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*updated Sep. 30, 2016

We’re back in full blown iPhone 7 mode! Let us know which products you want to see review videos for. We’re going to be doing the reviews for the iPhone 7 a little differently as there is no way we can reasonably product a detailed review video for every product so we’re going to let you choose which ones are the most interesting to you!

I’ve got lots of products to review but I’m not sure which ones you guys are most interested. The ranker list is interactive so give me your votes on the things that you want to see. Once its done, I’ll take it off the list as well as add new things to the list!

It will take me about a weeks worth of time to get through 2-3 items so in the list of 10 items, it will take me between 3-5 weeks to get through all of them.



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