the case is. From our experience, face-first drop protection occurs with cases that have backs that are rigid. The rigidity helps keep the iPhone from actually popping out. The back of the Tech 21 Evo Mesh and Evo Check is incredibly flexible and the edges can easily come off the side of the iPhone. This does not bode well for the iPhone in the case during a face-first drop.

BUT 100% face first drop is an uncommon occurrence. Most accidental iPhone drops will usually result in a corner hitting the ground first and the extra wide edges of the Tech 21 Evo Mesh and Evo Check will definitely absorb the impact from that drop.


Functionality – The handling of the iPhone outweighs the stiff power/sleep button

Stiff power/sleep button - Tech 21 Evo Mesh and Evo Check iPhone 7 ReviewWhen it comes to accessing your iPhone inside the case, we noted that the power/sleep button was harder to press than the other buttons but in our opinion, the overall handling of the case overshadows this deficiency. We had no issues accessing the screen or ports. And one-handed usage is top notch.


What did she say about the Tech 21 Evo Mesh and Evo Check?

(This is our attempt at seeing things from a female perspective):”

  • “Looks Cheap” (Despite being a $50 dollar case)
  • “Makes the iPhone too big”
  • “Ugly”
  • “I got a Speck case for $20. Why I pay $50 for this one?”
  • “I think this would be a good case for ladies”


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